Benny Feldman Stand-Up at The Cave (2018)

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Brian Jensen : Love your stuff. I can’t wait to see your Netflix stand up (be both know it’s coming).

Lesar : Great to see a new video from you!

Pedro Homero : really liked the non-binary joke!! love your one-liners

Creep : I was just watching the South Park episode "Le Petite Tourettes" when this popped in my feed. Does Tourette's make you psychic, too?

atomheartother : So glad i subbed to this, you're really funny dude.

salzshakes : I’ve never clicked on a video so fast, I’m so glad to see you do more (frog role play aside)

Eggycrunchybob : Every time I see you I always think huh so this is what Mitch Hedberg would be like if he had Tourette's, good shit man

Ethan : A delightful set. Thank you for it, Benny!

hueCUBE : Bennnnyyyy! So glad to see more from you. Keep it coming. ❤️

Grumpy Alison : We need to make a diy dirt bin :P That'll always be my favorite one...

Gschico : Ayyyyy Benny is back 😁

Dick Chinny : Missed you dude! Glad you're still doing comedy, great shit!

Manik024 : Love your stuff man you're one of my favorite comedians

Usman Habib : Hilarious Benny!!! 🔥🔥

ImCookie : Good job dude

MxstxrCxrtx : As soon as I saw this I clicked