NEVER Ask a Comedian a Dumb Question

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MEDIA TOUR : Why respond to somebody Negative on Twitter? “cause it’s fun”

Linus Newman : "My dad died in 9/11" "So is your dad still around??"

Chicken Terrorist : "People think you went a little too far" "Don't you think that the Catholic Church went a little too far?" That host's reaction was gold 😂😂

Ol Skool Trey : Bill totally lost the Fox talk show guy when he made reference to killer whales being like Christian priests, being moved from one church to another despite their crimes. Bill's intellect was too much for these A-B-C news reader types.

The Traveling Crypto : I’m confused. The title says “comedians” yet there’s a clip of Jerry Seinfeld in the montage

Austifornia : "We got a real stream of consciousness going up here right now" "Yeah it's called conversation" Holy shit she god demolished so hard her soul left her body and you could hear it

Ghost Cupcake : The H3 podcast could fill a whole video!

Shaun Cowell : I've never seen anyone as painfully unfunny as Seinfeld be so up himself.

Bruce Swayne : Note how Kevin Hart is incapable of maintaining eye contact with the guy he's trying to make fun of, completely unlike Bill Burr or the others.

thegrimyeaper : I never got why Jerry got so mad at Larry. It was just a way to get Jerry to talk about ending the show.

Angela Burnett : Seinfeld is a little full of himself

Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer : I think it was the Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (whatever it's called) with Bill Burr where Bill pointed out how Seinfeld gets a lot of praise for his clean comedy and how that somehow makes him appeal to everyone even though he's like the most angry, cynical comedian out there.

MrRandomname010101 : Seinfeld is an ass.

kingraj333 : id hate to interview seinfield, he'd make me feel so insecure and belittled if i did anything wrong.

Steven R : "Do you think you went to far Bill?"......."Don't you think the catholic church went too far" ....OUCH.

PracticallyCanadian : "So your dad died in 9/11" "Your dad still around?"

Eye One : I don't understand why people are giving Jerry shit. Celebrities go to these interviews for specific reasons, and when the interviewer doesn't do their research it undermines those reasons. The whole point of interviewing someone is to talk about what they have accomplished, and what they are working on, it's supposed to be all about the interviewee, how is it arrogant to get upset because the person interviewing you clearly didn't research you at all? In that situation asking "Do you even know who I am?" is a totally reasonable question. It's not like he's at a fucking Starbucks saying that to someone who fucked his coffee up. I would feel like I was being disrespected and having my time wasted if I was Jerry. I would probably get pretty irritated too.

akuma4u : 4:05 they spelled CHECK wrong , did anyone else notice this ?

MrLethalShots : The one with Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t worth putting in imo. It seems to me that the interviewer was just getting the audience up to speed on who Jerry was and then he goes off on this insecure as shit rant.

ZombieHunter0802 : I enjoy the fact Seinfeld got a stick up his ass about being perceived as less than perfect, while promoting Bee Movie.

Mariothekidd09 : H3H3 will be on this compilation soon.

Discerning Daniel : "We get it you got a big desk" Bill Burr 2018

Nick Morgan : "you know what I'm talking about, it's a morning show" Classic

MrJamesdryable : Larry King new that Seinfeld wasn't cancelled, he was asking for his viewers that may not know.

Guillaume Ricard : Is it me or Seinfeld responds to every question as if it was a personal attack? Weird.

Ty Matthews : I love the Howard stern clip. It feels like I'm in the room with them, but I'm fucking deaf at the same time.

TheCurrykiev : All the people here moaning about Seinfeld’s response to Larry King is hilarious. If you have the biggest show on American TV at the time, why would the host even ask if you’ve been cancelled? It was a stupid question and the comedian called him out on it. It’s funnier because Larry King was top dog in North America right? Good comedians aren’t usually “normal” people. They see the joke in everything. Look at Seinfeld’s smirk. It’s funny to him. He makes Larry King feel awkward, which is funny. If you think Jerry Seinfeld was being rude then you are just wired differently. Nothing wrong in that. I bet they joked about it afterwards.

Troy Wolfe : You're an acid tongued Arab!

Filip Anjou : 4:04 Spelling not found.

arizona tea : Bill literally can just slaughter with instant precision

Higher Media : "Can you get fired in sweden or will the government not allow it"

Beari_ana : Bill Burr going in on that lady about the Catholic Church was amazing. Somebody's got to say it!

Logic : "Whats your ideal life, doing nothing?" Well there a middle way between doing nothing and working...people that dont know that are kinda sad...


X-24 : “I wAs thE NuMBer OnE sHoW in TelEVisOn, LaRrY. Do YoU KnOW whO i am?

David Lynch : Norm is the funniest human being on planet earth.

phuckinme : This is comedy gold

choco lito : 8:37 best clip, sad that couldn't hear a damn thing

Music Junkie : Never mess with Bill

Linzi Furnari : I love how most of these are Bill Burr lol

jkhan23 : Kevin Hart basically said Molly doesn't deserve respect. And you could tell she didn't like that remark.

Maxwell Lundquist : Kevin Hart asserted his position as alpha in that last clip

finkeLpro : open your mouth and say oink

hiredmercenary : "you need to google" is basically everything i've ever heard from a Liberal when they talk about facts and backing up anything. Make sure to GOOGLE everything in life and trust every website, especially the FIRST website that gives you information.

Zac Lambert : Is Seinfeld totally unaware of how almost every interview works? The interviewer asks a question he knows the answer to in order to establish a good back and forth

Emma Olsson : -"I don't do prejudice humor. I don't have any of that" -"Can you get fired in Sweden, or is that not allowed?" I suppose your sense of continuity would get disturbed after producing American television all those years, what with all the ad breaks and what not.

robotpanda77 : Seinfeld was never talented, if you watch the other show that Larry David (co-creator and writer on the Seinfeld sitcom) wrote "curb your enthusiasm" the humor is very similar. He was clearly responsible for Seinfeld's success not the boring "what's the deal with ovaltine?" bits that Jerry did.

Coolio 0 : 7:07 o boi

MikeStrafaci : Seinfeld is a Jewish woman from Queens stuck in a dudes body.

AC : Damn Larry Seinfeld big mad lmao