Exploiting A Legal Loophole
Exploiting a Legal Loophole

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Absolute Zero : DISCLAIMER: Podcast but Outside is not affiliated with the person filming.

Alexander Green : Improv skills put to practical illegal use

Cool Netflix documentary named joe : Eventually you’ll have a compilation of these

Riddivalion : This is what I subbed for! Saw a post on Reddit and found your videos, wondering when this clip would surface

Kyle Daly : I don't know how much of a legal loophole lying is?

Jason Hu : It’s sad that now that this clip has blown up their less likely to get away with it again

Internet Superstar David Elliott : I like how he asked if yall knew you were being recorded, as though you might not have seen the lone guy directly in front of you both with a camera

kaleb walsh : Uh oh, all the security guards who watch your videos will know your loophole!

Bombalurina : When you roll-20 on charisma checks.

C C : 56k views great job

TehTechnoGuy : when is the un-associated cameraman gonna be on podcast but outside?

The Dongster : Woah it actually worked

Olivia B : the one dislike on this video is that man

king : How did that work lmao

Jsarbour : nice, I like the promo style stuff. Hope this works out for you guys.

TheThirdErnest : The bois about to set legal precedent from a joke lmaooo

Alex Phan : Did you guys know this part was on Daily Dose of Internet? Just wondering 🤷🏻‍♂️

TamezTech : We r under attack

Isaac Briggs : The single dislike is from that security guy who’s screaming “I KNEW IT!”

victor kim : If you guys keep doing stuff like this I will stay subcribed

Jett Mingin : So that's why you always say no affiliation

German Rodriguez : You got away because he thought you were hilarious

Benny Martinez : In this situation, it’s best to just walk away. Or you’ll be on youtube. Funny clip lol

Drew Eldritch Dres : Lmao that's hilarious!

vozERi : Why in the hell does it matter if they are filming or not? I honestly don't get it. What's wrong with that? Just a confused European stopping by

TheEdition100 : That's amazing

Steve Henry : I always wondered when they would blow up in subscribers. Any guesses?

Niki Avranov : You know its not really a loophole... you hide what you do

celina jane : look at these sneaky boys!! such shenanigans, such cahoots!!

Mr Ferguson : You guys are in big trouble

Ad Lockhorst : Dutch legal loophole; Public nudity is illegal UNLESS you are a prostitute, pornstar or have more than three children° .... because then being naked counts as a *_work outfit._* ° _kinderbijslag_ is a form of income from the state die parents

Super Kids : Nice freedom america lolol

lilsmy : HOW did you get away w that

gda612 : What's the song at the end?

Max Pociask : Content on a Monday??!

Phecus : THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL PODCAST BUT OUTSIDE YOUTUBE CHANNEL. We are just a bunch of dedicated fans that love the extremely popular AUDIO podcast but outside. We track where they'll be next and film them for our UNOFFICIAL youtube page.

Alex Phan : Hello, I early 👌

Max Pociask : Notification fellas

Tamera Noll : Lol

J T : If someone asks me what's white privilege can I linked to this? Love your vide... Audio podcast!