"Weird Al" Yankovic - The Eminem Interview

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Theovanua : You knome saiyan

JesseRoxII : I think Weird Al was the inspiration for YouTube Poop videos. Taking clips from videos and rearranging them into something funnier; that's pretty much what YouTube Poop is all about, you know what I'm sayin'?

Sirus Blenke : You know, I'm Saiyan.

So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says, : this is pre-internet internet

Saxa : "The whole gender of rap" I didn't know Eminem was an sjw!

Wade Wilson : Does Al age?

Didka : Well triple negative equals a negative soo.....

Devil's Orchard : Al: That's good....but I'm not gay... Eminem: I don't believe that...

MorganBrenner : "autistic expression"

1ranjeeves21 : Darn those triple negatives. I do love Eminem's gender of music though.

Shy Soul : The moment you realise WEIRD AL is the only one who dissd eminem and eminem didnt hit him back

Sol : Weird Al, you have been, and always will be, my American Pie. I mean, my Anakin Guy.

GamerStuff : It's disappointing to see how many people actually think this is real...

Aidan Peterson : "Brad Pitt" "Isnt he married?" Not anymore

Coulson Crawford : "We'll get some decent lookin" dudes, and we'll-" "NO MARSHALL, I told you I'm not into that!"

Fat Guy Politics : lol, eminem didn't come out on Dave Skylark, he came out in his interview with Weird Al.

Random Metalhead : I'm 1:10 into the video and I'm already laughing like an idiot...

Kasufert : V=0.25(15+7sqrt5)(a^3)

JookaBits : The question is, do you know what he is sayin'?

Nelroy : Some of the dumbest people on earth have commented on this video. Amazing.

Gyroscope : You know what I'm saying?

Elizabeth Hornigold : "I felt like killing her before" "Well obviously, we all have" lmfao

Honedge Knight Music : Good Lord, Al is just *savage*

666metalsucks666 : Weird al has always made me smile when I'm down. I've always looked up to him for being brave enough to make light of anything, no matter how much anyone tries to intimidate him or put him down, he never gives up. That's an admirable quality in, not just an artist, but a person as well. He's also the most kick-ass polka musician I've ever heard. He's the full package and any woman would be lucky to have him. Girls like a guy with a sense of humor, but more important than that, a guy that can cheer her up and make her smile, even when he's screaming in agony on the inside. Don't ever change al. In my eyes, you're perfect just the way you are. <3

Scar : weird al the savage

uhetsberger : I sexually identify as rap and I am offended by this interview.

Max Pankau : This is 100% real. Al never intended on giving Eminem the Twinkie Wiener Sandwich. It's evident by his trick question, "What is mathematical the formula used to determine the area inside a penta dodecahedron?". The inside of a penta dodecahedron is measured in volume, not area, since it has three dimensions. Al himself would of course know this because he was an architecture major, but Marshall was set up for failure from the get go.

roggeralves94 : "I see your talent as kind of a little acorn seed. And when that acorn seed is planted, and watered, and nurtured, and allowed to grow... Do you know what it eventually becomes?" "F***ing tree" LMFAO

Sweet Bro Hella Jeff : I ship Marshal and Al so much

DOOM OCTOPUS : Eminem really knows how to parody himself

Navesblue : Quick! Marshal! Now's your chance! Run to Brad! Run to him now!

Christian Augustin : Oh Game Grumps.... You guys are awesome.

SiegeTurtleZ : Best interview he had by far I think, you know what I'm sayin'?

Ronnie James Osbourne : *I didn't know Marshall's a southpaw ;)*

itsaguinness : Btw Brad Pitt is available now mr. Mathers

mrm64 : Shadaap!! Shadaaaaaaaaap!!! xDD

Dennis Thompson : Weird Al's version is a billion times better! XD Eminem is a clown!

Pitschi Pitschi Popo : Why is Bruce Cambell interviewing Eminem.

Dillon 49 Drinks Lahey : Lol j-roc was based off eminem

Matt Horakova : plastic lawn dart, heh. gonna have to explain that one to the kids

Rokon : Weird Al needs a movie, like, something really, really awesome D:

Scrooge McFukBoi : I don't believe nobody cannot swear.

Tasnim Mohd Hanafiah : "i knew you'd make it, i knew you'd make it"

WanagiAkicita : That's some funny shit, man. You're a funny dude. You oughta be a comedian.

T.R.S. : Well get some decent looking dudes

thedoanzone : I kept choking on my pizza. You know what I'm sayin?

daniel smith : well, since Brangelina ended, will we see bremimen?

PreyForForgiveness : supposedly Eminem was upset about this 'parody' interview

boognish.savior : 5:34 Al looks like he's the shit.

Preston Lockhart : I always thought Eminem was M&M