Guy sings every part of Beauty and the Beast by himself

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chompet123 : MAN. This is pure talent.

Brian Jr Spero : First time I've wanted to see a one man show...

Brian Jr Spero : 3:15 I'm still laughing...See now THIS is how I wish Fred had been...ENTERTAINING...It's a gigh pitched voice but it's actually not annoying in the least!

Brian Jr Spero : Can you upload more of this?

Get out of my room I’m playing Minecraft : *11pm* Me: one more video. *4am* Also me: “Guy sings Beauty and the Beast all by himself”

Angela Zamora : A queen LEGEND

hereonly2comment : I recently played Gaston in a production of Beauty and the Beast. One time at rehearsal, Lefou was sick, so I just kinda said his lines and my lines for the first song. Major props to this guy, because I had a hard time doing 2 characters for like 10 seconds, and he just did a million for 5 minutes.

cold one with the boys : I'm honestly quaking???? His fucking range?????? To which other-worldly being do I have to sell my soul to be this perfect???? Seriously though like why aren't casting directors and shit snatching him up left and right?????? I usually try desperately to find something witty to say but I'm genuinely at a loss for words (which doesn't really happen too often) and I'm????? He's just so t a l e n t e d

Cassiopeia : OMG I LOVE HIM!!!!! The way he was stroking that girls hair made me die from laughter!!!! This was fantastic!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Atlas : the only audition tape he'll ever need

bkcalvine : Starlight Diner. New York City.

fujoshi monster : "That's called forshadowing by the way" oh my god he's right.

octopus aleks : did anyone else see that kid repeatedly pulling out straws??lmaoo

Iyori Mikhaela Koike : YAAAAAAAAAAASSSS BIIIITCH!!!!!!!!!

Booty Prince : I really wanted someone to scream "MARRY ME" other than that this is a masterpiece, please give this man a award

Gabby G : OMG I had the worst day and I clicked ur video by accident. Ur INCREDIBLE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

flaming death : GUYS!!!!SOMEONE SEND THIS TO ELLEN!!!!!!!!

Slutty McTits : I initially thought this guy was lip syncing at first; it just didn't seem real. Then I read the comments, watched more of the video, and realized that this young man is insanely talented. I wish him nothing but the best in all he does.

Megan Maclean élève : Dude you're my spirit animal!!! Please be my best friend!!!!

Mr04Ace : Disney Should actually hire you to there resort places lol world class no doubt

leyla bains : i wanna see this queen on broadway

Sophia Canamar : I ALMOST CRIED!!! This amazing man takes the time to learn the whole song and each individual part and voice just so he can preform at a diner. I LOVE HIM!! Also, I know this whole song by heart and it's a very fun song.

Anthony Baso : Geez this guy's vocal control and stamina are incredible.

VidiaPlays : I'm having flashbacks to when I did this play in high school 😭 still know every word 💚 this guy has AMAZING breath control!

Katirelle : “That’s called foreshadowing by the way” that was amazing XD

Into too many fandoms 08 : If any of you guys are in NYC you guys have to go here, it’s called Ellen’s Stardust Diner and they except tips at the and that funds the staff to got college! Half the time waiters and waitresses sing as they are serving you and they are so funny!

Ashton Wood : this is me alone in my room but way worse

Kurarisu-san : Nothing but respect for MY queen!

Animation Geek : SEND HIM TO ELLEN

Chloe Buckton : Are you sure this isn't leaked footage of me at 4am

FadhiliTheOne : I've found my english counterpart. I grew up watching the french VHS version so I know all the songs of THE ENTIRE movie... in french... by heart. Glad to know I'm not the only one out there.

ArcoirisCaos Gaming : I’ve never seen something so beautiful

SQUAK : "Can I sing beauty and the beast?" "Which part?" "Yes."

my life is a k-flop : where was this guy when i was there tsk i could've met a real legend up close

Cherryblossombts : Absolutely incredible, I'd pay a fortune to hear him sing the whole movie lol

April Hoell : Ok but....why does Broadway hire so many actors and singers when we have this guy? Hahha! Love it 🙌 Next time, One Day more from Les Mis 😂

Lyidia Godfrey : Man is extraordinary

Kory T : This guy's ability to switch between characters so quickly and smoothly is beyond impressive! Crazy talented. I bet this video blows up like crazy in the next 24-48 hours

MysticOceanDollies : I’ve been to this restaurant. One of the waiters sang “You’ll be Back” from Hamilton.

Gioia Casula : JUST A M A Z I N G.

Nicolas Haw Fan Lun : lol THAT WAS AMAZING :D

Zoe Kong : Wow! He can make all the old man, old woman, girl, and boy voice! It's kinda funny...😂

Laura Todd : I'm going to bed early tonight. me at 4am:

OliviaGrace : I saw a post on Instagram but it was only a clip, so I definitely had to find the whole video and who sang it. ICONIC❤️❤️❤️ it also makes me happy to see this since 1. I love Disney 2. In my dance companies ballet production we are doing beauty and the beast. It’s a mix of the Disney and the book/ballet version. I get to be one of belles best friends and a fairy ( both characters are from the book/ballet version)

flaming death : WOW!!!!!!

Daniël Fuhres : There are a few parts where you start to sing a bit off-key (but those notes are really difficult to reach for a guy. So that is alright), but overall that was amazing! ^^ I could not do completely everything you did during the hustle & the bustle of the marketplace part of the song and that last note always is to high for me. x3 So bravo, bravo. ^^

Meey 7 : As a person with no theatre friends I feel related 😂 If you don't have someone else to sing with you become your own duet/chorus at some point lol

littlesimpson2 : This is extremely underrated. Just gunna leave this comment before this video reachs 2 million views

EdoEclipse : At a job interview: Boss: So, what talents do you have? Me:

Aaron Justice : Me and my other personalities