NEVER Ask a Comedian a Dumb Question
Never ask a comedian a dumb question

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Interviewers who soon found out why it's a bad idea to ask a comedian a dumb question. Starring Bill Burr, Norm MacDonald, Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfield, Pete Davidson and Bobby Lee. If you enjoy the video leave a like, comment and subscribe for more!


Samuel Tutuwan : Correction, never ask Bill Burr a dumb question

Really 1095 : “dO yOU knOW wHo i Am?” ... “Alright. *Bee Movie Opens Tomorrow* “

CocoaButterSmoothies : The main thing I got out of this is: 1) Bill Burr is the realest 2) Jerry Seinfeld is insecure af

Kyle Davis : "They just kept moving them around, like those killer whales at Sea World, when they kill a trainer, they just move him to Seattle with no background check." Lmfaooooooooo

Zwenk Wiel : That killer whale bit was pure genius, think the male host honestly didn't get it XD

Rod Belding : I never realized how much of an ass Jerry Seinfeld is until watching this, his ego is insane

Mike Jano : Don't you think the Catholic church went a little too far? lmao dead

sauercrowder : The thumbnail is Bill Burr and Conan, but there are no Conan clips because Conan does not ask dumb questions.

ibrahim ibrahim : Ok Bill serious question : why do u answer negative tweets ? Bill : cuz its fun

Trev Moran : "This is like a stream of consciousness!" "Yeah, it's called conversation".

Kyle Gillette : What’s funny is Larry King got it right. He said you canceled on them not them on you.

Gorilla Gorilla : 60% of this is Bill Burr. I gotta say, I expected it. And I'm not disappointed.

John Hurtado : "don't you think the Catholic Church went a little too far" lmao 😂😂

Andreas vB : "You didn't do your research. You were a little too worried about this matching this, and now look at you!" Legend ^_^

Sharad : Bill Burr is a national treasure

azmi haider : Bill burr is amazing. Interviewer: don’t you think you went a little too far with the catholic church jokes? Bill burr: don’t you think the catholic church went too far?

Abel Villa : Seinfeld has never been funny and he’s extremely arrogant.

Leeroy Dagnasty : 7:40 I hate this chick. I thought I hated her based on what she was saying but that laugh confirmed it

Kostyantyn Karimov : "So your dad died in 9/11" "Your dad still around?"

Brooklyn1530 : Wtf was that about with kevin hart at the end lol

Robert Gray : You should change the name of the video to "never ask Bill Burr a stupid question"

Patrick McClanahan : “Why respond to people being negative to you on Twitter?” “Because it’s fun” 😂

Jay Bedwell : "Do you know who I am?" Sorry, Jaime Steinfole, I hear you used to be someone, but we don't care anymore, dude.

rj : "why do you respond to negative comments on internet?" "Coz it's fun"😂😂

Dennis Szabo : Bill Bur: "You didnt do your research. You were SO busy worrying about matching this with this, and now look at ya" . ;-DDD freaking legend!;-D

Chris Carter : Seinfeld was a bit arrogant.... He's right. But arrogant.

Aaron Negron : Bill Burr is unapologetically real. Gotta love it.

Quantallum : That seinfield one was painful, have a little humility dude

Scars Music : Who is the bald guy I think I love him 😂😂😂😂

Loofer Rigno : “I wAs thE NuMBer OnE sHoW in TelEVisOn, LaRrY. Do YoU KnOW whO i am?

Lletnah Syad : Sienfeld is so arrogant😠. I can’t stand him.

bobo42024 : "Don't you think the catholic church went a little to far?" Bill burr is the best.

Nivethan Nithyananthamoorthy : 7:50 man actually thinks he's subtle 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️😅

Liquidmetal702 : Seinfeld needs to get knocked out. Seems like he's a bit full of himself.

PracticallyCanadian : "So your dad died in 9/11" "Your dad still around?"

jeremy steelman : You should edit your videos to where the volume is the same level.

Methods of Magic : 7:50 That guy is lowkey smelling his armpits

Indigo Cee : 0:59 - 1:55 Bill Burr went over EVERYBODY'S head with that killer whale statement💯

Matti Mafiosi : " I get it .. you got a big desk " bahahaha Bill Burr is a savage , no one can argue with that guy

Wolf Gangster : Am the only one who thinks that "You need TO GOOGLE" was said in a slightly hostile way?

97warlock ismyname : Bill Burr sounds EXACTLY like Lars Ulrich

Rey Barrera : Bill burr is a savage. Love that guy

Austin D : That Barry Signfelt dude is the worst.

Regan : Bill Burr is a legend, and the ending part with Kevin Hart was so god damn Savage I loved it

Mister Wiki Memes : I actually thought the King and Seinfeld exchange was funny and fairly light hearted people just took it too serious

Roodly F Buts : I love how bill burr is telling women to grow up but she thinks he's telling men to grow up

BigNastyreborn : man kassem was awesome back in the day pure savagery

Dustin Cupples : "This is a morning show, I know you can't talk about all those crimes." That was dope, Bill Burr. That was dope.

Murad Diab : Wow Jerry got super butt hurt at Larry King