Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine

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Lucía Mercedes Sevilla Urrutia : In the cooking career we need have a lot of patience, of course, is very sacrificed like the other careers, but all we need respect for correct the mistakes to other. By the way, I like your carisma ❤. Where are you from?

Alberto Gullotta : Comunque penso che ti sei allontanato molto da quello che hai fatto in precedenza..idk mate..well done anyway!

Cassy Hwang : I was just rewatching Kitchen Nightmares last night - hah despite his barbaric ways, he can definitely set a out a certain voice for us cooks. I feel like this movement will be a beneficial for many working conditions in commercial kitchens.

Chiara Acunzo : Quando ne parlavi non credevo fosse un video di questo genere, comunque devo dire che non è male

Tron Johnson : You are awesome my dude!

Peter Castagneto : well done mate

Courtney Wiseman : shut up and play the video....... 3:10 DONE! never watching one of your videos again. try being taking less drugs and stand still