"SOY PABLO" Extended Trailer -- A Bad Lip Reading of Narcos, a Netflix Original Series

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MC 701457 : can u guys do the walking dead part 3 and do negan

francy : I would totally watch this if it was a real movie :D

Riya Chan : Please make some Star Trek BLR

NITROBLAZER : make a extened version of the song in this

Nikhil S : After watching this i thought I watched Narcos Season 1 completely. I was looking for this story throughout the season. 😂😂😂😂

sourlemons329 : I'd watched this.

nathanpayne1129 : It's amazing how you get this video to look like a completely different show. With dynamics, plot and all!

Shay Richardson : YAYAYAYAYA

Ian Michalski : Mah legs broke, AHH!

Nathaniel Zavala : Boring af BLR just isn't funny anymore

Erostar : Awesome 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Jay Milly : This was done so well I forgot that it wasn't real. Bravo, Bravo 👏🏾

Obreyski : This would be an excellent movie

LastPlaceRevolution : I would watch a whole series of "stranger things" with the voice over of blr. Or the movie IT. Do it, do it now!

Djibi Watkins : "Look where your flippin' fingers are. It's not cool to have a hand stuck in your anus." Was so fitting of a line for a hand puppet.

Harry Mason : What's the song that starts at 5:59 ?

Aisling Oharrigan : Almost as funny as mideval funtime land. Almost; but just as good.

alex duran : Who else wants to see this show instead of narcos?.

Clorox Bleach : Would probably be the best rom com of the century

Samuel Eller the Mega Geek : "Mama need to hit that!" kills me all the time!

XTREMEHQ : I'm glad I watched the show way before this came out. Haha wish this was a movie.

TheLatinGQ : 3:14 killed me. I'm dead now.

The Flaming X* : Lol... Can you make another The Walking Dead blr

Michael Alfaro : Wow. That was really really good. I'd see the shit out of that movie.

Sherrie Marland : Do one of The Sopranos!

Lili Barrera : "Maybe a salad" "I don't train myself to starve" 😂😭😂😭😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jesse El Feo Castanon : Awesome and the real show is a freaking masterpiece

Chad Ryan : "Never thought love had much of a point. But I was wrong: it has a thousand points." #incredible

hernaniexchange : What's that song at the end?

walejko06 : This parody trailer was more cohesive than many other real trailers.

Jack Donnelly : This should be the actual show

longveiw : This was awesome. Just binged all 3 seasons. Loved it!! And this!

OfficialBKNOW : Bravo! I'd watch this version.

The Elephant Man : Great job. Love this show. 👍😎💸

MpgGamer4 : Hi Bad Lip Reading can you do Jacob Satorious--sweatshirt please and thank you

FancyCatStudios : this story is more interesting then the real narcos

Navi : I'm really disappointed that this isn't how Narcos really went lmao

Ahmed Sandhu : This is LITERALLY the exact opposite of the show 😂

Leo Gan : This was a bit of a tear jerker.

GangstaCat : Poeeeease do another Game of Thrones one

Kevin Kiker : This needs to be a real show, same with Medieval funtime land

London Stringer : "Who are you?" "Your beautiful firstborn son!"LOL!!!

Kawada Shogo : Pepe saw me pooping while I was eating s'mores and also crying.

Kodiakbear : This is better than the actual movie! 😂

Mexie Mex : This looks so much better than the real show.

Zeke MacUmber : wait, is he making all this music too?

Sure Locke : I want to see this version

Geee Locz : This is comedy at its best good one

Willie Howell : "but they love me..." - "I know..." This is brilliant. How did a bad lip-reading make me feel like I watched Lars and the Real Girl? Touche universe...

Luigi M : Another BLR breath of intelligence in a generation devoid of creativity, originality and genuine humor.