"SOY PABLO" Extended Trailer -- A Bad Lip Reading of Narcos, a Netflix Original Series

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XB: ArrowRik12 : This was Exceptionally emotional. Like one of those feel-good movies.

MrAMP1520 : As an editor, this is the best lip reading you've done yet, even though the NFL ones are funnier, this one was phenomenal

Chemaguapa : Come back

Abraham JJ : "Never really thought that love had much of a point, but I was wrong, it has a thousand points." - Ryman Branson

Lisa Gorska : We would’ve loved it

mei harris : My legs broke ahh XDDD

Royal Emerald Builder : o my gosh this whole concept, this whole thing, I'm dying laughing the whole time. If this were a real show, I would watch it religiously. Also, BLR, are you the one who did that song toward the end? Anyway I'd love to hear the whole thing!

ACO438 : Anyone else besides me wanna see this version? lol fantastic

Alex Does DIY : I haven't watched any of this series yet and now I've seen this I'm worried that the actual show wont live up to the greatness I just saw.

Colemann Angelly : Absolutely phenomenal. This is big studio level shiz. If you guys got a big budget and the resources needed, this idea of a man who happens to look like a drug lord who discovers himself along the way could become an instant classic of a movie. Well done.

Denise F : I loved when Ethan Klein had the mustache

Abdullah Tü : I completely lost it at 3:43 LOL

smokyzen : Please, please, please make this a film. This is one fuckin' cool concept.

JAYANT srivastava : Mama need to hit that moustache

Jordan Sayers : This looks like a parody movie of the narcos 😂😂

Kevo : Yeah I'm gonna watch the real show now thinking about this lmao

Iwantedalongusername soIdidthisandyou'llreadthis : Goddamnit, Netflix, make a series of this now, and then scrap the whole other series, because the whole freaking BLR series would probably solve world hunger and find the cure for cancer.

Flatlegs : Hey BLR, 6.3 Million people want to listen to that song at the end of this video. You are squeezing on our hearts, I beg of you please release it as a full song ♥♥♥

Farhan Abidi : Booya homie

LilmnstrVaid : This is an actual masterpiece omg 😢❤

CaptAssassin : Felt like one of those trendy indie feel good film, complete with some millennial band's song being played at the end to tie it all together. Seriously, BLR, this has to be your best work yet!

Oscar Bunting : Give me a budget and I'm making this a 9 episode series.

Mike B : This is better than the original, Bad Lip Reading please do a whole film. Please Please Please !!! :D

Luis Rosado : Netflix you must do a series about this! I'm not kidding, you MUST do it!

Rainbow Puppy : Do Stranger things 1and 2

D Man Sammy : I can't tell if this is a bad lip reading, or an exceptionally made abridgment of the show... Not that I care, it was absolutely beautiful either way.

Ito Lopez : Why can't this be an actual movie

Ix_MinerxI : *You feel that pinch?*

Austin Nguyen : I watched this before watching narcos and kept waiting for this stuff to happen xD


Alexander Escobar-Leese : This comedy masking the low key truth parody is one of the more clever things I've seen. Great job

Big Pablo : I approve

brandon klopfenstein : That was fucking great ....I forgot I was even watching a blr. I almost cried I think lol

Shadow Diamond : ♫ Just so happens, l like to boogie. I like to hip hop all day. I need a goblet. Yea that's how you should always drink your favourite beer. Ha ha ha. Oh a banana, goes great in a salad, I work at the bank all day. I'm lucky. ♫  This song is © and ™ by Bad Lip Reading®

Bearded Bjorn : Critics say "Soy Pablo could be the best Indy film of 2017", "a heart warming affair, of tortured souls gaining new leases on life" Fuck this was good

Jennie Eriksson : What do you want to eat? Mebbe barbeque or mebbe burrito! lmfao

saadsracket. BNE : 'Look, imma need a balloon'

boopie doopie : The greatest idea i've ever had: Bad Lip Reading of Triumph of the Will. Somebody dear god please

Big Pablo : "Hasn't had a cold since 3rd grade"😂

MK B : "Maybe sometimes, in order to find ourselves, we have to lose sight of who we really are."

Julie Casey : BLR has always been great but lately they've really been bringin their A game

IronAgate : What is the show actually about? Lol...

GreenArrowProductions : Since The Disaster Artist will be coming out soon, there ought to be a Bad Lip Reading of The Room. It might actually be very profound.

Tyler Harrington : how in the hell did this work so well

JiberishMC : This should actually be a thing

TechTac : *OMG. This is the hardest i laughed in weeks*

Mingue Kwak : Whats that music at the end

Cristopher Quintana : who else thinks that the story it's kinda cute :3?

Lord Stinson : Definitely the best BLR. And trust me, I've seen them all!!

Mala Mala : Oh my gosh xD so good