Woman Tries To Rob McDonalds With Knife At Drive-Thru Window - South Carolina, United States

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Blurred picture of Mike Wazowski : THE HAMBURGLAR IS REAL

leo silva : She needs tips on robbery.

hedrickology : U have got to be kidding me....

Diamond Carwash : Next time try to Rob them by calling on the phone

Oliver Klozov : My god that was intense. I was terrified for the victim... wait... I must have missed the attempt part of it.

Mike Hunt : lol ameritards

PLUSHY : They say the first time can always be the worst

NikDark : какие же ебанутые омериканцы....

Mike Brown : WTH

Zerlot : Ok... the fuck is the lady gonna do if I say "No" to "Give me all your money"? Lmao

Michael Cody : (stupid bitch): **pulls out knife** "give me the money" (drive thu guy): "hah" **slides window shut** (stupid bitch): **starts to drive away** (drive thru guy): **opens window** "HEY! YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT!?"

no name : stupid bitch...

James Herington : What a stupid bitch