"Weird Al" Yankovic - The Eminem Interview
IF There is Anyone who Could Cut Down Marshal Mathers its AL Weird Al Yankovic The Eminem Interview

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"Weird Al" Yankovic "interviews" Eminem in this AL-TV clip from 2003.


So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says, : this is pre-internet internet

Christopher Freeze : It IS a simple formula: V=1/4(15+7sqrt5)a^3

Parker Pshebnisky : Too bad al doesn't do the fake interviews anymore!

Theovanua : You knome saiyan

internet trash : Let this sink in... People actually think this is a real interview. Just let that sink in to your mind

SpookyGhost89 : Man both Al and Eminem have changed a lot Ya know what I'm sayin?

Chris Kogos : gnome insane

smill pupstick : A triple negative is the same as a single negative.

TheMoron NextDoor : It took me EIGHT FREAKING MINUTES to realize this isn't a real interview! And I was like how the f*ck did Slim Shady ever agree to play along with this?! You win again, Al!

Ben Porkiner : “Weird Al” is the only person on Earth who could write a diss track on Eminem and win.

roggeralves94 : "I see your talent as kind of a little acorn seed. And when that acorn seed is planted, and watered, and nurtured, and allowed to grow... Do you know what it eventually becomes?" "F***ing tree" LMFAO

Chameleon : Does Al age?

Private Teletubbies : *I just want you to answer me one simple question.* *What is the mathematical formula used to determine the area inside a pentadodecahedron?*

Roy Batty : Dude that pic of him as a hardcore Alf fan had me dying.....

Digital Jedi: Circus Baby : "I could only change the lyrics i couldn't change the music too".

Donovan Redd : He thinks you are a very excellent rapper... For him to poop on

Rose Weldon : 22 times. He said “you know what I'm sayin'” 22 times at the beginning.

Cowardkiller : This is great I mean come on it's the world best rapper... Interviewing Eminem

VulcanMushroom : "Yeah he's cute, but isn't he married though?"

ihurricane7 : Was this an inspiration for the episode in South Park where butters becomes a pimp and keeps saying "Do you know what im saying?"

autopsy_12 : "Are you hitting on me?" "Yeah." That was so funny for some reason lol

ThePi314Man : He got a lot more articulate in interviews after he sobered up. Yeet.

Feel like a sir : You know what it eventually becomes? FUCKIN' TREE Yeaaaaah. My favorite part.

yo do I gotta call tiesto : "was your macrame class that night?" "yeh"

GamerStuff : It's disappointing to see how many people actually think this is real...

Lets Talk About This : "Dont be count'n my knowwhatimsayin's " -J ROC

The#1ZeldaFan : Relax, guy! I like gay men! Right Ken? Gimme an amen "A mannnnn"

Arson : Eminem was hella jealous when Al's song was playing

J Ay : This is great! *Y O U K N O W W H A T I ' M S A Y I N G?*

dread skeleton : "He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life." - Homer

Meta Ray : I wish I knew who the production designer on these interviews were. They did a beautiful job.

trix4free : I saw Al live a few years ago, if you've never been to a show of his please do yourself a favor and go.... hes amazing live. An amazing showman.

Hack Sign : Eminem pays homage to Weird Al in his single 'Killshot'. He ends the single with the same line that Weird Al ends the interview with, 'and I'm just playing. You know I love you."

Sirus Blank : You know, I'm Saiyan.

Ryan Hendrickson : “Bluelight Special at K-Mart.”

11RandomVideos11 : Wow! Another triple negative!

Jani Ukkonen : I can't remember the last time I've laughed this hard.

Real Comment : How nobody isn't commenting any meme with "you know what I'm saying" part ? 😂

Jonathan Schaffer : “It’s repetitive and it gets on my nerves” “Give me a break. I could only change the words. I couldn’t change the music” *Critical hit*

J.R. Caldoon : That shirt is GLORIOUS, and the interview was pretty dang good, too, man. Thanks for doing all the funny stuff you do -- You've deeply inspired my own humor (along with Douglas Adams) and I will be eternally grateful for that!

Without Laughter life Is Boring : I remember watching AL tv when it first came on MTV. He always had me laughing. Al is a treasure.

CAP3 PRXDUCTIXNS : This man known about the 10 minute mark before 2017.

Sergenius : 9:04 ...and a new gender was born way before all those genders we have nowadays

Patrick McCutcheon : You taking a know what I'm census?

MOOSON Animate : “Afraid that a sock puppet was gonna kick your butt?” Best quote of the century

Futurama pop : Al was before his time!

JesseRoxII : I think Weird Al was the inspiration for YouTube Poop videos. Taking clips from videos and rearranging them into something funnier; that's pretty much what YouTube Poop is all about, you know what I'm sayin'?

Red LoPresti : 9:51 Al making fun of killshot 8 years before it came out.

Christian keena : Muchdank before he was Muchdank