Guy sings every part of Beauty and the Beast by himself

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Veni Vidi Amavi : *I feel like this guy probably talks to himself a lot, because I do and I sing this song to myself too*

Joyce v W : That's what you call a big vocal range! Awesome!!

Anemic royalty :D : bonjour Bonjour BONJOUR B O N J O U R *BONJOUR*

Derrick Dobson : Did he breathe at all??! Amazing!

chompet123 : MAN. This is pure talent.

rose wright : this audience was not worth this performance

Kaitlyn Edwards : Get this mans on broadway

Neena Saragih : kid in grey has no idea where he is or what is happening

Princess Bear : This is at the star dust dinner in NYC. Most of the staff that works there are trying to get on Broadway. They perform on their breaks. Lots of casting directors go to eat there. Also they take all the tips and use them to get the waiters acting/singing/dancing lessons

Giannah Noelle : When he started stroking the girl's head I LOST IT

Butterfly Taster : As someone who tries this regularly with less success: holy shit man somebody give this guy all the awards

Sara Emily : "That's called foreshadowing by the way" Lmao

Llama The Otaku : this song is basically what it feels like to do a group project completely by yourself

Masked Singer : You have to have the confidence, the energy, and singing skills to be able to do a one man show like that... And he had all three! This was well done!

Melody Bloom : Me in a group project when no one else contributes..... 😂

shut up! bitch. : The best thing that has popped up in my recommended

FireWolf : Man, I'm surprised he didn't die from lack of oxygen! lol O.O I've tried singing this whole song myself & man is it's hard to do all the characters by yourself. When I was finished with the whole song my oxygen levels were dead & my chest hurt. haha, That was amazing! XD

Roi-Roi : He's now my official favourite Disney princess! 👸

SuperVintageFlowers : get this guy on broadway now RIGHT NOW

Angela's Trash : A queen LEGEND

Simon Urdanegui Wu : This is one of the only times when a story ends with "and everyone in the room clapped" is true

Dahlia Kost : OHHH this is at Ellen’s Stardust Diner in Times Square NYC. I’ve been there once and it’s an absolutely amazing experience. I 100% recommend if you ever get a chance to go there, and if not, at least look it up.

SpaceBear : Does he do Weddings??

WhitewolfPotter Yang : Friend: theres a guy that sings Disney alone in front of like 80 people (idk) and can do a bunch of diffrent voices and stands on tables..... Me: hmmm don't care Friend: well fine!! *leaves* Me: .....okay he left *watches first 20 sec* ....SUB!!!!

bkcalvine : Starlight Diner. New York City.

_ wildfire123 _ : Before the video: OoOooO being able to sing the entire song by himself? Cool. Afterwards: What the heck?!?!?! Where and how does he get this talent from?!?!

Niamh McGrath : when it's a group presentation but you get graded individually

yogurt cup : IS THERE A LIMIT TO THIS GUYS VOCAL RANGE XoX. : I can barely do a speak in my own voice and can speak about 50 wtf😵😵😵😮😮😮😮😮

Brian Jr Spero : First time I've wanted to see a one man show...

Victoria Corp : i love white culture

xXJtagWarfareXx : Holy crap that guy has a _range_

DamienHurts : this healed me. I'm completely in love/obsessed with this video.

Abby Carpenter : This guy is amazing and should be on Ellen but I couldn’t help being distracted by the boy and the girl wasting straws by...flicking them?😂

SQUAK : "Can I sing beauty and the beast?" "Which part?" "Yes."

Zarah Brown : I want to be friends with him


Swalteraz is Back hoez : Okay I literally need friends like this

Tacos Rgreat : I didn’t realize he was actually singing omg 👏🏼👏🏼

Atlas : the only audition tape he'll ever need

CC stop motion Productions : This guy is going places

Angel : Sounds like drew

Izabelle Welham : I do this too... The only difference is that he has talent

Nordelsoup : He's transcended to a higher state of mind

Chloe Buckton : Are you sure this isn't leaked footage of me at 4am

Rustatron 3000 : He's a guy with multiple personality disorder except all of his personalities are characters from beauty and the beast.

Peachy Glow : How did he not breath?

jeremybr2020 : Only a few seconds into the video I almost clicked off of it because I initially thought that the guy was only lip synching the song. First I wanted to read a few of the comments because I figured there would be others not happy about being mislead by the title. I was a bit surprised when most all the comments were people complimenting the amazing video. So I hit the play button once more and sure as hell this guy was actually singing all the parts. HOLY SHIT THAT WAS GOOD!! How has he not wound up on Ellen yet??? It's not just that he can sing both a woman's and a man's voice, (I seen that when I first saw a Nick Pitera video.) It's also at how easy and smooth his transitions are from each character to the next. That is seriously some wicked talent Brian has.

Sollux Captor : Has everyone forgotten the original? Nick Pitera???

Get out of my room I’m playing Minecraft : *11pm* Me: one more video. *4am* Also me: “Guy sings Beauty and the Beast all by himself”