World record for fastest two-wheeled mile smashed at FOS

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A!V3n . . : All of Dubai spitting out their breakfast caviar right now 😬

Sicco De Groot : "Nobody has managed to get up the hill with 2 wheels"🤔 So... what about the motorcycles😂

A Bad Player : Dubai must be plotting to smash this record right now

Neffers : Now, that was an impressive show of skill. All wee need now is a 'Lemons' 24hr wheeled race lol.

broughy23 : That's impressive! Bravo sir!

MafiaboysWorld : 8 Arabs disliked this video because it was too slow for their tastes. 😂🤣

Reece Odonnell : Arabs would off done a wheel change whilst doing this

Orojugen : I NEED to get to one of these events......

carter wilson : Geez... the freaking car looks like it’s floating!

Ravi Rajyaguru : Are those tyres made of Vibranium or what! Definitely stiffer than my erection.

Omar Moallim : Literally all Arabs 🤣

Big Virgil : This is how my dad drives me to school everyday .

Alex Heidkamp : 0:56 "Absolutely ROCK HARD!" ( Play this at .5 speed.)

frank bevan : 275/40R18 108 is the tyre size for that range rover

Victor : He finally did it!

Alejandro Casas : I have seen crazy Arabs going faster, longer and with half body out the car... 😄

JOHN Deerman : This are some stiff sidewalls.

Noel : When you have to mute the clip to enjoy it? #YouTalkTooMuch

Pickle Rick : pls can you switch off the commentators??

adam lebednik : balls of steel

wolflink9000 : This is aliens won't talk to us

Megas XLR : مساكين والله

Cristobal Arriaga : I’ve seen videos of people in the Middle East doing this and they don’t need the ramp to get the truck in 2 wheels.... they even take the wheels off while in the move! So yeah...not really impressed by this

Virgil Jacobs : Can someone explain how this is possible

Wasee Rahman : My heart was shaking

TicL : Wow

STICH666 : I bet that dashboard was lit up like a Christmas tree with warning lights.

Mr Iceman : And yet in Dubai they do over 100kmh and the passenger gets out and removes both left wheels and then puts them back on!!! This really isn't impressive at all.

Thales Stroppa : Two thousand year later....

Captain Kaos : And he’s thinking while he’s driving, to all arabs 🖕🏿

Dudez 08 : Arabs.! Assemble.!

Sean Dring : Chicken. Too scared to ride a motorcycle eh!

FBR : Hahahaha it's funny that this is impressive for these guys. That recreational over here

Narend Toro : Alright then, bring out the RC213V

tank2g2 : That v8 sound so sweet at the end

Gus Johnson : When my "Pit Crew" Said, "Save" the tyres.. so, i did.. 2 are "Fresh" for next run.. :) Check, "pipe Dream" on YouTube.. THE Robbie Madison, saving Tyre's on a Moto Bike, buy, just using them on water.. and surfing Bike..

Multiversal Sapien : Watched that live 🤩🤟

NUBLAFIED NUBBIE : Dis is nathing..Michael Knight does dis all day long with KITT...

Justice Clark : words

Mat K : Brilliant driving. Just deadset awesome. Congratulations 👏👏🍻🍻

John Tam : That's amazing, bravo!!!

Moshi moshi, Kanser desu? : total madlad

d25t : What an absolute mad lad

XGamerX : Wow too much talent.

Joao Baptista : HOW ABOUT THAT

zeitGGeist : watching this video at .5 speed is appropriate.

Yes Sure : My motorcycle has 2 wheels - I bet I can beat his time

jungle jim : WHAT WAS THE TIME!!!???? AHHHHH!!!! 🙈

Harley Collins : Time??

KJ911TT : That was seriously impressive!!!