SuperTuxKart Steam GreenLight Trailer

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metcard : Windows exclusive. requirements DX12.

MariusBLGQ : and then you remember what this game looked like when it was only called "tuxkart"

tsiften : Go XFCE Mouse!

nowymail : It's like Mario Kart for poor people :D I need to play it!

木ノ下じょな : GPLv3?

HuntedS : This game is awesome!

gladiatorarrives : When is it going to be released on steam. Also to keep the developments/improvements going on , it would be a a nice idea to make it a paid game for a reasonable price.

Benrob0329 : Has the story mode intro had a shader-lift yet?

Valentin Anastase : Before starting the game, the ground seems to be moving a little xD I have OCD and attention for little details like that...

Hassage : Congratulations for your greenlight!

Jonas Kr : I started to play this game when i be 4 now i am 14 and i am still playing this game. Thanks creators for this awesome work.

Milky Way : Buen juego, me recuerda a Crash Team Racing :)

Daniel B : Vulkan support?

Rocky1138 : Is this available on the OUYA or Razer Forge TV?

Suici Doga : first comment. also will steam have version 0.9.3 ?

Jimilux HD : THIS is so much better thank Mariokart

Kenji : Online or not ?

Tesók Ps : What the song?

Difixed Productions : Requires -20mb storage space -Windows XP only