Hurtin for a squirtin? | The 40 Year Old Virgin

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Recommend : Worked in a store like that once. The boredom till noon is for real. People come up with pranks all the time.

celene leni cervantes : bitch is running wild! Lmfao

Sheisty : I would love to shop at smart tech

daniel : 1:00 the best part

Gino Sanchez : "Hey, hey, hey ... hey Bitch is running wild man"

Rey A. : Ant-Man is having a meltdown.

thndrct218 : You know deep down Jay was dying laughing inside

Daniel Lee : I've never been to a movie theater where a crowd went so wild! You could barely hear some part people were laughing so hard

Spence Wedum : I'm just looking for a cordless phone 😆😆😆

Roger Bharath : know what ah sayin'?

Eric : Antman sure came along way lol

Yash Yash : Paul rudd and Steve Carell are American treasures...

joe pep : "...He's preforming a public colonoscopy...isn't that sweet...." Lol!!!

Josh Berry : Andy is a bro

passionforsports : "You should keep your hoe on a leash"..... lmao

Vesting Knight10 : Andy is the bro we all deserve...

Increased Standards : "That's how you talk?" Lmfaooooo

Shonto Silversmith : The way he says "for sho" literally kills me

Seth Lopez : "That's how you talk?"

analogfog : lmao i love Jay' s reaction everytime his girlfriend reads one of the quotes. his face is like " o shit I can't believe I said that. I hope Andy knows how to respond to this!"

Coleco 84 : Andy "acting black" is hilarious

Bmw Jesus : Bitch is running wild 😂😂😂

C Carr : She hurtin' for a squirtin' ✌👍

JaySees TheOne : Fun Fact: the black chick was also the crackhead in Friday After Next who was stealing clothes from Money Mikes Store.

inutero10 : The transgender Danny Glover.

blue lou boyle : the chick was the store clerk in superbad when mclovin gets punched. I HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW.

Liquid Knives : Public colonoscopy.....

420GreyWorm2187 : Stop with the ant man comments you little nerds

PpSquared Production : This scene got me crying, LMMFAO

Graeme Paul Masson : love this film

Deonte Garnes : Hurtin for a squirtin

Jasmin Lane : Bitch is running wild 😂😂😂😂😂😂 omfg lol

Chthonian121 : Andy is such a bro holly shit where can I find me one of them homies LOL

dub2459 : Its like the South Park of customer service

Davy Davy : Hahahahahahahahaha these mfs

Master Roshi : Ho Fosho

Lazy$ince92VEVO : This is one of my favorite movies 😂😂too damn funny

Jakson : i forgot how good this movie is

ANTIHERO REDEMTION : lmao!!! hurtin for a squittin xD i cant

MendozaRed : Boom Roasted! -Michael Scott


George Ybarra : Hurt in for a squirtin

TheMANshow1000 : One of the most iconic scenes in movie history

bodhisattva99 : 1:10 Jay... :)

God 74 : She is so fine

Emperor of Mankind : Bitch is running wild man

kreemkrackered : Coolest boss ever

valar : Argh you cut it off right before the Michael MacDonald concert comes back on!

Dillon : Michael G. Scott just said he doesn't know anything about sales.

syvallia24 : Bro code 😎