Kingsman: The Golden Circle take me home

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OMGitsStamina : What a Legend

Gaming Moments : RIP a fallen legend we’ll never forget u Merlin 😔✊🏾

Jake Jenner : RIP merlin but what a way to go

Pokemon champion Michael : saddest part of the movie 😿😿

侯文龙 : Merlin😭

Da Void : Finally, somebody uploaded a clip of this movie without any annoying cuts

Desmond Lizewski : 3:28 That face always make me sad... :'c actually, ALL THE SCENE ALWAYS MAKE ME SAD!!

RADEN HAKIM : Sad part in the Movie.Marlin is a True Legend..Salute.

RainbowSix Seiger4Life : I wish they haddent killed of merlin all the other kingsmans were enoughta at the start

Enzo Cabrera : This scene made me cry like a baby !!!! :(

왼쪽오른쪽 : Next episode i think he will appear with wheelchair without legs

gottfried kompakt : When Merlin Looks to eggsy and harry that was so beatiful

Taliesin Bourne : Real men cried at this.

tom bin : Best scene ever made i'm crying

youtuberclone _ : RIP Merlin a great kingsman but an even better friend may you rest in peace

dont atk me : 570 like for the full version of Merlin's heroic death.....Rest In peace (pieces) Merlin, at least you died in style

Heath Ledger : Rest in peace Merlin you are a true gentleman and a true Kingsman we will miss you I'm still hoping there's some sort of plot hole where you come back To Merlin

The Unholy Grape : Although it's sad, it's by far my favourite scene

野球大好き芸人 : 泣いたわこれ

Zack Whitbread : In an interview Merlin said he might come back because ‘All Matt [Vaughn] said to me was “no one dies in the Kingsman universe”, so you never know,’ Mark said. Source:

きよまろ。 : かっこよすぎ泣いた

アイディアフラッシュ : ここが1番いいシーンだった

タルト紅芋 : ここは最高のシーンでした😭😭😭

たんたた : これぞ男の中の男だよな 勇ましすぎるよ😭

416 M : 멀린 양복입은게 제일 멋졌는데 이제 못보게 된다는게 넘 아쉬움 ㅋㅋ

Sobelava9 : Song sounds better to me as a British singing it

Josh Raphael Bernabe : Saddest part of the movie

Luke - Ario : Almost heaven, West Virginia Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah river Life is old there, older than the trees Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze Country roads, take me home To the place I belong West Virginia Mountain mamma, take me home Country roads Country roads, take me home To the place I belong West Virginia Mountain mamma, take me home Country roads

Danang Sucahyo : This why that YouTube has a repeat button

ピーター・クイル : 今作仲間死に過ぎだった。とくにマーリンの死は本当に泣けた

R H : マーリン主役やわ

저격스나이퍼 : 멀린도 살았으면 좋겠다...해리처럼 킹스맨3이 나온다면...

Crazy 2 : 3:28 omg Eggsy youre face so cute but so sad to losing merlin and that he sacrefices his self is amazing but he probably will return like harry what whe have now? Kingsman and Statesman new one ChairsMan for Merlin?

믹쏘미 : 아 멀린 왜죽는데 ㅠㅠ

Trey Budreau : The first movie proved just how valuable of a Kingsman, Merlin was. Without his help, Eggsy would've been lost. But in the second movie you learn just how valuable the Kingsman are to Merlin. And without his help again, the Kingsman could've been lost. Wish I could thank Mark Strong personally for delivering such a masterful performance in this series and bringing Merlin to life. He was a true Kingsman and will be greatly missed.

ジャックアンダーソン : 感動するわ

Francisco Rodriguez : Merlin did what Clint Eastwood at the end of Gran Torino.

夢見がちな少年、 : マーリン…本当にカッコよかった

越田晃 : まじ泣ける

アナルンルン 実況と絵描き : 本当に感動した!!

人間 : いやまじでココは感動した(T_T)

Pew Die Pie : Thanks for bringing back my depression scene , thanks alot!

TheDancingMafia : Why dont put a heavy rock on it?

和田カピバラ : 1番このシーンが印象にのこってます。まじで感動しました。

It'sYaBoiVlogsN'Stuff : This scene... Was FUCKIN' SPECTACULAR!!!

Gerard Arthur Way : 頷くエグジーの表情が泣ける

Surreal Wolf : The nodding to Harry and Eggsy makes it so much worse.

不知火本家 : マジでこのシーン泣ける(´;ω;`)

あ将 : 昨夜観にいきました。 この作品はとても素晴らしいです。 周りにも勧めています♪ マーリンのカントリーロードは心に響く(;ω;)

おチビ : 完全にやられた😭 キングスマン最高