"SOY PABLO" Extended Trailer -- A Bad Lip Reading of Narcos, a Netflix Original Series

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ImMadLad : This was Exceptionally emotional. Like one of those feel-good movies.

MrAMP1520 : As an editor, this is the best lip reading you've done yet, even though the NFL ones are funnier, this one was phenomenal

Chemaguapa : Come back

Lisa Gorska : We would’ve loved it

Alex Does DIY : I haven't watched any of this series yet and now I've seen this I'm worried that the actual show wont live up to the greatness I just saw.

Richard Powell : "Mama need to hit that!" I'm dying xD

Colemann Angelly : Absolutely phenomenal. This is big studio level shiz. If you guys got a big budget and the resources needed, this idea of a man who happens to look like a drug lord who discovers himself along the way could become an instant classic of a movie. Well done.

JAYANT srivastava : Mama need to hit that moustache

Cristopher Quintana : who else thinks that the story it's kinda cute :3?

MK B : "Maybe sometimes, in order to find ourselves, we have to lose sight of who we really are."

hipnhappenin : I like how BLR has started to make more of a flow to their videos, like weaving a whole new story. It makes their videos that much more inventive, smart, and hilarious.

It'sEmilyVictoria : Do a stranger Things bad lip reading!!! Like if you agree (edit: Omg they did it guyssss)

Oscar Bunting : Give me a budget and I'm making this a 9 episode series.

Farhan Abidi : Booya homie

Jordan Sayers : This looks like a parody movie of the narcos 😂😂

MistaTwoJeffreyTwenty Yaay : Look, I'm an actor... SO LET'S ACT!

Mike B : This is better than the original, Bad Lip Reading please do a whole film. Please Please Please !!! :D

Luis Rosado : Netflix you must do a series about this! I'm not kidding, you MUST do it!

brandon klopfenstein : That was fucking great ....I forgot I was even watching a blr. I almost cried I think lol

Darrenstein Bear : I can't tell if this is a bad lip reading, or an exceptionally made abridgment of the show... Not that I care, it was absolutely beautiful either way.

Kevo : Yeah I'm gonna watch the real show now thinking about this lmao

Nicholas Clay : I wold watch the shit out of this if it was an actual film. The story of a man who never really found himself till he lived another man's life

Brioni Faith : This plot sounds better than the actual series.

Donna Johnson : I watched Narcos because of this trailer. It wasn't anything like this trailer.

Ix_MinerxI : *You feel that pinch?*

Kevo : I tricked my girlfriend into thinking this was a real trailer 😂🤣

saadsracket. BNE : 'Look, imma need a balloon'

Commack08 : For guys that do parodies, you really hit a home run into deep left FEEL with the line, "Maybe sometimes, in order to find ourselves.. We have to lose sight of who we really are.."

Mason Holland : It was so good that I forgot it was a lip reading

Jennie Eriksson : What do you want to eat? Mebbe barbeque or mebbe burrito! lmfao

Mr Pente : _Fails the ball pass_ "I'm good at this"

Nicholas Hutchind : "Oooh, hey! Mexican food!" hahaha

Saumitra Kumar : This is the best thing on the internet period.

Key : Ok, this would actually be a great plot for a movie.

Calypso John : Soy Pablo movie now! Jack Black would be perfect for it!

Atheist Edge : Press the cork board so the entire manatee is behind the preacher.

Warren Fernandes : Came here to laugh, not to feel.

Gen kinks : "God I wanna pinch this baby, like this.." -"wait NO!" hahahaha

Jordan Sullivan : So I tried to watch Narcos after this, and I just couldn't take any of it seriously because I was waiting for Ryman Branson's big reveal.

TechTac : *OMG. This is the hardest i laughed in weeks*

I’m Dad : Dad: what are you drinking Son: Soy Milk Dad: Hola Milk me llamo dad

Rainbow Puppy : Do Stranger things 1and 2

Ga2Z : Well, as a Colombian I have to say that this is awesome. A much much better story than the violent crap this kind of series just talk about. Colombia is much more than this and those final scenes, that's what my country is about. Thanks @Bad Lip Reading <3

JiberishMC : This should actually be a thing

Sean Wright : I'd watch that

mei harris : My legs broke ahh XDDD

Ravnar 777 : Call me "El Guapo"

Sultan Alrefaie : Mama need to hit that

miwo : Listen to Suave and put the gun down. Or else im gonna poke your nuts

Chris Barrett : There’s no such thing as a bad BLR, but this one has outdone itself. They way you wring so much pathos out of 2 minutes of dialogue is incredible