Defense Against a Guy in a Chair
Defense Against a Guy in a Chair

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Sifu Randy Williams demonstrating an essential, must-know self-defense technique!! ;);)


Warvvolf : Try that on me, bro. I have decades of experience of sitting in a chair.

dmrc43 : My boss better watch out now.

Kill All Reptiles : This also works on kids.

Alex Grice : But how do I defend against a sleeping person?!?!?!

Sheriden : At least he said excuse me.

Coconut Head : 0:18 When someone tells me to download Fornite

Daniel Hulse : Thank you for showing me what to do. I'm at McDonald's and this kid eating an ice cream cone is staring at me and my girlfriend and making lewd faces. We felt unsafe until now

Semi-Sweet Edits 2 : I love the way the clip just floats away through a drawn path at the end.

Todd Michaels : How to defend against Stephen Hawking

Ocean MAN_ 116 : Excuse me

DarthVaderBater : Had this situation yesterday, if only I had watched this prior. Now I'm ready! Fck with me now guy in a chair!!

Bee Batch : excuse me while I kick you in the chest

Shaxuul : How to defend against someone in a coma?

Cheerleader B. : >Don't sit down. >Don't be polite and respond to people. >Profit.

HurriShane00 : was the react channel laughed so hard at this. and the "defenses against a guy with this back turned"

alitlweird : What if someone comes at you with fresh fruit?

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Is this guy a robot he literally got no facial expression.

reepars spare account : next week we'll show you, defense against a guy that was just kicked

ORCA : he just died

Raspberry Wulf : Of course. The best defense is a good offense. Strike, before struck. Thank you defensive arts master.

Filmsky : When done properly, no can defend.

Michael Thompson : Could you show us the best way to subdue a man in a wheelchair? Just to be safe make sure it's an elderly man.

theaberrantdon : You forgot to re-stomp the groin.

PARADIZEES XD : Guy sitting in a chair eliminated by *defense guy*

Dr. Shitlord : He applied the five point pressure heart explosion technique with his foot, that's why the guy in the chair died.

JasonMLV : “Excuse me” “yes?” Kicks him down*

RHayabusa : What if he knows Seat Kune Do?

Julian Jaime : he said “excuse me”

TheKronnos : man last i was attacked by a man without arms and legs i was so surpised he got me... how can i defend a beast like that

Tim Smith : Where is defense against a guy blindfolded

Brick top : That was some funny shit. I was seriously thinking is this guy really going to show us how to defend against a guy sitting down and then that kick. I spit water out my nose when I saw that. Too funny.


[ Subday ] : "Excuse me?"

meggie callaghan : im screaming

Rdskinsfan27 : What’s the best defense game against a guy in a wheelchair?

Agì Alowolowo : Looked like that chair clapped his nuts

ryZILLA03 : Excuse me yes? HEUGH

Napoleon Bonaparte : You guys keep making fun of it *but you do not know the danger of a guy in a chair*

Alexandra Peck : That poor guy, it seemed like he didn't know it was going to happen Its like your just sitting in a chair and some guy is like "excuse me, if I could borrow a second of your time" and he seems like a nice person and all but then he just yeets you outta your chair onto the ground

I am a disappointment to my parents : My teacher won’t give me homework ever again

ThaTruth223 : aye wah goin on big chop, this is jet lie jet li cousin from bartica in guyana

Bubble Monkeys : I tried this, but he just rolled down the hill and got hit by traffic and exploded Job well done

Naosu : The shear power of the kick is phenomenal, 10/10 would kill a man again

Forcon : I've watched this I've liked this video so why does YT recommends this to me again?

Kyle Gregory : I love how he says excuse me before kicking him 😂😂

Azula1001 : Been using this defense years before I saw this video.

Bill Long : Years of training!lol

Carlos Estrella : I can't believe people thought that Randy was serious! It's a joke folks!!!

Nick Maresca : Oooookkkkkkk, what the fuck, was that a joke?