George Carlin - The Trillion Daves
George Carlin was an interesting guy

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A portion from the end of Life is Worth Losing, when Carlin does a bit about a hypothetical natural disaster that rightfully victimizes humanity and destroys their existence.


88and6 : If the world ends, I hope it happens exactly like this.

Rob Rosen : My Dad hated George Carlin.That's how you can tell George was doing a good job.

jamesblunt006 : 3:33 - 9:45 wow that's over 6 minutes of pure uninterrupted high speed comedy genius. For me it is incredible how he could remember all that shit and nail it on the spot!

TheFartBall : Someone needs to animate this, it'd be huge.

QuantumMan12 : Carlin's social commentary is incredible

Shawna Crisanti : Jason and Jenniferrrrrrrrrrr

ViTALiTY : It's fucking amazing how, at that age, he was still able to remember and nail this. Also, this is for me one the best stand-up comedy moments ever. I wish I've met him, he was a genius.

Mister C : Fallout 4 overly-explained by George Carlin

ThePhatHalo : That's why nihilists and cynics are the true optimists and romantics

laddy money : no matter how screwed up my day is this guy no exactly what to say cheer me up . squishy couch lol

James M. : i had an uncle named dave he has exactly how you described him

August Clifford : It's fuckin hilarious just visualizing all of this, especially the bears and the wolves all amped up on crank!

RascalFascal : I always lose it at "George Bush can't decide if itz an emergency or not" hahahaha just toooooooooo funny.!

Jason Carlos Cardona : The Uncle Dave ending is perfect and profound, comes at the end of a long bit that doesn't seem to be going anywhere but George nails it.

M P : "And the meth chemicals run downhill into the rivers, Morty"

Olli Lehtonen : This man hated mankind. Understandable.

dolla bills : and the bears and wolves are geeked up roaming the countryside looking for people to eat.... even tho theyre not really hungry..

Devon Bartolomei : Do you know who broke the waterline? Uncle Dave.

Luke Bowering : Rick and Morty is just an uncle Dave ripoff.

Angel Nexus : this is what years upon years of misanthropy and resentment looks's beautiful xD

vamp : lol philadelphia is closed on the weekend.

Brotein 7 : I think I've seen "Life is Worth Losing" between five to ten times during the last ten years. It doesn't make me laugh out loud anymore, not since the second or third time watching it, but somehow it never stops being extremely entertaining and thought provoking in different ways each time. This comedy special is actually a weirdly important thing in my life. I don't know why. Rest in peace, George Carlin.

Matthew C. : This was incredible

Paulo Teixeira : Nothing less than a genius. The Great George Carlin.


Leviathan I : well that escalated quickly

Dead Dog : The water main breaking in LA and what follows would make a great movie. lmao

Buk Lau : This is his masterpiece, in my opinion.

Politically Incorrect : *Legend says he's still making comedy in the after life ;)*

Ehab Ibrahim : What a fucking genius . I miss this man

Chase Daus : George Carlin is: The Joker

van mannison : All the uncle Dave gather around a heavenly kitchen table. They light up cigarettes and begin to talk. They say the Jews own everything and the black get special treatment. They talk about how they never got a break, their aren't never loved em, how the government screwed em out of some money and how they JUST missed out on a big job

Big Kailli U : “And it heads to Washington DC where George bush can’t decide wether it’s an emergency or not”

We Remotely Low : That George Bush roast.

Migs 42692 : I was watching this inside a public library and was doing a good job of not laughing loudly until he said: "And, and the sky fills up with green shit." I left the quiet area in tears.

Stoned Wallflower : How the hell did he remember all that shit??

bloodspilla55 : I wish he was still alive today just to see how he would react to Trump, internet culture, memes, tinder, Snapchat filters, ISIS, Hillary, black lives matter, NFL kneeling controversy, etc.

Berno Inferno : I've just watched a master at work ♥

Forrest Boutin : One of the greatest comedians to ever live

Cyber Kirby : I kinda want this to happen because CARLIN IS DEAD.

Frank The Rabbit : an absolute legend. hate in peace

Sailor Boy : It's a good thing George left us. If he was alive, with trump in office, his head would explode. Good night George, wherever you are.

Phil : Haha this is kind of warped.

Galaxis : A bit only George Carlin could come up with.

Hugh Jaynis : I love his positive thinking!

JP McSweeney : My great uncle David didn't have any children, he was a new york motor cycle police officer killed while on duty in the1920s .

Theo : George literally narrated a whole movie plot

Barka holic : "Fire destroys California" is the headline I'm waiting for.

Doc Wages : Still to this day my favorite person to listen to period.