Dash-Cam Videos That'll Make You Say: WTF!

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Charging Active : Anyone else saying WTF after every clip because the title said?

Darcat : I like how all of those videos were recorded in russia

Blixx Trix : 0:08 he ran away like a GTA civilian

why?! TM : 2:40 When Siri say:"turn left"

Ryan ODonnell : Idk if it was just me but did anyone else move their head at 0:18 to avoid the flying tire

Hillary Trump : 1:21 *I was shocked a little bit actually*

Has it been 90days? : 0:05 when your car smoking in gta and you a hit a car.

Offended Gender : 0:30 he was lucky there was evidence for his insurance company, because if he came there and told them the road just exploded on me, I don't think they would take him serious.

Bruno Lobo : 0:17 is straight outta Mario kart

Mr. Potatoes Head : 2:11 *safety first* always put on your seatbelts kids

TheLegendaryGamers// Legendary 744 : 0:45 Is this guy crazy?

You Cuba : There is no better Red light... than this one 0:32 ☠

Jaclyn M. : The toddler at the end! 😲😲😲

II Bethh x : Whys it always in Russia?

Apple Dev : 0:18 Dude's got some reaction time

Fox : 0:31 That be some watchdogs type shit right there

Patrick Star : Spongebob may have gotten better at driving

Deez Nuts : 0:09 IM FAST AF BOII

Young Blood Curdle : First clip: *man hits car and gets out and runs away like a niko Bellic from GTA 4*

Sam : I legit said wtf at 1:08, good title

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : This is why we don't have flying cars.

THE LEGEND 27 : 0:54 *Every GTA driver*

Adrian Ambroszkiewicz : 2:10 did he tear apart? :0

Vasko The Scout Main : 2:12 bruh the guy is laughing xDD

Jessica Lee : 0:30 underminer is that you?

Boneless Pizza : 0:17 lmao I actually moved my head to a side

Just An Edit : 2:10 I can't tell if that's a inhaled laugh or a really bad hyperventilated shock and I really hope it was the latter after that dude got yeeted for not wearing a seatbelt

An Airplane : 3:15 what kind of earrape is this

Oskar Gerlach : Dash-Cam Level: Russia

bailey9r : 3:30 children of the corn?

0ceaniic : Car: throws bat (er something) out window. Other car: bat shatters windshield Car: *DRIVES AWAY AS FAST AS THEY CAN*

TheMinkey : 1:29 of coarse it's a Lada lmao


Milks Woof : Russians think, they in GTA

Ad lez : The one where the person ran away after most likely killing that person, is so screwed up. The cared more about getting away then calling anyone.

M&M Playz : 0:29 Is that a volcano or some thing or is it the Godzilla arising from the dead

FULL THROTTLE : I love the first guy who is from india i think 😂 Same things happen here in india

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : What happens in russia stays in russia!

Dragonlover1550 : Me before watching video: "I won't say WTF." Me 5 seconds into the video: "WTF!!!?"


MxltedLava : *Fish flies into windshield* Me: WTF

Desiree Johnson : Lord seeing the baby walking by himself just hurts my heart. Can't fault the parents really cause we don't know the situation. Anything could happen in the blink of an eye smh sad but true

Otaku Aizen : *The world is full of plebs*

Crowbar44 : @ 2:08 - That is literally a man flying outta convertible at highway speeds. Yep, he’s dead. My God. How horrible. As a firefighter who deals with horrific accidents on a regular basis I must urge everyone to wear your goddamn seatbelts. Please. I am the one that has to scrape your ejected mangled splattered body off the pavement after you’re dead.

Plofkipje Remasterd : Didn't expect that huh 0:07

Addison Lowder : Omg so I didn’t see the whole title and I pressed the vid and the part were the car backed up and hit the other car I said WTF DUDE and I saw the title and it said that will make you say WTF 🤣

Ramez Charaabi : 2:14 $uicideBoy$??

Kickz : 0:11 i died when he siad cyka blyat

FB1 Response Videos : 1:25 that’s what he gets for tailgating

WOT НАРЕЗКИ : 1:05 обычный день россиянина