Dash-Cam Videos That'll Make You Say: WTF!

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why?! TM : 2:40 When Siri say:"turn left"

Darcat : I like how all of those videos were recorded in russia

Has it been 90days? : 0:05 when your car smoking in gta and you a hit a car.

Dragonlover1550 : Me before watching video: "I won't say WTF." Me 5 seconds into the video: "WTF!!!?"

Offended Gender : 0:30 he was lucky there was evidence for his insurance company, because if he came there and told them the road just exploded on me, I don't think they would take him serious.

Bruno Lobo : 0:17 is straight outta Mario kart

Mr. Potatoes Head : 2:11 *safety first* always put on your seatbelts kids

Soy de Cuba : There is no better Red light... than this one 0:32 ☠

Apple Dev : 0:18 Dude's got some reaction time

Jaclyn M. : The toddler at the end! 😲😲😲


Big Chungus : Spongebob may have gotten better at driving

Charging Active : Anyone else saying WTF after every clip because the title said?

II Bethh x : Whys it always in Russia?

Young Empty Kamui : First clip: *man hits car and gets out and runs away like a niko Bellic from GTA 4*

Adrian Ambroszkiewicz : 2:10 did he tear apart? :0

_FBI _ : 0:54 *Every GTA driver*

BlueWolf aka Kira : The last video is like horror films are starting

Boneless Pizza : 0:17 lmao I actually moved my head to a side

Ryan ODonnell : Idk if it was just me but did anyone else move their head at 0:18 to avoid the flying tire

Oskar Gerlach : Dash-Cam Level: Russia

TheMinkey : 1:29 of coarse it's a Lada lmao

Hillary Trump : 1:21 *I was shocked a little bit actually*

An Airplane : 3:15 what kind of earrape is this

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : This is why we don't have flying cars.

Just An Edit : 2:10 I can't tell if that's a inhaled laugh or a really bad hyperventilated shock and I really hope it was the latter after that dude got yeeted for not wearing a seatbelt

FreezY TV : 0:09 Cyka BlyAt CSGO RUSSIAN REVI.


Sianiese : The one where the person ran away after most likely killing that person, is so screwed up. The cared more about getting away then calling anyone.

MxltedLava : *Fish flies into windshield* Me: WTF

Subscribe To Instantly Die : What happens in russia stays in russia!

M&M Playz : 0:29 Is that a volcano or some thing or is it the Godzilla arising from the dead

Vasko The Scout Main : 2:12 bruh the guy is laughing xDD

Plofkipje Remasterd : Didn't expect that huh 0:07

Dillan Demeloneves : the last one you should say WHY IS THAT BABY ON STREET

Sam : I legit said wtf at 1:08, good title

FULL THROTTLERS : I love the first guy who is from india i think 😂 Same things happen here in india

Addison Lowder : Omg so I didn’t see the whole title and I pressed the vid and the part were the car backed up and hit the other car I said WTF DUDE and I saw the title and it said that will make you say WTF 🤣

Lauren Sarofim : Car: throws bat (er something) out window. Other car: bat shatters windshield Car: *DRIVES AWAY AS FAST AS THEY CAN*

Alexis Jackson : Someone legit went flying out the dang car.🙁

Ann alicia Charming : 2:11 ..anyone notice the man flying out of the car??no??

My name is matt : **realizing the person who uploaded this video is called drive now**

Rafa Maia : I literally said WTF after every single video

Strawbewy : woah we’re going to need a lot of flex tapes

WnLTravious : I was literally like ”I wont say wtf try me” First clip plays.. Me: WTF

Punisher6710 : driving in Russia is like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun

xxx tankstation : Where's thw Déjà vu music?

Meme God : 2:40 When the game tutorial forces you to turn left 0:08 LEROYYYYYYY

xANBUS : And this is why you never drive in foreign country’s 🤷🏾‍♂️