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LeahMZ : i don't know if you need to bleach the masses ^^ lol but your video has a GREAT POINT. I completely agree.

stopglobalswarming : A glimpse of heaven before you see the real thing.

TurquoiseTantrum : LMFAO

zeitgeist3 : blame it on the insanity of white girls while white men are mostly disgusted by dark skin, they're mesmerized by men of black and brown skin and i see more and more of these abhorrent couples walking the streets nowadays

Lisa LaRochelle : thank god some people understand the signifigance of the color of my skin! if there were more european or russian immigrants than central or south american, i'd feel a lot more comfortable. we must preserve the whiteness of this country!

Jeremy Parker : Great Work Brother! Very nice video!

Gigius Fourtytwo : its really funny you know? Hahaha you white folks out there talking about race preservation and how "pure" white babies are as if they are like gods or something. It kind of sounds like saving an endangered species hahhaha. Like animals.

KaMiKaZe : I don't want all of them to be white.. I wouldn't care if there would be 25% whites 25% blacks 25% asians 25% others as long as we stick to our race. The white genes are not dominant, so if the interracial marriages keep going on sooner or later we will be talking about white extinction for real.

KaMiKaZe : Like I said .. I have nothing against the other races. I'm talking about the future, a future that might not include the white race. I know most of the people will tell me that there is only one race(humans), but lets face it .. we are different.

KaMiKaZe : Its not just the USA, but Europe also. And what's racist about this video? It is not a white supremacy thing, it is a fact! If white(especially white women) don't stop breeding outside their race, this race is gonna DIE(for real)! The fact is this: even tho a person that is half white and half white it is called mulatto, most of the people think of them as "black people". Anyway, I'm just concerned about the fate of the white race. I just don't feel like the white race should go extinct

KaMiKaZe : If there would be a video about black babies, I bet you would all be like "Awwwwwwww, God bless the black race!". But when it's about white race, who gives a damn crap. I'm sick and tired of this shit. I don't care what you think of me; you might as well consider me racist, but I love my RACE and I love the WHITE chicks(as a matter of fact my interest in black race is equal to 0) and I can't stand the idea of white extinction. As I said, I don't care if you consider me a racist... WHITE PRIDE!!

Gigius Fourtytwo : hmm so what your saying is white should not be a minority in their own country but if its other non white races like the blacks and asians who are the minority in their own country it doesn't matter right? I am so glad to see supremacist like you going extinct.

WiiiRRRttyy : GREAT video!!

KaMiKaZe : Africa - for africans, Asia - for asians, White countries - for everyone. It would go like this .. USA&Canada - full of mixed people; Europe - full of mixed people; Australia - full of mixed( full of mixed); Africa - still 95 - 97% black; Asia - still 95 - 97 asians.I don't want to sound that racist..but its just something that bothers me: Why all the minorities go for USA(Canada)&Europe? As far as I'm concerned Japan/Korea/Middle East is a far better place to live in.

Bob Boon : Lmao, look at these overgrown mutant white maggots. Every single one of these ugly little vermin should be thrown into a pit of fire.

KaMiKaZe : So how about Europe? London for example .. in London the white population is already a minority. I bet there is no place in Africa where the whites represent the majority. How is that fair?

NotAGurlieGrl : If one person is attracted to another person,then let them make babies! Don't you think it could be switched around? If a black woman procreates w/ a white man then sooner or later the black race could "die". Or a hispanic w/ a black person or an asian w/ a white person or an Indian w/ an African. It can go on & on. Any race can be "extinct" if they're mixing but then you could be making a better human with the combo of attributes & characteristics that could benefit the child in the long run.

NotAGurlieGrl : Like I said, that could be said about any race because of mixing. But again, the mixed races could be more beneficial for the kids in the future. It's a changing world. And I seriously doubt that any one race will go extinct within our lifetime or the next few lifetimes. I'm sure any race will not let that happen which I think is good. It's good to be prideful and wanting your race to live on so I wouldn't think that would be anything to worry about.

NotAGurlieGrl : Sorry but you could never say that the US is a "white country". If you remember your history correctly, It was inhabited by native people of non-white descent before Europeans came over. And if you think about it, the immigrants from Europe are the ones who started the mixed race. They're the ones who brought over Africans. They were the ones who began procreating with natives & slaves. The US has always been mixed with something.

NotAGurlieGrl : London is just a part of England. The urban areas do have a lower percentage of white people living there but the rural areas of the rest of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland are over 90%. I think that's more of people moving out of the London area since it's so crowded and crime, etc, not because of extinction. And think about it, whites are majority in many of the continents. Do you want all of them to be white? That doesn't make any sense.

NotAGurlieGrl : We are different and those differences should be embraced, not rebuked. It's fine if you want each race to stick to their own. I personally don't care. Whites can be with whites, blacks with blacks, asians with asians or they can mix. Doesn't bother me. If anything, the white race might decrease in majority in some continents like the US, but it wouldn't go "extinct". There's always fluctuation as time progresses.

NotAGurlieGrl : How bleaching skin be any different? Their genetic makeup would still be the same, they'd produce the same type of babies, they'd have the same physical characteristics of their race. So the only thing that would solve (which is completely idiotic) is not having to SEE different skin colors which seems to be the main factor in racism. And I'm not saying that it's whites vs. blacks. It's something that happens in every culture/race and that is a BIG issue in my book.

GoGlowy : Countries that they founded? You mean in lands that they stole, after brutalizing and decieving the native population, dont you?

NotAGurlieGrl : If it were a video about any race saying that they need to get rid of another race or that they're inferior, etcI'd say the exact same thing.It's good to be prideful of your race but it's another thing to be disrespecting of others.Every race does it which is stupid.About 15-20% of whites are in the WORLD 50% in US.Continents like S. America,Africa,& Asia are big so there would be more of that race plus yearly births/lifestyle/life expectancy.In the US,caucasians are just populating less lately

KaMiKaZe : White maggots? What.. are you going to assume now that black babies are cuter? Keep dreaming chocolate-boy...

NotAGurlieGrl : Cute babies...but I think it's a little insensitive and can be construed as racist.

NotAGurlieGrl : According to the 2011 census, Britain is almost 82% white (the average based on the whole country's population). It's rural areas are 90% and higher. Ireland, Scotland, Wales all over 90% so I don't see any extinction going on there at least.

NotAGurlieGrl : And think about it, whites are majority in many continents and the areas where they aren't, there's still a good amount especially if it's not a "white country" as you call it. South Africa has a lot of white people, Canada/Europe/US/Russia/Australia/Antarctica are predominantly white ranging between 70 to 90+% and those are big continents.Do you want all of them to be white? That doesn't make any sense.White people are everywhere. So are blacks, hispanics, asians, indians, etc. Just accept it.