This Guy Rides His Harley Like a Maniac! Crazy sharp turns!

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Pass Some Time : Great comment section so far lol, you wouldn't find me riding like this, but for a few adrenaline junkies its a lifestyle🤘

GabeTDi : Bill's just heard that the beer is on half price in the valley 😀

MADMACK : Now that's a biker . Not these fat overweight ego fucks who just ride from bar to bar

Sydewayz Stan : So many haters in the comments. This guy is a BEAST

Jack & Cola : and then some bitch texting and driving runs you over with a suv

IgorD : He didn't pussy out after a slide, this alone is respectable!

Love Bug : @0:10 that slide make anybody els shit there pants

Digable_ Celestial_Dwarfs : Fuck me, a Harley rider than can actually ride... now I've seen everything! (Plot Twist: The Harley is his friend's.)

Mako Tiger : Eh, no biggie. I do this in GTA all the time.

doctoristina : WOW !!!!.....I ride a Yamaha R1 and have been riding for over 30 years, riding like this on a R1 is " business as usual ".....BUT riding a Harley like a R1 requires MASSIVE talent and " balls " !...GET THIS GUY AND HIS HARLEY INTO MOTOGP !

brett sharog : This dude has a death wish

Matt C : Balls to the wall

TX Rick : That is called hard riding.Ride on bro.

Mike 808 : He wanted a yamaha R6 but hes mommy says no my son thats to fast. So this is the solution. Still mother isn’t happy

Scott Verney : Fucks given = 0

Peter Gallant : yeah. I used to ride my Harley like that. we used to race together through mountains. it doesn't end well. I wish I still had my brothers with me.!

jose gomez : Really, you rode right behind him, Lol

waynusp1664 : The boy has skills...And a deathwish....did I mention skills?

Ill Conduct : balls.. and skills. and maybe a touch of stupidity. but before you talk shit about this man.. YOU go ride that bike at that speed on that road. im willing to bet 90% of the commenters here would crash trying to ride like this. is he stupid? maybe so... but he can ride better than you

Andrew Coleman : Where the fuck does he put his massive balls?

Theo Christ : Ride like you stole it...👊

mike leer : The guy on the sportbike is about to fall asleep trailing him...

Robert DelRosso : Awesome to see That and I'm a sport bike guy .lol

ROCKO633 : And when that one slip up occurs, and homie bites the dust,..I'm sure it all gonna be the cars fault and were all gonna feel sorry and cry,...NOT lol

Erik Gutiérrez : Good! Next time kill yourself!

Todd : That is super crazy, but damn this guy could be a speed bike champ.

displayfireworks1 : When a sport bike rider takes a Harley for a test drive.

Cody M : The lengths some people will go to for even tire wear...

David Bennett : Excellent rider. I had a Shovelhead that I built for "canyon racing." It handled extremely well in the "twisties." Now I am an "old fart" so no more insane riding besides I very much prefer a Moto Guzzi Bassa 1100 these days.

Melissa Phillips : And I thought I could ride.👧✌👍👏

Gary Easterbrook : Awesome riding wouldn't do it myself but great video

Jarrod Howell : @national motors.

Chorandinho : *Does crazy turns with the Harley. "Damn! Thais guy is a beast and has big balls." *Does crazy turns with the Harley and crashes. "WTF this stupid guy was doing. Go ride a sport bike if you want to do sporty things!" This is how things are on the internet.

It's Private : Guys like him dont live long, God Bless

John Brown : I have a full dresser and slam the running boards in tight turns, but this guy is insane! I would hit the brakes and let him get out of my view then continue on my ride.

Louis Burgess : This made me cry with laughter and I don't know why!

Greg Hall : Fuckin A man...ride it like you stole it..awesome

Deez Nutz : I didn't think they had clearance for that sort of thing. Most Harley riders don't know how to ride. So this is impressive.

er so : That fine line between brass balls and a wooden head.

jamie flexer : All I can say is you can tell the idiotic new jack comments are coming from either clueless new jacks or someone never EVER even on a bike... let's remember the "sport bikes of today" came from the ainkers of yesterday.. my 1st cafe racer was a KZ1000 (78) how do you think that cornered!!!!

Darrin Rentruc : He is no Maniac, He is a very skilled rider

Robert Bass : He has a death wish

vainparasite : Just looks fast cos its a Harley. The rider following at the same speed on the jap bike is riding with one hand and filming with the other 😂😂

Gundam : He probably owns a rocket.

61Espo : There's a casket with his name on it waiting for him...

Richard T : What a dick !dicing with death

john-boy walton : I think,that was a Sportster,i had one in the 90'ths,and yes,that thing was fast-ok,nJap Bike with double or third more Power is laughing,but,that little Harley was for real man,not for Weicheier,sorry,im German,dont know this Word in English.....

Fatologist666 : his gigantic balls give extra balance

Nuno Santiago : I foresee a short life. Respect though.

gulducot : All that talent wasted on a boat anchor. He's much more suited for a sportbike and you would have a hard time on his ass with a camera filming him for sure.