Kingsman: The Golden Circle take me home

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Patrick Perlas : Something incredibly beautiful about a British character singing an American artist's song who's ancestry is from Germany. All being shared by a Korean. Art transcends catagory.

RTGame : The original disaster

Random User : Doctor: You have 3 minutes 48 seconds to live. Me: WEEEEST VIRGINIAAAAA

TheDiamondDalek : what is this liquid coming out of my eyes explain this

Jessica Gotengco : 1 like=1gazilyon salutes to merlin

Scoops Scoops : What an absolute Legend.

Faizal Iqbal : I'mma do this scene in Fallout 76, I'mma put my voice chat on and sing my hearts out in Scottish accent and then i'mma make the ultimate sacrifice in the game. it's going to be epic.

Nathaniel Larkin : Merlin's death was the only one in this movie that actually meant anything...

O•Jay : When he started "Almost heaven" my throat became sore, then that "country roads" part broke my heart.

Donna Wilson : His singing was a bit better than the original song

Who Am i? : I just realized something... This was supposed to be Merlin's first day out in the field after many years... Its so sad it had to end like that... :(

ReaperX : Top 10 anime death scenes

Alistocrat : Lie down, try not to cry, *cry alot.*

Dalton Harvey : That was the most sad moment in movie history


Peter Frank : He's coming home.

Īvåñå Jėåñ : First harry is “dead” and comes back if ther is a 3rd kingsman merlin will come back in a wheelchair with prosthetic legs 😂

Syamim Syamim : *country road* *take me home* *to the place* *i belong* *west Virginia*

Cyriljed Garcia : About the kingsman split seconds spray, why don't they find a rock and just put it on the top to switch , why he just suddenly have to suicide 😭

Terrovax : i sing this before math class

Roger Kincaid : I should practice singing this song with a Scottish accent... as a form of tribute.

Damian Garcia : Helping my friends taking out as many enemies as I can with me, singing my favorite song and going out with a Bang. That's how I want to go out

Anonymus lll : Merlin will be back stronger than ever in Shazam

A jewish guy walks in a bar and starts to gas nigs : Wait so the group saw him nodding to his sides and DIDN'T think it was an ambush?!

James Cusack : Song starts at 2:26 for anyone who’s wondering :)

Minifridge : I want them to release the “Country Roads” bagpipe cover at the beginning of the movie. That was badass

haris arslan : Press ‘f’ to pay respects

Joseph Wilson : Best scene in the movie, also the saddest 😥


barbarynpk 2 : 2:21 got em

Ray Venn Nerdiness : Just imagine, next movie he comes back in a wheelchair, or with prosthetic legs

Genji Shimada : In my Opinion, a Sadder Death than "I don't wanna go Mr. Stark".

Nigerian Prince : He'll be back with an eyepatch.

Silas HowTo : Kingsman: The Golden Circle take me home

Ts Team : When I watched this film , It was very touching but I did not cry, just sad... :'(

communism : Im not crying my eyes are just sweaty

Kermit Le Froug : Merlin confirmed for Fallout 76 by Godd Howard

MemetosEFX : 2018..... *Still FucKiN' SPectacUlaR eH?*

TheDestroyer1251 : The best way he could have died

Mr. Nice Man : This song is just awesome, it’s sad, happy, mystic and glorious.

flatpack : They really have no way of disarming a basic landmine?

Sarcasm : Almost heaven! West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River, life is older, older than the trees, younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze. Country roads, take me home, To the place I belong, West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home, country rooooooooaaaaddddddsss.

Crusader : Manners maketh man. Do you know what that means?

tiowaro alvarenga : @ 2:25 it gets me every time......

Lego and More : I haven’t cried like this since the first time I saw Old Yeller....RIP Merlin, the bravest scottish spy to ever grace the cinema

oh yeah yeah : *Idk but I think his jaw made me sad*

someregularguy aa : wow merlin predict fallout 76 theme song

Esteban cameras : Legends say he only lost a leg😂

Khaw Jia SheNg : most touching scene for kingsman

Gaming Moments : RIP a fallen legend we’ll never forget u Merlin 😔✊🏾