NEVER Ask a Comedian a Dumb Question

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MEDIA TOUR : Why respond to somebody Negative on Twitter? “cause it’s fun”

Angela Lee Burnett aka Rock n Roll Goddess : Seinfeld is a little full of himself

Linus Newman : "My dad died in 9/11" "So is your dad still around??"

Discerning Daniel : "We get it you got a big desk" Bill Burr 2018

Ghost Cupcake : The H3 podcast could fill a whole video!

The Traveling Crypto : I’m confused. The title says “comedians” yet there’s a clip of Jerry Seinfeld in the montage

Bruce Swayne : Note how Kevin Hart is incapable of maintaining eye contact with the guy he's trying to make fun of, completely unlike Bill Burr or the others.

PracticallyCanadian : "So your dad died in 9/11" "Your dad still around?"

Professor Penne : gotta love how 90% of this is bill burr. dude is a legend.

Chantz Risse : 7:50 dude in the back trying to play off smelling his pits by acting like he’s stretching his neck.

thegrimyeaper : I never got why Jerry got so mad at Larry. It was just a way to get Jerry to talk about ending the show.

kingraj333 : id hate to interview seinfield, he'd make me feel so insecure and belittled if i did anything wrong.

Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer : I think it was the Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (whatever it's called) with Bill Burr where Bill pointed out how Seinfeld gets a lot of praise for his clean comedy and how that somehow makes him appeal to everyone even though he's like the most angry, cynical comedian out there.

MrLethalShots : The one with Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t worth putting in imo. It seems to me that the interviewer was just getting the audience up to speed on who Jerry was and then he goes off on this insecure as shit rant.

JonezBB : Jerry is an overrated hack

Steven R : "Do you think you went to far Bill?"......."Don't you think the catholic church went too far" ....OUCH.

Zac Lambert : Is Seinfeld totally unaware of how almost every interview works? The interviewer asks a question he knows the answer to in order to establish a good back and forth

Puber T. Snatches : every clip of seinfeld was around the time of The Bee movie, and he has gone on record saying that he fucking hated doing that movie.

Adrian Ryberg : "I don't do any humor about prejudice" Seinfeld, 2007 "I'll tell you what I like about chinese people..." Seinfeld, 1998

Higher Media : "Can you get fired in sweden or will the government not allow it"

Christy C. : For some reason the interview with bill burr at 1:20 really caught my attention. When she asks him what he thinks about the people who thought what he had to say was disrespectful and he responds with, "Who?" That really says it all I think. All the arguing over social media, the judgemental finger pointing on the internet. But at the end of the day you dont sit down with any of these people that type out their opinions online(my self included), they're not there at night eating dinner with you and your family. They dont know you, you dont know them. So why does it have to be taken so serioisly. Cause "who" are they anyways It's pretty clear the interviewers dont care either, they just want views.

Nathan V : "I don't do any humor about prejudice." Says the anti-dentite.

bored58 : Did I miss the clip with Bill Burr on Conan? You know, the one in the thumbnail?

akuma4u : 4:05 they spelled CHECK wrong , did anyone else notice this ?

Mariothekidd09 : H3H3 will be on this compilation soon.

despicable scum of society : "well I'm working" "So am I" "U don't need to work though" "Yes I do! What's ur ideal life? Doing nothing?" 😂

Srithor : "Are you under the impression I got cancelled? Do you know who I am?" (Roseanne Barr, 2018)

Miguel Saucedo : Larry King hands over a compliment to Jerry. " They didn't cancel you, you canceled them" - that's a compliment Jerry flies off the wagon on him... Jerry's ego can drown fish.

Hippo : "Its a morning show, I understand" lol

notsusan : I love that after a video of Bill Burr humiliating H3H3 this came up in my recs

Maxwell Lundquist : Kevin Hart asserted his position as alpha in that last clip

Emma Olsson : -"I don't do prejudice humor. I don't have any of that" -"Can you get fired in Sweden, or is that not allowed?" I suppose your sense of continuity would get disturbed after producing American television all those years, what with all the ad breaks and what not.

ZombieHunter0802 : I enjoy the fact Seinfeld got a stick up his ass about being perceived as less than perfect, while promoting Bee Movie.

Filip Anjou : 4:04 Spelling not found.

TheCurrykiev : All the people here moaning about Seinfeld’s response to Larry King is hilarious. If you have the biggest show on American TV at the time, why would the host even ask if you’ve been cancelled? It was a stupid question and the comedian called him out on it. It’s funnier because Larry King was top dog in North America right? Good comedians aren’t usually “normal” people. They see the joke in everything. Look at Seinfeld’s smirk. It’s funny to him. He makes Larry King feel awkward, which is funny. If you think Jerry Seinfeld was being rude then you are just wired differently. Nothing wrong in that. I bet they joked about it afterwards.

A Level 100 Onix : "Whats your ideal life, doing nothing?" Well there a middle way between doing nothing and working...people that dont know that are kinda sad...

Prateek : Bill Burr and Jerry Seinfeld had the best comebacks. Kevin Hart was just being immature, and may i say unfunny.

Guillaume Ricard : Is it me or Seinfeld responds to every question as if it was a personal attack? Weird.

J Dog : Never challenge how quick witted a stand up comedian is, you'll lose. Its the highest form of comedy and the hardest.

pepe_silvia : Bill Burr vs Seinfeld in a roast

Pickle : 7:48 finally someone calling out Schaub for talking to people like a f*cking tool

Sanic Mcdanic : Omg when Kevin hart said "you don't talk to me like you talk to her!"

Chicken Terrorist : "People think you went a little too far" "Don't you think that the Catholic Church went a little too far?" That host's reaction was gold 😂😂

Yo Daguy : That Howard Stern clip being silent has definitely set my next searc

HappyC Is Me : This whole video was Halarious!

Phil The Logician : *4:04** hey everyone cehck out the title*

Anime SnooSnoo face : *Seinfeld calls Larry King a n i gger.mp4*

arizona tea : Bill literally can just slaughter with instant precision

Randyy1 : 8:59 holy crap, it's KassemG! And Norm with a Rodney Dangerfield joke. Good stuff.

Goodbrew84 : Comedians have the rare public advantage of gaining popularity from douchebaggery.