This clever case pops open to protect your phone when you drop it

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lupusprobitas : It isn't the phone case we deserve, but the phone case we need.

Negan Grimes : Bring this to a not-flat surface and test, like a rocky bumpy terrain 😏

El Driko : *drops on face and becomes blind*

ayesha shaikh : Just saw this news on hike...

John C John : Need to know the minimum height of fall for the springs to activate and whether it has any effect on battery life. What if you are in free fall with the phone? Anyway, it isn't the phone case we need, but the phone case we deserve.

Share Video : Hi Bro , How are you, Friends 🤝 👬

elias enriquez : Put them on sale i want one

Naveen Musical.ly143 : Give me the link to buy it

Shubham Kolape : Kahase kharide

The Devil : What about a phone that has a stronger glass and plastic case. Is this too fucking easy for 2018?!

DCsmoke : My case works fine. No thanks engineerfag smartfag. You think this will be successful and buy you mansions, lol no collegefag.

phani kumar muppidi : Babo ee zomato chastunam

jetski Dex : Knowing my Luck it hit and edge and wreck the screen

bcoolkevin : Well, the germans as always...and people say germans are to, it's just about right 😂

Anonymous Rebel : Will the metal prongs break say if the phone falls on rocks during a hike? It is cool, but I'm just wondering if the prongs are unbreakable?

Brian Daigle : Case must be connected by software to the phones accelerometer my guess but I also wonder of that's so how to stop it from going off accidentally while in a vehicle are a flight maybe that's why it isn't out yet there working on a fix but if that comes out I def want one I'm always dropping my phone.

Dennis Bohn : Whats happening on a free fall tower or rollercoaster?

anthony daniel : Brother awesome stuff u have done.... I want it for my 7+ iPhone

Закон Ћутања : Can my phone with this case survive fall on spikes?

PsychoAlexander : So what's my excuse if I want to buy a new phone?

rohit rathore : When it will arrive in indian market

vasna vishnu : Buying link send please

vasna vishnu : How to buy

Chatrabhuji Harin : What is the device name i want to buy

prajwal pj : When will it arrive to indian market..

Vaio San : Computer voice is what we hear?

Dyu Dyu : for android?

Bala Krishna : Every mobile company have to make this as mandatory....

Nicole S. : Echt genial, bringt das auf den Markt !

Ram Tagore : Super bro

shyaman madusanka : can i by online

Harmish Shah : which sensor did you use to detect it is in free fall?

mituo asada : german is good

NinjaBoi 1305 : No Invet were it hovers when it falling down to the water

dan laesu : great but... samsung and apple hates it cause this invention will interfear with their sales since less people will breack them 😜🤑

Skiller dose : wow.i want one

Barnacle Boy : Ice Poseidon

Tejus Wadbudhe : Thank you