Update in Custody Battle #savejesus #justiceforjesus

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Ya Boi Cam : *PewDiePie Entered the chat* Hopefully *Mr.Beast joins the chat*

Corrupted : This is the first thing of 2019 that WON'T be in YouTube rewind, even though it should be 👏🏻👏🏻

RedVexeD : I can SEE the stress in your eyes; we're with you, keep going, you're right on the brink. The community is pulling for you AND your beautiful babies. When you walk through the world towards love and light, you'll always find the way through to the other side. Don't worry about being vague, its enough you were able/willing to update and share. You've brought considerable light and joy to the world through your videos and services, enriching many people's days. You're almost breaking the 1million mile marker here on YouTube - that's a LOT of hearts and souls touched. No matter what you're going through, or where you came from, when you put that much light out into the world by intent it WILL come back to you. Energy is cyclical, after all! We love you, here's hoping the court system plays through fairly and that the best possible outcome for all involved (especially your children) is reached. <3 <3


TheCoreOfFire : Everything has gone full circle. Jesus sacrificed his life for us. We sacrifice for his kids.

LaffenGas - Fortnite : You know it's good news when Jesus is back in his holy robes 🙏

Wywystud : Guys I’m genuinely proud of our community here. We meme and joke a lot and even have a reputation of being toxic for some reason, but we worked together for a common goal and that goal was important and meaningful. Everyone I’m so proud!

NunoLava1998 : This is a really sad situation but i legitimately laughed when you were so serious and then suddenly switched to C E S L E T T E R


Zoe the gamer gurl : Not Christian, but Jesus you have my full support. I hope you win the case and gain custody of your kids. We've got your back!!

kremit the frog : I’m so glad you’re better now, I really wanted to donate but couldn’t

animuu : The thumbnails between the last video and this one makes me happy.

Crusader - : I fought to get the holy land back, now I fight to get the children back for you, my lord Jesus Christ. DEUS VULT

10,000 Subs with no videos EVER - Tyrone : "Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy."

Fluffy Marshmallow Lyrics : dang his hair is more luscious and flowy than mine. what shampoo do you use?

♥ Luz ASMR ♥ : _he sacrificed himself for us, now it’s our turn, gamers rise up_

Sub 2 Pewds : We’re rooting for ya mate! 👍

IBXander : I know there can be an argument to made if Jesus was real or not. But this is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to the real life Jesus. Someone so down to earth and on par with some of the greatest names in existence, I genuinely wouldn’t mind following anything this guy does lol.

Jan Rand Jandusay : He protec He attac But most importantly The bible got his bac

Max Recknagel : You gonna need the real Jesus to get your kids back

kremit the frog : I already knew the American Justice System was flawed, but if you don’t win I will forever lose faith in it

Tannar Stewart : Youtube continues its traditions, the corporate takeover can't break this communitys spirit jesus u deserve the support and love live on strong

Reece Crow : He Protecc He atacc But most importantly, he get his children bacc

How Many Subs With No Videos?! : Jesus Christ...

William McKay : Love you man good luck and I hope all goes well

BROSKY DOODLE : Sometimes we need Jesus, but now Jesus needs us

Sednadacat ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : i hope this brings attention to how incredibly sexist family courts are, almost always siding with the woman because they are seen as 'mothers' even if they are not psychologically sound. this is a huge issue many men's rights activists try to talk about but are always blocked by ignorant people who think men can't be mistreated too.

LuckyRabbit21 : We will RIOT if you don’t win custody we will RIOT!

Fabuloso : He sounds like castiel

ジェナアムラアJenna Irmler : I hope the children stay with you, and never see your ex again.

♥ Luz ASMR ♥ : *Jesus saved us once* *Now it’s our time to save him*

Cheetah Racer10 : What kind of crappy person would dislike this.

Why are u running : I hope you win the case! Does anyone know how much has been raised so far?

Trust Me I'm A Stomach : 1:15 deadass thought he was going to bring out the bible lol

Pocket Island : Glad to see you feeling better! I hope if there's a new goal, you'll reach it.

James Greenwood : He protecc He attacc But most importantly... Jesus will get his kids bacc Edit: I didn't expect my comment to blow up but thanks for the likes. I feel this video really shows the true side of YouTube, not the clickbait and pandering content rather the community pulling together for the greater good - the stuff that should be in YouTube rewind. So from one random user on the internet to another a tip of the hat to everyone who has supported Jesus.

TomaCukor : No marrige, no problem. Outdated, backwards concept. Sure gives a lot of lawyers a living though.

Kyzer Weber : I can't wait for the day this comes out as a pychological experiment and this guy returns all the money he's raking in.

Mike Yates : Good luck Jesus, always remember that we will help, btw despacito.

foxymittens : good luck jesus, the nine year olds are rooting for you.

Dino The TRex : Nobody should go through these situations. Thank you Jesus, for creating amazing videos and remember... we will always support you

PsyFY : I’m really confused how don’t we know maybe the ex girlfriend deserves custody?!

DᴜKᴇ Aʟɪ : Jesuss sometimes*STRESS* is way more dangerous than heart attack or some other terrifying sicknesses and if u don't stop thinking about what will happen at the court or what will judge order soon u gotta fight with depression and taking a lot of MEDS! so try to be Chill Though i know u can't cuz ur under a lot of life pressure and i wanna assure u that u r not Alone But sometimes u just have to *LET IT GO* I tried a lot so respect to the experience,this not mean that u have to stop so KEEP IT UP buddy🤞💪

Beep the Sheep : I wish you the best luck ❤️

THISISANINCREDIBLYLONGNAMEHELLYEAH oh ok then : he protecc he attacc but most importantly he get them kids bacc

Zanken : Let's save Jesus everyone

Kungini K : You need a job Jesus. Your kids should not depend of donations. Is time to quit the bs and do something. Besides beggin.

Jacob Garaycochea : CES LETTER GANG

MR KILLER YT : Keep battling! We all have hope in you! Good luck, man.

Braeson Pruitt : HE PROTECC HE ATACC but most importantly.... HE WANT HIS KIDS BACK