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I only uploaded this for a Steam achievement okthanks


Wolfy Skye : well my teacher showed this to us

Fire Thief : "My name Jeff" *runs away*

hannah : bruh I thought it was San Francisco too

Robel Tedros : So much Jeff! LMFAO. 🤣🤣🤣

Kirk Barnett : That’s funniest thing, I’ve ever seen. Hats off to whoever made this.

Rob Vincent : Way to steal a video.

Hoshi Studios : I don't wanna ruin the 666 likes

JustJeff : My name is....JEFF

4058941 : featured in top 10 videos of the day on

Jason Smith : It works better if you know a jeopardy fan named Jeff! Don’t ask why just trust me

prosthesis_ : @Gr18Vidz14Kidz you're getting ripped off

Paladinfox : What achievement did you get from this?

chrisSP124 : @clownperino: what steam achievement could you win by that?! plz help me out, im lost!

Mitch Peters : How did it take me over 2 years to discover this?

Captain_Potato : I thought Jeff will win but Jeff won first

Christian Dixon : I wanted to see the Daily Double!!!

Merc : this video is a repost

Alcer The Demon : Jeff

Connor Andresen : jeff

Owen Dumas : What is sanfrancisco

Senaa Hasan : I would’ve tried Jeff for 800 , I think Jeff would’ve won it even easier if she just picked Jeff for 800 . Typical Jeff... I thought san fransisco too , so Jeff doesn’t have to be alone , Jeff had a really short amount of screen time! I would’ve also picked Jeff for 1000 though . I really did think that Jeff won and I knew Jeff didn’t show up that much and Jeff picked 200. Then I realised Jeff actually won , silly me , how could I think Jeff won? Welp I kind of knew Jeff wouldn’t beat Jeff , poor Jeff though ! Bye Jeff!

The Game Train : Repost

D MV : How is a girl named Jeff?

Tribenix : The people who dislike this video can kill themselves.

Uriel Cenicerod : jeeeeeeeeeeeeeffffffffffffff

preaktheprank : Jeff

Make Me : ffej


meteor smash : my name Jeff

red driss Larbi : Hhhhhhhhhhhhh

Rocky Rocks : Can you please make the Final Jeffpardy

Roy Strattman : How is this funny? What a boring waste of time