This clever case pops open to protect your phone when you drop it

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Student from Aalen University in Germany invented an 'airbag' for smartphones AD case has built-in sensors and eight springs to catch the phone when it falls Video shows the phone bouncing harmlessly after it is dropped from a height The phone case is still a prototype, but the designer won the top award from the German Society for Mechatronics and has registered a patent for it

Comments from Youtube

lupusprobitas : It isn't the phone case we deserve, but the phone case we need.

Joshthekiwi 1 : Daily dose of internet anyone?

NO NAME : great but... samsung and apple hates it cause this invention will interfear with their sales since less people will breack them 😜🤑

Holly grail A : Where the hell can i buy this??

The Devil : What about a phone that has a stronger glass and plastic case. Is this too fucking easy for 2018?!

Rahmanz aja : Next step, make a Cellphone that nuclear-proof :v

Elias Enriquez : Put them on sale i want one

moovendhan Chinnaiah : How and where can I buy this one???

Nguyen Duc Hung : *Drop the phone* *The case broke* Me: °o°

lyricsss : I NEEED THIS CASE, my phone is for 90% full of cracks

connor smith : where can i buy it

bcoolkevin : Well, the germans as always...and people say germans are to, it's just about right 😂

Yousef J : Integrate in phones. No more cases needed

Mohit Patel : How to buy Sony Xperia r1 plus cover

PsychoAlexander : So what's my excuse if I want to buy a new phone?

Srisailam Veerapakula : I want this case How can i purchase thi case Please tell me

k gngupta : I want this plz send ling buying this pop security guard

Uçar : Why are all these super-beneficial ideas still prototypes?

Allen Basom : That's great, except where do you get it?

AppleToaster : A weapon to surpass metal gear.

anthony daniel : Brother awesome stuff u have done.... I want it for my 7+ iPhone

shahsikant sangar : I will give you 200 pics order how much prise

BULLIBABU : Where do i get it for different mobiles SUCH as for iPhone 8+ ,Moto e4

David Beckham : Whoever created this must be trying to digging their grave... Less people buying new phone when they have this protection

Jadin Andrews : So you have it in your pocket, get on an elevator and it goes down and you get castrated by your phone. Sounds like a good plan.

Dennis Bohn : Whats happening on a free fall tower or rollercoaster?

sumit singh : awesome Germans are very talented , Germany should be have veto power

Bala Krishna : Every mobile company have to make this as mandatory....

KKiko -Pro : how can i buy one

Grizzledwarveteran23 : does anyone know how the spring mechanism was made or what it is made of

WeebIntern : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ayesha shaikh : Just saw this news on hike...

jetski Dex : Knowing my Luck it hit and edge and wreck the screen

Shan : What if that phone is in the pocket n u fall with the phone?

kirby : Mine is better its not a mechanical thing a thousand springs on my phone👍

John C John : Need to know the minimum height of fall for the springs to activate and whether it has any effect on battery life. What if you are in free fall with the phone? Anyway, it isn't the phone case we need, but the phone case we deserve.

nishant shukla : From where we can get in India

Tejus Wadbudhe : Thank you

1waymaster : When my daughter was in school they had the egg drop test challenge. I used bubble wrap and rubber hose glued to the corners of a cardboard box so they stuck out at angles like this guys invention. The egg did not break dropped off the roof of the school. She did not win because they figured that I gave her too much help. I did. It was fun.

Negan Grimes : Bring this to a not-flat surface and test, like a rocky bumpy terrain 😏

GAmer Naveen : Give me the link to buy it

ext printworkz : Okie. Let me buy iphone 1st..

Latin Kuro : I just hope it is not made only for BS iphones !!!

Noah Collins : Apple and Samsung will hate this because people breaking their phones is these company’s main source of income 😂

Share Video : Hi Bro , How are you, Friends 🤝 👬

Harmish Shah : which sensor did you use to detect it is in free fall?

shyaman madusanka : can i by online

Anonymous Rebel : Will the metal prongs break say if the phone falls on rocks during a hike? It is cool, but I'm just wondering if the prongs are unbreakable?

RPM Internet Dose : wow that's creativity..