Richest Fictional Characters in the World

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Richest Fictional Characters in the World Source: SL Made - Top 10 Richest Characters in the World (in a Bad way) #IchigoKurosakiTimeline Enjoy!


Rule Follower : You have to watch all these videos in x2 to be bearable

F R : Next do SLOWEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. This video must be within the immeasurable range.

Abel Raju : watching this in 2x speed is still slow

Potato : Even A *Duck* Is Richer Than Me....

Janrei Africa : Mom has a 15.7 Billion dollars... But not _My mom_

Archanist : Even the poorest character in this video has more money than all of the viewer's money combined

Tobi man : Scrooge mcduck has way more in the comics he has more than a trillion

this is my last name change for 3 months : Why is this video 6 minutes long. It can at least be 1 minute.

Vast Blu : Put the speed 2x

Rock564 : Big smoke is the Richest

The Memester Gangster : What about Minecraft Steve? He has his own diamond mine, gold mine, iron mine, coal mine, logging plantation, melon plantation, pumpkin farm, wheat field, potato patch, carrot patch, and more.

The ultimate Hulkabhi : Where is bulma from dbs?

Mythic Bricks : Emperor Palpatine *OWNS THE GALAXY*

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx : Thor should be on the list He is the king of Asgard and his family owns couple of realms! Infact he is probably richer than vandal savage His weapon Stormbreaker could probably worth $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (quintillion) as its made out of Uru which is rare and extreme

Dragon and a boot : You forgot about Dr. Briefs and Hercule Satan from Dragonball. Both are very wealthy in their own respect.

AC Blitz : U can skip between each gap FOR TEN SECONDS EACH THIs VID COuLD BE ONE MINUTE

Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus : The richest is Doremon. He has a bottomless pocket

noah loftin : I thought Scrooge McDuck was richer than smaug

Dylan Carroll : I thought Black Panther was estimated to have 500 trillion dollars.

Rona Mabini : Damn even a dragon is richer than me

Happy Guy : Mr. Krabs, Seto Kaiba, Bluma, Thor,... So may characters that i would make the list.

De'Drick Williams : Richest characters, a dragon is on the list, EXPLAIN!

EdgyLegendLife : That thumbnail Batman is Bruce Wayne? Damn spoilers

J3Dtechgamerz [GD] and many more! //J3D : Where is Mr krabs?? He has a lot of diamonds in his vault in his house. He also has a restaurant that makes him too much money

Hadi Suryatantra : Really smaug only 133 billion , he has 1 mountain with full gold and diamond inside with the arkenstone

DaIndian Legend : That's not true! Richie Rich's net worth is like 100s of trillions!!

Spookyfilms ! : Put it to 2x speed Your welcome Or just skip 10 seconds do you don’t have to wait so long

bob bobberson : Okay where is lil Tay? Lil Tay isn't real don't scare the children

mwoannetje : Smaug is a lot richer, he has obviously not seen the hobbit. Smaug bathes in diamonds and gold.

U D : What the hell does Smaug need money for he’s a dragon. I’m sure anything he wanted that cost money he could get just by intimidation.

Androx : *Wow Vandal has a Savage amount of money*

hasibb hridoyy : fact: vandal Savage is dc character.... ultimately dc is rich in comics and character....hmm..but only lags behind in movies category.

Krist Xie : So black panther is the richest,since vandal savage is immeasurable. Which means he has unlimited money. Logically,black panther is the richest.

Don't Sub to me : Mr.Krabs would like to know your location


Blue Shirt Kid : Background Music is very Satisfying 😊😊

Dinistro : So where is Mr. Krabs?

U D : That Atlantan guy from Spongebob had rooms full of cash and gold I think he deserves a spot

Amir Walker : Bruh even with 2.0x speed this video hella slow

Sam McEvoy : I'm pretty sure you copied this from SL made

Lord Magma : Was ist mit dem Imperator von Star Wars Er kann über das ganze Geld der Republik verfügen

Cold : 2x speed and still slow...

Lam Ta : Wtf x2 speed still slow af

nevermind : Vandal savage He is savage

CardAce • Infinate : Can you make this faster? I'm already using 2x speed and it's still slow

Ian Genuine : Wait what why is vandel savage immeasurable

Kefla L : Mr krab

Labber777 : What about thanos reality can be whatever he wants

im from the future : *Black panther owning 60 trillion is too much* Makes it less interesting