Larry David: Ass man?

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Kaiben Music : hahaa 3:26 'What you been doin, scroungin' around lookin for asses?'

borg718 : "I'm not a deviant" "You got nothing on me!"

viseberg : "But I'm not the ass man." "Well, according to the state of New York, you are."

Roberto Facchini : "Nothing's unfolding!"

odeerg : Most of the time I feel sorry for Larry on the show because he lives in a world of assholes. He just is always completely honest and says things to be nice or funny and chummy and people read into things that aren't there and he didn't mean and blow things out of proportion and he gets in trouble all the time for nothing.

Robert Tauzer : "Nothing's kinky! Nothing's unfolding!"

FilthyManatee : I didn't even know an "ass fetish" is possible. It's called being a heterosexual man.

Mister Sarajevo : I definitely have an ass fetish. Not ashamed... lol

squirlamania : It’s strange to see how the general view on big asses has changed in the last 10 years LOL

uptempo : HAHAHA the way he runs up the stairs like a little kid when Wanda shows up. Too funny

raiden derp : "scrounging around looking for asses" lol

Wanjiru Njuguna : "I was being chummy" ... LMAO!!

Matt Skylar : I'm not a deviant. Classic line as with practically everything Larry said in the series.

unionmade82 : This is likely funniest curb episode. Only Larry David would be ashamed of being labelled an ass man.

EJ : It's women who are obsessed with their own asses.

Joel Wexler : This scene is in the top ten, maybe better, of all time. So I proclaim.

bh617 : The best is the way Larry says "perhaps not"

sainters7 : I love how defeated he walks up the stairs at the end, mumbling to himself.

Voycodin : I'll be the first to admit that I'm THE ass man. Cannot even lie.

Cliff DaRiff : "I don't mind big asses"

Dan Valmont : I love her laugh at 1:19 haha 

Laura Minet : "scrounging around, looking for asses" killed me XD

Max M : Real life Larry David got divorced from his wife while this show was in its prime. I wonder if it had anything to do with the way Cheryl's character was written :P

George Washington : " not so.."

YouZettaSonsOfDigits : Larry David....... likes big butts and he can not lie  his other brothers can't deny That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist And a round thing in his face  he gets sprung lol

Rachel W : Scrounging around lookin for asses! 🤣 makes me lol every time

Vincent Williams : 2:17 was epic. He starts running up the stairs.

Tango Bango : I kinda like “I’d know that tush anywhere.” Poor Larry is so misunderstood. HeHe!

Bruno Jimmy : now big asses are the norm. strange

Husam Sibai : Typical discussion with your woman. it only gets from bad to worse! sucks you in like quick sand

Magg78 : Yet another discussion with women you can’t win 😆

Dave S : Scrounging around lookin for asses 😂😂

N Corp : Wanda is hilarious😂

TheLotharx : "Dr. Cosmo Kramer - proctology."

Eve Shinkai : Cheryl is the perfect partner for Larry. Not too delicate, romantic, rational, or smart, but gives a great sense of domesticity to Larry. All the daily quarrels that don't lead to "social awkwardness" like it is in the outside world, all the "annoying" questions that are kind of smothering but show partner cares as well. Sometimes you like the feeling of being defeated by someone that loves you.

Bianco : Can I get an Amen for all the guys out there who have been through a trap of a conversation like this

TruthNAction : ...all under bleachers lookin' for asses...

I Play One On T.V. : Somehow I think "Kramer" should've been in that scene.

Fayza : "I didn't say deviant".... she likes it, lol

Paul Borst : Don't be asshamed.

Matty JBarney : Hahaha! Poor Larry.

Brian Cyrus : Lol. Larry David's a G

Tre' Jones : "Y'know, a woman's ass is very personal." 😆 I'm remembering that one. Downloading it and storing it in my memory.

jaybone23 : This was from 2001 (Can you imagine?  14 years ago?) and this episode nearly killed me from laughter.  It didn't help that I was still smoking pot back then.  Everything was hilarious!

Ron Burgundy : I saw this clip before I watched the show and thought it was hilarious. After seeing this episode and hearing the conversation Larry has with Jeff in a previous scene, it makes this scene 1000 times funnier.

Elrawd : he likes big butts and he can not lie

johnyjohnson : Season 2 episode 2 "Thor"

70sFan : super funny! does anyone know what season this is from?

dmacdm88 : And what is that shit all over you? What you been scroungin around lookin for asses?!?! Haha shit had me rollin!