The Mount Pearl Anthem
A nearby town made this video to promote tourism The Mount Pearl Anthem

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Welcome to Mount Pearl. We are a progressive city with a strong sense of home (and humour.) There's automated garbage pick up, over 20 sports fields and free parking everywhere. Pay us a visit, and maybe, just maybe, you'll see a tiny pony out for a stroll or a squirrel reading the local newspaper. So grab a pint of your favourite Landwash beer and enjoy the Mount Pearl Anthem. #WelcomeToMountPearl


Christopher Richardson : I have to admit - this is a fabulous piece of work ... Congratulations to the team who produced it - and congrats to Mount Pearl Council for having the guts to go with it.

Tameka Thompson : Just saw this on Right This Minute and had to look it up. Great job guys.

Denzel Alexander : talk about putting your city in the map major propss #RTM

Capanel : So St. John's youtube channel... you gonna reply? Seriously, a friendly video battle showcasing some of the highlights of the Avalon Peninsula(and why not even some other places of NFLD) would be pretty cool.

Peter Rabbit : It’s on my bucket listπŸ€“

Vahmung : Great piece of tourism humor here. I got to see this all the way down in Florida through social media. I've been 8 years away, I miss it.

Barry Oliver : Oh, I see Mr. Locke! This is a banger tune xD

Jason : You may have wantd to show where Pearl is on the world map..the country map...the province map..and the Timmies map

MattColbo : This is fantastic wow

Corina Ryan : This was awesome! I also wore da Pearl Curl, quite proudly too I might add!! Great to see Fonse there as well (zamboni guy). He has represented Da Pearl forever now. He is definitely part of its legacy for sure. I have been away since 1998. Thanks for the memories!

TritonTheNewf : i was born St Johns 1991 lived in paradise, mount pearl, and Ferryland. I miss the Rock ! been off the island for 14 years. Ferryland is my favorite place on earth

Melissa Dewar : Amazing! Love seeing Jim Locke and the rest of council making appearances!

PapaFearAnimations : Loved this! :)

XUnKnownSkizesX YT : Im here because i just saw it on the news who else

char m : Love it πŸ˜‚

Xiangyi Liao : 1:17 i see mr locke lol

sam bryks : cute..... they should do one about Toronto.. like a limited series with 10 episodes..

Matt Kelly : I would remix it

Jill Bond : Yeah forgot to mention the copious amounts of snow even in May, and more Timmies than people.

Laura33 : Hahah great work

xhale00 : @TownofParadise Hit me up when you wanna respond!

raydonovan X________X : Just saw this on my tv in Winnipeg had to βœ” it out looking good Mount Pearl ❀

Mark Kennedy : Haha this is awesome, catchy/funny music video! It's great to see MP Mayor and council members letting loose and having fun too πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜„

PKMTL : Awesome!

Peter McLean : Love it

BrodyYYC : Rich Terfry put Mount Uniacke on the map so I guess this makes sense haha.

Andrew Judge : This is amazing! Well done, Mount Pearl!

fourteen crows : Our for a rip ? Stop at mount pearl!

Shane Murphy : *smh*

Husain Mudara : This has some serious Lonely Island Vibes

Glen Mercer : I've never been prouder to work in Mount Pearl =) Great job guys

Emma Louise : Literally everybody between 15-25 IS shady in the pearl πŸ˜‚

She Got Helicopters : wert da watch

Admiralty House : Fantastic video! Welcome to Mount Pearl :D

Matt Kelly : I should rep that track

Wayne Walsh : Man, parts-u-pick has a lot of busted up old cars

Random Pat Dunn : Awesome work!!!! That’s how ya do it!!

BlurryBigfoot : Seeing politicians dance is like watching a cat puke up a hairball. Painful and strange. Other than that awesome vid! : Wow. πŸ‘

Grimster : PP

Jill Kirby : LOVE IT!!!

Aaron Juteau : umm its Mountain Pearl.. ha

Julie Levin : Love this! I'm a TV show producer and would love to talk to you when you have a chance!

Daniel Daniels : this is worse than the collapse of the cod-fishery, folks, cbc are cancerous vampires, lololol that 80's style is all you need, friends

John Browne : Good video, but Mount Pearl will never be cool.

Jennifer Scott : Soap works is St. John's not Mount Pearl, But awesome job tho!!! :)

Thomas Jordan : I hated the pearl so much i let the landlord keep my damage deposit so I could leave the lease early lol

Jason : Just a bunch of East coast white people. Where's the crime? Too pedestrian for my blood and guts needs

Daniel Daniels : this is literally a by-product of Donny Dumphy, isn't it, you Mount Pearl prostate polishers!!