Richest Fictional Characters in the World

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Justin Myers Butler : Black Panther: Now that all the Vibranium has become inert I need to find a way to keep us well funded until I can fix this mess. Vandal Savage: I can help you. Black Panther: How, you do realize that we are the wealthiest country in the entire... Vandal: SECOND wealthiest, here Vandal drops a almost endless amounts of creates each having 100 Trillion Dollars inside. Black Panther: How, How, How, How, How Vandal: Don’t ask questions just accept this as a gift I do want something in return however. Black Panther: What? Vandal: The Infinity Stone you have.

Janrei Africa : Mom has a 15.7 Billion dollars... But not _My mom_

Eren yt : Mr krab

F R : Next do SLOWEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. This video must be within the immeasurable range.

Rule Follower : You have to watch all these videos in x2 to be bearable

Max Sperling : I guess you forget one: Thor. He is probably the richest character. His family owns several dimensions, including materials, buildings and land.

noah loftin : I thought Scrooge McDuck was richer than smaug

Warlock Studios : I don't want to sound like one of those people who are like well at this time this person is like 16.2 billion dollars or anything but I do find it important to point out that Scrooge Mcduck is meant and is the wealthest character is fiction.

Christian Rothwangl : Boy , scrooge mc duck has so much money that the had to invent a new number in order to desribe how much money he has..

Real Static : Put the speed 2x

Tobi man : Scrooge mcduck has way more in the comics he has more than a trillion

ZeedBlitz : I think that another one with immeasurable wealth could be Palpatine

Iron Raccoon : In the ducktales 2017 show, scrooge said he is a multi trillionaire

John Wich : Where is Mr. Hercule from dragon ball?

Sacky Chin : I didn’t know your mom was so rich

william sandberg : You forgot one who's been on screen for almost 30 years and who's over a thousand years old... Mr. Montgomery Burns, from The Simpsons

Randomstuff215 : Why is this video 6 minutes long. It can at least be 1 minute.

Sonic Master : Scrooge is a trillionare

Alexandrei Van Villanueva : These are the buyers at jurassic world fallen kingdom

Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus : The richest is Doremon. He has a bottomless pocket

HORRIOR : Scrooge has far more money than that.

Mr. Bird : You forgot seto kaiba

im from the future : *Black panther owning 60 trillion is too much* Makes it less interesting

LJSupe : Even fictional characters are richer then me

The Memester Gangster : What about Minecraft Steve? He has his own diamond mine, gold mine, iron mine, coal mine, logging plantation, melon plantation, pumpkin farm, wheat field, potato patch, carrot patch, and more.

Abel Raju : watching this in 2x speed is still slow

Mohd Bakhtiar : Where's James Halliday from Ready Player One?

ERROR : No basis whatsoever .. Total BS ~ 😎😎😎

yashwin raj : Thor is the richest character because his home Asgard is made of gold.

Ken Kaneki : Hmm Good but... The Feeling that a duck is waay richer than you will ever be😭😭 Its Hell!!!

Jacobo Rojas : Where is Peter Parker?

Appolocal - Roblox : Don't you guys think? Where do this guy gain the information from? This guy could possibly just make random amounts of money.

Louis Constantine : Larfleeze the Orange Lantern is the the universe

Mr. Ba1d1 : Well the richest one is me For getting likes

Naaman Montague : Ras a ghul from Batman should be on this list so should mister burns and cobra commander...

Googl E : The third richest is mansa musa worth of 400 billion btw he’s in real life that’s why he’s not on the list

raffelon : Where are all the Anime school girls, that seem to own the entire world? (Sanzenin Nagi ect.)

igig Jdbs : Here comes the money

Ichigo Kurosaki : Damn that Emma Frost...

James V Kalabacas : If we are being totally honest...Smaug isn’t a 133 billionaire. He just planted his fat a** in the dwarf mountain with all the riches. Unless you count “planting ones a** in a literal bank” as work....then yeah, Smaug is a billionaire.


Dylan Carroll : I thought Black Panther was estimated to have 500 trillion dollars.

Alexandrei Van Villanueva : Buy a Pagani with vibranium!!!

Chara Dreemurr : So where is Mr. Krabs?

EA 1017 : What the hell does Smaug need money for he’s a dragon. I’m sure anything he wanted that cost money he could get just by intimidation.

Vemuri Vamshi : Richie rich is richer than that😑

Skeletor : King cold from dbz, he was leader of the planet trade organisation.

EA 1017 : That Atlantan guy from Spongebob had rooms full of cash and gold I think he deserves a spot

TMNT 2003 Master : Mr Krabs should be number one tho...

C u B e : scrooge has muchmuchmuchmuch more moneh!