Kingsman: The Golden Circle take me home

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Darryl Oconnor : What an absolute Legend.

Patrick Perlas : Something incredibly beautiful about a British character singing an American artist's song who's ancestry is from Germany. All being shared by a Korean. Art transcends catagory.

communism : Im not crying my eyes are just sweaty

communism : I still miss him...

Roger Kincaid : I should practice singing this song with a Scottish accent... as a form of tribute.

Peter Frank : He's coming home.

Amazuber : British. Very Patriotic. Didn't like the American Culture much. Too British. Loves Tea. Speaks in that tough accent.... And in the end, Sings an American Song, as a sign of patriotism. The scene was great btw, very emotional. No hate. I just found this weird :)

bazilaz : Farewell,Snake

SHADOWripper 02 : this guy was a god damm legend

GWD GamingWalkDi : fallout 76 anyone?

Hot Shame : I immediately came here from the fallout 76 teaser!

celina palencia : Remember your training, There's no place for emotions Mr. Merlín

Surreal Wolf : The nodding to Harry and Eggsy makes it so much worse.

Jaygms882237 : Country roads, take me home

Almandho P : He predicted Fallout 76

Luke Evans : In kingsmen 3 they develop a gel which makes people recover from being evaporated by a landmine.

san mumg : I think they all could have survived 💀

Fling4n : Top 10 sadest anime deaths

Dead Ass Meme : 2:40 - 3:47 When you're playing Fallout 76 and you step on a landmine.

Psycho Dad : Fallout

Lmao Lyl : i cri evritim

Phantom : Fallout 76 anyone?

SkiddleSkaddle : Couldn't he have put a rock on it? OR earlier on in the film, poppy says that the guards can deactivate the landmines, merlin could have just waited there until eggsy and harry completed the mission and then deactivated the mines, soooo

Chapwisely : Fallout fans right now

Doc Playz : This version is kinda better xD the deep voice and the orchestra in the back makes it 100% epic

Alonzo Branson : "Take me home, and I'll take these guys with me...."

Padan : 2:26 The moment real man started to cry.. 😭

Luke Evans : In kingsmen 3 they develop a gel which makes people recover from being evaporated by a landmine.

Mr BigCheese : Lmao find a rock

JokingJoaquin : FALLOUT 76 OMEGALOL

ShancerYT : *Take me Home..* Hope you found a *better* place Still sing this Song with him.. _Rest in Peace, Merlin_

Mariopwnzu : felt like i needed to watch this again after the fallout trailer pulled the feels on me with this song

Joseph Chang : He's also hyped for fallout 76

♀️💀Harlyne Quinnzel🐺 : 😢😭😭😭😭

OMGitsStamina : What a Legend

Marko Todorovic : Kingsman 3 has been announced so we can expect Merlin to return.

てるくん : このシーンは英語だから引き立つ 1も見てたからこのシーンで泣いた

Anthony Guevara : Why not just escape? She said on the radio “bring him to me”, they could have deactivated the mines to bring Merlin in, he could have escaped.

dead pool : Fallout 76 anyone

Gaming Moments : RIP a fallen legend we’ll never forget u Merlin 😔✊🏾

Austin King : Just put a rock on it

rapu : Skip to 2:25 for feels

Dustin Noble : We dont know it but theirs a huge tsunami of fallout fans crashing towards us as we speak

no one : Okay that's it! I have to watch this movie. RIP you glorious bastard!

QuartersFreeze V : In this scene i cry so hard

Xeoron : Probably watched the "Fallout 76" trailer to many times.

ifindnoothernameforthis : Whos here after the fallout trailer?

empereur freezer : Fallout 76 ?

Rich : the first fallout 76 leak right here

b4rtekBoRo : Press F to pay respect Edit: 1000 likes :)