"You Think I'm Funny?"

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Zero Ninety : Love how everyone laughs at Tommy's shit jokes/stories just because they are scared of him.

Emil : i dont care. i came here for the epicness that is ray liota's fake laugh

Nathaniel Dance : I like Pesci's character, he's a funny guy.

t .byrne : "I wonder about you sometimes Henry. You may fold under questioning!"  lol

Azoul1001 : Pesci should have been a real gangster, not an actor ;)

l : It's incredible how Pesci and Scorsese are playing with the border between cartoon character/caricature and real life threat in this scene. Fucking amazing.

Face Off : Interesting fact 1: Pesci took this from a real life situation he experienced. Interesting fact 2: Before & during the shoot, nobody except Pesci & Liotta knew what was going to be said.

Commissaire Llob : To fake a laughing scene all actors can do that. To fake a fake laugh that's a great actor. Epic!

britvroman : The greatest mob movie ever!

Stev3 : "You really are a funny guy" Lol i busted out laughing when he jumped on him

Mr. Akki Detroit Targeted. : I was scared to death of Joe Pesci when I firts saw this movie lol

Mike Reed : The "You're a funny guy" back and forth part was ad-libbed by Pesci and Liotta. That's why they're so much tension, the other actors had no idea what was coming next.

averages : 2:16 Even the waiter was relieved he was joking

Steven Sylvia : Ray Liotta looks creepy as hell, especially when he laughs

vegabonzo73 : What's really unnerving about this scene, is that if Ray Liotta's character hadn't called Tommy out on his BS, it would've been a sign of significant weakness and Henry could've been killed.

Bazarov : He's like a psychotic Regis Philbin.

sleazybz z : Dude they made it seem lke you were actually there

JK Low : In this scene, these guys were not acting anymore. They were just enjoying themselves....superb moviemaking.

Paul Vasquez : Lmfao Henry's laugh always made me laugh xD ....

jakep1979 : Tommy is terrifying in this scene kinda like the leader of North Korea. If he is telling a joke and laughing and you aren't he may want to kill you cause you are ruining his mood, and if he thinks you are laughing at him then he will probably will kill you cause you are disrespecting him (notice the deafening silence where everyone went quiet and thought Tommy will snap and kill Henry or someone else he may not like in the room).

Serge Snessar : Scenes like this are timeless. I could watch this 1000's of times and it will never get old. Best of the best.

Evan Moore : the guy in the Hawaiian shirt kills me.

kttiger666 : joe pesci is god

DrRestezi : Wow, 9 people think Tommy isn't funny.

finisher489 : Ray Liotta has such a fake laugh!!

jace mace : improv - without the other actors knowing

jeeperscreepers7 : I really hate the way Liotta laough

Pouya Vagefi : This scene is seriously funny! Long live Pesci.

Ruben Clemente : Morrie's wigs don't come off!

Scottish Jimmy : Best improvised scene of all time, none of the other actors knew and there was no script for it. Classic.

Ian Forbes : ping pow...

1RadicalDreamer : "Yeah $7000 i charge!"

Keith Greenan : The real Tommy Desimone was 6 ft. 2 inches tall powerful build, thick black curly hair.

مُــحَـــمَّــدٌ : Joe Pesci

paprikash : priceless and this scene is frozen in time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genetically Superior : Best scene in the whole damn movie

Joey Lozado : I came here for Chantix

james brooks : Yes,he's funny,but he's also a gun grabbing psycho.Would be kind of tough palling around with such an individual,unless you're nuts yourself.

xShino Music : rtz was here :D

John Smith : Anthony always gettin told off

Rapoholic Btm : joe pesci one of the great actor I have ever seen, im get inspired from him, deffinetly I will play a role like him soon

Damien Leigh : Around 2:09 you can see Ray Liotta has realised that Joe Pesci is improvising im this scene, and that's pretty cool.

daniel dimino : This is an amazing scene from a truly classic movie....frankie was he shakin...u know I worry about u sometimes Henry you might fold under questioning

Kev Dev : Great work by scorcese here . Liotta and pesci did this scene to perfection

vegabonzo73 : Liotta is awesome in this movie. He was perfect for the role. His laugh in this scene makes me 😂 laugh

Frank Sadat : "Naw, Tommy, you got it all wrong..." "Woah, Anthony...he's a big boy. He knows what he said. What'd you say?" "You're right." LOL! He throws shade at Anthony TWICE in the movie! This and the "Spider" scene. Kills me every time!

Leo's Mobile Car Wash : I believe AL Pacino Robert Di Niro, Joe Pesci, Ray Layota and all the other Italian actor who play mafia men have to have some connection to real mafia men

Jay Bee : He didn't need killing. He didn't need ignoring,  He needed a damn good BEATING.

Pasleyable : not many directors can do this... flip the scene from good times to serious in a matter of seconds... brilliant scene

Calbenmike : Wasn't this 100% improvised?