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Night Rider : Massive respect

El Licenciado : He is Nicolas Cage

Влад Борисыч : Sweet mother of god....

MicBergsma : So sick!!

Ethan P. : Eh, no biggie. I do this in GTA all the time.

Sourmash86 : I'll be seeing him soon. Sick moves tho

TheLegend 27 : Couldn't see anything of the video his bigass balls were in the way the whole time....

Davey R : Imagine how good he would be on a proper bike.

Drew pancake : When you trained for a sportbike but ended up buying a harley instead

Life Zerk : I bet he puts "Professional American BadAss" on his resumes

Rich Hasley : when your prairie doggin!

nigel andrews : Death soon awaits.

Russell Smith : this bring back some exciting memories :) I'm too old for that s..t now lol

virgil Allen : and you wonder why we ride a Harley and not some plastic Jap toy and get dressed up like a power ranger

Ankit Khatri : when she said she's home alone and wet...

smoooth sea : this guy is the reason insurance rates are so high for the rest of responsible adults!

S S W : ghost Rider on the move🤣

Marshall Mathers : When Valentino Rossi goes out grocery shopping

Navraj Gill : when you wanna bw a sportbike rider but gotta cruise at noon

Raghavendra Prasanna : I didn't know video games are so realistic these days!

Power : someone tell that guy that the heavy ass harley he's riding isn't a sports bike

anda hoy : Now that's how you ride a harley ! so sick !

Silver Bullet : I smell the law of averages and probability starting to simmer

Patrick DeCambra : that guy can ride

_ : He left a skid mark in his pants the same time he left one on the road.

DHScherocha : Amazing rider. Sport bike rider here but I have to give that guy mad props.

AC R : Suicide Mission!

Yigit Orcun : Wow , ist that Franklin from GTA5. Nice ride.

ilmaro1986 : beatiful but unnsafe

Resteip : When she says she's home alone

logan harvey : H-D for life that dude has a pare!

Aslam Khan : He can win in any Moto gp race

GabeTDi : Bill's just heard that the beer is on half price in the valley 😀

Kinev Perantzom : must be hard to sit when your balls are as big as this guy's.

The Fitzwater : That could be an entire LIKE A BOSS compilation in itself

EATSLEEPDRIVE2002 : Talk about knowing your bike

Joshua Luukku : i think he has riden too many quads

David Pyc : This guy must be tired of living.

Vincent Naidu : you're the man......

Arjun Ramachandran : nothing strange here....his balls of adamantium is just giving him a better center of gravity. He will never fall.

noCABESOnoTRABAJO : Unsafe for everyone on the road -- too close to edge and center, just waiting for debris to slide him down. NOT cool.

spyderhex : @ 0:33 "wtf??!!" lmao

Man On Internet : Da masta of moto cyca

Mike 808 : He wanted a yamaha R6 but hes mommy says no my son thats to fast. So this is the solution. Still mother isn’t happy

Ramon Homjak : this guy can drive

David Goldfeld : Buys a cruiser rides like a racer...... legitness

Brian Lopez : plot twist he stole it from the guy following him

mike force : yes, and these vids never show that dbag high-siding, smashing into rocks or on-coming traffic. ride like a dbag, pay the INEVITABLE price.

doctoristina : WOW !!!!.....I ride a Yamaha R1 and have been riding for over 30 years, riding like this on a R1 is " business as usual ".....BUT riding a Harley like a R1 requires MASSIVE talent and " balls " !...GET THIS GUY AND HIS HARLEY INTO MOTOGP !

Roy Batty : I love how the Harley is riding at 150% but the sport bike is going 50% and right up his ass.... lol if you want to corner folks, ride something made to corner....