Smart Girl Vs Cheetah
This woman just blew my mind in a way I thought only Courtney Love could

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how to educate Wild Cheetah, Brave Girl


Steve Andrews : They are solitary UNLESS they are domesticated as these were!  www ourlastwords net

murty vbn : without running away,and show back to them is main crataria to be observed ,

Emeka Uwanekezi : Fake... those are probably cheetahs that are trained to some extent. In the wild, cheetahs dont live in such large group numbers.

RattlerX5150 : the only woman with balls of steel

supermanki32 : Balls of Steel

megothier : The ones on the left.

rnavstar : If I was one of those cheetahs, I would eat her! ;)

lucidor200 : Le Reddit army is here

Raph M. : which of the four pixels is the cheetah?


Th3Gam3925 : Fucking queen of the jungle.

Asteroid Ninja Super-Steel : I want to see someone try this with hyenas :D

amphoteres : le stumbleupon army is here

Mark Sowders : I speak English and cant hear what she is saying :(

baiz : it was nice knowing you

Jesper Bech : the animals are confused because the food doesn't usually just walk up to them and throw themselves right in the middle of the pack for them to pounce x-/

that1guywithredhair : Some cats enjoying their day? better fuck around with them.

Julien4ster : which pixel is the girl?

breezin25 : Damn, she has balls.

bt813b : french people never showers...

yos2481 : Why she stressing out those animals just for fun? Not happy : (

bt813b : cheetah smells something fishi

ihateuutube : cheetah's are small. i could beat a cheetah in battle no problem.

Lybio : She says: "I think they've had enough." she's crazy.

Crimm0 : Shut up you french bitch, I can't hear.

yigsstarhouse : This is one special lady... she is so blessed to actually be in touch with real reality

cabaretampere : Meanwhile the Cameraman doesn't break a sweat.

blewis618 : Dumb ways to die aye aye, so many dumb ways to die...

Mindchime Official : Not sure anything about this is smart. Cheetahs are way different than a pride of lions or hyenas...which this would never even happen with, she would have been torn apart 3 seconds into this video.

Molhedim : That's not a girl ...that's a man . Look at his huge balls.

99 bits : Do this with lions

Justin Hodge : smart girl? you've got to be joking...wait til one actually tries to attack her and she wont be so smart anymore...

peteyahb88 : I want one. They're just giant house cats.

TheyTookMyDurr : To be honest, in the wild, cheetahs are pussies anyways.

tyrannosaurus rex : why is this..what..huh

kevingimmemusic : What exactly is "smart" about this girl?

chris : that was amazing!

Pooned : This girl has massive balls.

PPS AKA PPS : They all want a piece of her ASS and not a piece of her meat :p

Maddi W : wow,these have to be some of the most unintelligent comments I have ever read,for such an awesome video. As if any of you could ever be this brave,or any man for that matter.

M A : Why are they in a pack ? Aren't they solitary animals ?

GateCrashers : Bitch needs to stop playing around and start sucking off ... those beautiful creatures.

Ron Laran : This dumb blonde thinks cheetahs can somehow fix her motorcycle?

Refreshiing : :clevergirl:

cornelius muller : these animals are gorgeous, especially the 2 legged one!

LisieDee1 : Is this video available anywhere without the French narration? I'd like to hear what she actually saying!

MrRevthedev : She has rocks in her head!!

Yggdrasill4 : @ramcraft She's amazing

Bamboozled!! : 0.43 the best part..:P:P :))