Peter Bastian is playing a straw like a double reed instrument

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Peter Bastian is playing a straw like a double reed instrument, just incredible! (R.I.P.) More about Rare and Strange Instruments on the official blog :


JOHN KONSTANTINIDIS : Truly a musical genius of our time. R.I.P.

AngelflyXD : who needs to buy a $300-$5000 instrument? get one at your local supermarket now for less than a dollar

Welcome 2 INSANITY : Seriously need to learn how to do this it would be the best party trick EVER. Just sat at maccies at 2am and you whip out a straw to play some dank ketlic tunes. People would lose their shit

Bütyök Kapitány : Stream Decides The Music #12

Strawberry Jam : Who is the one dislike. Master, can I kill them?

Lone Traveler : this one of the most amazing things ive ever seen

Guy Ferdinande : C'est formidable, admirable ! Bravo Peter Bastian.

333SteB : 0.5 speed = epic!

James : His face turns quite red with effort after 0:20

James : His face turns quite red with effort after 0:20

James : His face turns quite red with effort after 0:20

MadAnili : Is this for real?! Amazing!

Dan Petrica Ragalie : RIP Peter!

Pachecure : Amazing! Beautiful.

bill wesley : Not only is it a straw, its absolutely beautifully played, almost an oboe from nothing! Wonderful, I love the sound and the music

Matthew Greene : Holy crap! 😮

Animated History : Truly outstanding...

DustyO'Rusty : I'm still waiting for an entire straw orchestra.

Rafail Gioves : Just perfect! What's the name of the song?

Reinis Miks : how is it possible?

Im an illegal Imigrant from mexixo : amazeing just amazeing....

Flemming Behrend : I was lucky to watch him play in Køge Denmark before he died. What an amazing musician.

Dr.sweet tooth : R.I.P __ Peter Bastian

NGN Studio : Really touching performance from this brilliant Danish musician.Tnank you Peter Bastian. RIP.

Chris Paltiner : Maravilloso

the ScreamS : Amazing

Master Chain : Well that was humbling...

popOVICH56 : 12 angry aliens doesn´t like this vídeo

Renat Khanzarov : Such a zen thing. Pure genius.

jakzon pro : Like si vienes de parte del plech

Бранко Симоновић : From where is this music? From Balkans?

Hudson Cole : Teach me your ways master

legofanguyvid : How did he make this?

göksel beyhan : epiik

Ben Ross : bagpipes

Sergei Kuzmin : Потрясающее мастерство

alvarvs : waaaaaaaaaaaaww!!!

achanwahn : Wha?????

Sa yan : for those who are wondering the type of music, he is playing Bulgarian folklore music

Андрей Пенкин : Молодец!

Hannah Regier : This sounds like an Egyptian flute

fridge_party : Is this real?

Lemencio : пикабу вы тут?

Balsamir : какой то странный азиат

Ray Ray : Можно сделать, в принципе, ничего удивительного, если поджать выходной конец трубки, в детстве делали пищалки из таких штук, которые растут на деревьях, по виду как гороховые стручки, только тонкие. И пищат они довольно громко. Сам делал себе флейту, так что технология известна, дырки можно рассчитать.

James Sharber : Aren't these banned in New York?

Sven Gustaffson : Fake