Limmy's Show: Dee Dee: Yoker

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jonnyvivid : The depression induced isolation caused by unemployment is nailed here. Quality.

billy44551 : this pure mad fable land that sounds like an egg yoak

eatlightning : The greatest sketch of all time.

MrKnight007au : Is it really this easy to get the things you want in life?

Stacy Mitchell : "Has your name always rhymed with Yoker? Or did it used to be Smith... or something?" "Ten seconds to get to that bus, man, that’s your lifeline. What does it start doing? Starts moving. I was like that “Naw, man”. Felt like giving up." "Gets to the bus but he wouldn’t let me in. I was like that, set up, whole thing’s a set up." Picked a moment. Down the stairs. Up the road. Up the stairs. In the house. Lock, lock, lock. Scary man. Scary. But the best day in my life.

Kelly14UK : Good bus driver

milowagon : Because of this sketch, my colleague has relocated from the bad lands of Paisley, to the promised land of Yoker. He has not been disappointed.

hvidhajen : I just pissed myself laughing "haaaha"

Emily Reid : A piss masel laughin. "Haagh"

Graham Stephen : Actors actors the lot of them ACTORS.

Simon Kinslow : Thom Yorke in the 90's....


Chris Hewson : The best day of my life. hahaha man I'm still getting used to the accent but holy crap is Limmy's show hilarious

Krieg Papagai : Is it really this easy to get the things you want in life?

DrMcMoist : Dee Dee represents a lot of what I miss about living in Scotland.

Zulu Romeo : If they ever made a movie about Dee Dee, this would be it.

mandalorion : I lost three years of my life in Yoker.

joostay : Aphex at the end there

Berenth : Good god, as someone from the Midlands this sounds like a different language to me.

mt2oo8 : Loving the HD! Thanks Brian! 

Graeme Davidson : DD and his odd shoes llf

powerguido : Sorry I don't speak Russian.

Shugo489 : thank god he made it back in one piece

Makis Makiavelis : Hey, i just found the transcript for this sketch. Can i make the subtitles and then give you the .srt file to upload?

TheAtuocool : Dee Dee is the best character ever. Ever.

Tommy Doyle : Lol wisnie even in yoker it looked like clydebank

zigzagjoe69 : Skerry man skerry

Simon Lumsden : The best Limmy sketch EVER

The Business Finder : Genius

mrflumps01 : this was wonderful, funny and magical

Watchdog Goon : "Even had a barber that rhymed with Yoker." Only it didn't, and I laughed even harder

Ryan Simpson Music : caught up in the slip stream

AKusanaga : I came here from Funny or Junk, and I expected translations from "Scottish-English" to at least "England-English" or "American-English". Can anyone translate?

MariNate : Couldny believe what a was hearing in ma head

divcrfc : proud tae be a Glaswegian this is comedy gold

DeltaDoubleVictor : 0:24 haaaaa

Slugsongs : My favourite scene from this show bar none.

GlesgaSellik : Favourity Limmy sketch :)

Jackie Bowie : Top sketch of a lifestyle. Girl on bus was uncannily good as a type. The shot on of the barber  What a Visage! Reminds me of a similar character in front of me in bank. When asked for identity........he offered his bracelet with initials. "that's effin 22ct he said"  lol!    

Noodles37UK : I'm definitely gonnae emigrate there. Personally, i prefer Yorkhill.

Andrew Donnelly : the barber shop was actually in kelvindale and not yoker lol

Alan Gillies : so good. Cheeky wee aphex twin tune at the end of the vid, canny mind the name of it though

1989Boozle : Watched this countless times and have just realised, when he steps off the bus he's wearing 2 different shoes

steve patrick : Brilliant monologue, good acting, well shot, I don`t need to say more.

Daniel McMillan : far too funny limmy 😂😂

FutureScots : £2 for a all day..... those were the days.

Dezworth 1987 : Brilliant! Dee dee is something else like.

Ryan Simpson Music : briliant

imstuman : Ned zombie pirates...

Paul McLoughlin : neb-dee