Dave Chappelle Interview - 10/15/2002

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NinjaOnANinja : my left ear enjoyed this.

ninako : I wish Chapelle would go on Conan’s show now. He’s never been... wonder why that is.

Matthew Floyd : Imagine this flying today.

Sami R : Yet another never before seen on youtube chappelle interview!! GOLD

Shtzweak : Dang chapelle pre chapelle show

hangtime911 : The race draft may be the funniest skit ever made.

Rodrigo R. : I fucking love dave chappelle, hes my hero 😍

Gray Flint : He always asks about if he watches the news in each interview lol

Sami R : At 9:14 Conan's like : '' does he actually want a pen?'' lol

Matt Allen : And then the world was forever changed once chappelle showed aired..

Korewakore Sorewasore : 0:51 Conan coughed to signal that the topic wasn't appropriate Obviously didn't work x)

Desus BloodyShoes : "Is it a little husky?"

Gabriel Toledano : 4:24 Dear Dave Chappelle I trust a women on her period way more than a man with a boner.

MicahThaSwipa : Left ear gang wya

Gordon Hollis : Yeah, the trans jokes wouldn't fly today, but the anti-woman president on her period joke didn't even fly back then. Awkwardddd.

Delinthefelon 3 : I love dave and Conan

bacpac1410 : Did anybody else think the band was gonna play london bridge or yankee doodle at the end?

Julian Reese : This was awkward af

Jacob Gray : All the leftards offended by this

ODDBALL SOK : so, at this time ..he didn't know what comedy central would mean..

Blair Bucher : I just wanna get all this clear... Lol I love how conan always lets him get... Pol.?.?.iti.?.?..cal.?.?.? Is that the correct word? Lmfao!

alex schroeder : To all the Dave Chappelle fans: if you have not followed Conans work please do. This is the most reserved Conan ever is because he knows Dave is genius.

alex schroeder : 4:03 Conan directs conversation for a 2nd time. Using coughs and suggestive words.

alex schroeder : 3:15 Conan directs conversation

greenytaddict : "Maybe he's got a bad back" lmfao

EL TEEZY : dave woke in 2002

Amberlyn Faulstich : I agree with Chappelle when he said that women shouldn't be president. I'm a woman, and I know that I along with every other woman there is, get emotional and maybe some can handle the position of taking care of an entire country, but some can't, especially at that time of month. He is SPOT ON! I'm not saying women shouldn't be allowed to run for president, I'm just saying that the job is just not suitable for some women who get very emotional. Anyway, we're back to the show on Conan...

CJ’s House of Comedy and Horror : 😅

Joseph Louis : In today's world the liberal media will go nuts and Chappelle would've lost all kinds of endorsements and money if Chappelle said that about a possible woman being president. He would be apologizing like crazy and he would be begging for forgiveness. We no longer hear comedy like this anymore. All comedy nowadays is filled with politics and has a liberal agenda.

Huey. : here before twitter cunts look for their next outrage high.