"SOY PABLO" Extended Trailer -- A Bad Lip Reading of Narcos, a Netflix Original Series

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XB: ArrowRik12 : This was Exceptionally emotional. Like one of those feel-good movies.

Atheist Edge : Press the cork board so the entire manatee is behind the preacher.

mei harris : And so it just so happens I like to boogie I like to hip hop all day I need a goblet yea that's how you should drink your favorite beer ho ho ho a banana goes great in a salad I work at the bank all day I'm lucky!

Alex : The most tragic thing after seeing this is that we'll never get to see this actual series/film version. Im so fucking sold but this doesnt exist. BLR went from funny to clever to fucking genius. The hard work you put into these is 100% worth it. I am giving you a standing ovation right now, typing with my elbows.

Natalie Johnson : This needs to be a thing. I'm serious. A movie about a man who happens to look like a wanted drug lord sent to gain intel on the drug empire's happenings and incidentally finding himself along the way? I mean, COME! ON!

Richard Powell : "Mama need to hit that!" I'm dying xD

Immortal Slim : This could actually work as a movie

Abraham JJ : "Never really thought that love had much of a point, but I was wrong, it has a thousand points." - Ryman Branson

Lukas van Dyke : I'm not able to watch the original series now. This guy seems like a fat, goofy and clumsy but somehow sympathic guy and not like a drug cartel boss

Jay.Thiccnesss CX : "You know that's a real gun right" *ACCIDENTALLY SHOOTS A FUCKING BULLET*

Mr Pente : _Fails the ball pass_ "I'm good at this"

solidsnakeisme : Call me el Guapo. That was an amazing video, definitely one of your best

MrAMP1520 : As an editor, this is the best lip reading you've done yet, even though the NFL ones are funnier, this one was phenomenal

Boomdacreeper 1 : Come back

SmokyZen : Please, please, please make this a film. This is one fuckin' cool concept.

mei harris : My legs broke ahh XDDD

RAPTOR ACTUAL : That was funny af, but sad at the same time

osodg1 : Maybe BBQ or Maybe Burrito

oldspice051 : How long was the real Pablo gone?!

Jordan Springfield : "Never really thought love had a point, but I was wrong. It has a thousand points." My first thought was ouch...

Zey : Did I really just enjoy an 8 minute trailer

Diamond S : "Because like i dont train myself to starve"😂

CanIGetAnAmen : You know what #BLR people... you could TOTALLY have a disclaimer for us, before watching! How hard is it to say "Hey, go pee before you watch! We are not responsible for you laughing so hard you pee your pants." 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

MrCrazy Camando : "They call me suave because I'm really suave"😂😂😂

The Hero of Goats : Don't you just love it when Carl Poppa is also the mother of Pablo Escobar? I do!

Justin McCurry : "You wanna see how low I can talk?"

Smaller Pump : Oh hey Mexican food

Calectico Island : Press the cork board up so the entire manatee is behind the preacher. I like blr's new style. Making it suspenseful, humorous, family related, then emotional. This should totally be a real movie taking out some funny parts. I think this was a great blr and blr should make more like this. Your head IS a butt.

J Naqe : So, what do you want to eat? Maybe barbecue or maybe burrito. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kevo : Yeah I'm gonna watch the real show now thinking about this lmao

Angel : The trailer spoiled the whole plot. 7 minutes for a trailer? Who does that?! /jk

Abdullah Tü : I completely lost it at 3:43 LOL

shmarginwoof : Jelly. I like it.

Flatlegs : Hey BLR, 6.3 Million people want to listen to that song at the end of this video. You are squeezing on our hearts, I beg of you please release it as a full song ♥♥♥

Alien OrSutin : Go on, laugh at me. I had this on a playlist and didn't realize it was a BLR until about 1:34. I thought it was a real trailer. After 30 seconds I was thinking "oh, it's a comedy, I thought it was just a drama".

El Guapo : "Call me El Guapo"

BioTeck : Maybe bar b q or maybe burrito...HAHA

GreenArrowProductions : Since The Disaster Artist will be coming out soon, there ought to be a Bad Lip Reading of The Room. It might actually be very profound.

Max Sod : 3:43 song got me dying

MistaTwoJeffreyTwenty Yaay : Look, I'm an actor... SO LET'S ACT!

Royal Emerald Builder : o my gosh this whole concept, this whole thing, I'm dying laughing the whole time. If this were a real show, I would watch it religiously. Also, BLR, are you the one who did that song toward the end? Anyway I'd love to hear the whole thing!

Sania Musti : Can you make a mean girls video

Deana Jackson : Bad Lip Reading- WHAT IS THE LAST SONG?

Iron Agate : What is the show actually about? Lol...

IlI : I watched this. Now i'm gonna start with the series.

Matt Mosley : *Still one of the best channels on Youtube. No gimmicks needed.*

Gunner 22 : This is so great, that I think I've watched it at least 3 times a day since it came out. Keep up the good work BLR!

Mingue Kwak : Whats that music at the end

GaveEmHope : Masterpiece.

The Vegan Wallflower : Is Pablo's mom Jenna Marbles...???