Defense Against a Guy in a Chair

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todabeast : How to defend against a guy on life support

Semi-Sweet Edits 2 : I love the way the clip just floats away through a drawn path at the end.

Warvvolf : Try that on me, bro. I have decades of experience of sitting in a chair.

DarthVaderBater : Had this situation yesterday, if only I had watched this prior. Now I'm ready! Fck with me now guy in a chair!!

Daniel Hulse : Thank you for showing me what to do. I'm at McDonald's and this kid eating an ice cream cone is staring at me and my girlfriend and making lewd faces. We felt unsafe until now

Kill All Reptiles : This also works on kids.

Alex Grice : But how do I defend against a sleeping person?!?!?!

Ocean MAN_ 116 : Excuse me

Bee Batch : excuse me while I kick you in the chest

HurriShane00 : was the react channel laughed so hard at this. and the "defenses against a guy with this back turned"

ORCA : he just died

dmrc43 : My boss better watch out now.

alitlweird : What if someone comes at you with fresh fruit?

theaberrantdon : You forgot to re-stomp the groin.

Shaxuul : How to defend against someone in a coma?

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Is this guy a robot he literally got no facial expression.

Michael Thompson : Could you show us the best way to subdue a man in a wheelchair? Just to be safe make sure it's an elderly man.

Zaween Exists : How to kill a person on a wheelchair 1857, Colorized.

Todd Michaels : How to defend against Stephen Hawking

reepars spare account : next week we'll show you, defense against a guy that was just kicked

ThaTruth223 : aye wah goin on big chop, this is jet lie jet li cousin from bartica in guyana

meggie callaghan : im screaming


Gwayne Graham Gan : Are there more of this?

DorgonBearPunch : You mean offence to a guy in a chair... lmfao your so KEW!!!

Jov Jov : who else came here cause of 9gag

Al Castill : Must be a Liberal Snowflakes training video.

humbledb4jesus : 71 people thought he went too fast and need to see it a couple more times to get the technique down properly...

fafafagat : Almost passed out laughing. This is what I live for.

Tim Smith : Where is defense against a guy blindfolded

Brick top : That was some funny shit. I was seriously thinking is this guy really going to show us how to defend against a guy sitting down and then that kick. I spit water out my nose when I saw that. Too funny.

larry stevenson : and here I am trying to tackle guys in chairs, glad I saw this!

temptations78 : Awesome!!!! I love this!!!!!

Furzkampfbomber : Sensei, how can I defend myself against a person that is not present?

Gillman Technician : Thank god for this video. I didn’t think I’d be able to defend myself if such a desperate situation arose in real life.

Ailcandre Dreder3009087 : LOL THIS MADE ME DIE SO BADL

Cheerleader B. : >Don't sit down. >Don't be polite and respond to people. >Profit.

Jason Luera : Im fuckin dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Filmsky : When done properly, no can defend.

Ken Workman : How to defend against pregnant women

Colonel Panic : I'd actually like to see a series of "self defense" vids of you demonstrating moves against the "threats" you listed and more: against a guy wearing a blindfold, against a guy with his back turned, all in the same deadpan serious manner you did this one. Funny! And helpful!

popcornmaskinen84 : what are the other videos?

Julian Jaime : he said “excuse me”

Wizzle : This is fake. He wouldn't be able to do that like that.

Caden Henderson : I don't think that's what they meant... ;)

Leo Jimenez : Hahaha LOVE THIS VIDEO jajaja SiFu Randy Jaja IS SO GREAT I LOVE HIM

BananaCowMan : Thx now I can do this to my bully

trickstar : Next will be: how to defend against a guy on death row

thatkyleguy 1 : Works great against those thugs in wheelchairs

billy bob : Very polite kick