Dave Chappelle Interview - 10/15/2002

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NinjaOnANinja : my left ear enjoyed this.

ninako : I wish Chapelle would go on Conan’s show now. He’s never been... wonder why that is.

Sami R : Yet another never before seen on youtube chappelle interview!! GOLD

Matthew Floyd : Imagine this flying today.

Lekteris : It's incredible how the world changes. Imagine interview like this these days, joking about transvestites and how to spot them lol all hell would break loose

Sami R : At 9:14 Conan's like : '' does he actually want a pen?'' lol

Shtzweak : Dang chapelle pre chapelle show

Gabriel Toledano : 4:24 Dear Dave Chappelle I trust a women on her period way more than a man with a boner.

The Cliffton : How do you get these?

hangtime911 : The race draft may be the funniest skit ever made.

Ryan Vincenec : "Is it a little husky?"

Rodrigo R. : I fucking love dave chappelle, hes my hero 😍

CJ’s House of Comedy and Horror : 😅

Julian Reese : This was awkward af