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Samovar maker : I watch bill wurtz for the plot

Joel Haggis : Is it just me or does bill sing a lot about not being able to go home?

Elemenopi : Bill wurtz. The man who got pregnant with aliens.

Sydney Hames : i REALLY hope this is what future kids think the Internet was all about in the 2000’s

Petty & Pretty : _And then I got pregnant_ Oh ok *_WITH ALIENS_* HoL uP

The Ace Of Spades : This is the stuff kids will have to analyze at school in the future

Bassoonify : When my cat starts singing this to me that's how I can tell we've both had enough catnip

Zoe McLaughlin : this song is a cry for help

Sprout Boy : Has anyone relized this is a trilogy Video 1: how do you find love? Video 2: no seriously, how do find love? Video 3: outside


Mr Disgusted : *I T S N O T F U N T H E R E*

Mars Parker : "and they touched me in an interesting way" "And now I'm pregnant" "with aliens"

Bituin Mertens : "they touched me in an interesting way" hahaha that sounds funny out of context "and then i got pregnant with ALIENS" ....

Rebeckahsscanner : ● /|\ <---- Point on the doll where /\ the aliens touched you.

Jason Zhang : ffs Bill, MONETIZE YOUR VIDEOS

FenceCow : You can’t go outside because.... THE SUN IS A DEADLY LASER

Square : All these people trying to analyze bill wurtz.

A guy who exists : Has anyone else noticed that many of Bill Wurtz's songs refrence changing your name?

Drew Vandeb : i think bill should be our new bob ross

hmm yes interesting. : I love when bill wurtz posts. It touches me in an *_i n t e r e s t i n g_* way

Jules : Lyrics: I'm going outside. Out-out-out-out-out-outside. I just picked up the newspaper It said that the wind blows Can't go back to where I come from Cuz I'm not welcome and it's not fun there You know that I won't be late Oh, and I can't be saved I wanna go outside I wanna go outside I wanna go outside I wanna go outside A spaceship came to take me away Into the moonlight And they touched me in an interesting way And now I'm pregnant With aliens I'm gonna change my name Oh, it's a brand new day I wanna go outside I wanna go outside I wanna go outside I'm going outside I'm going outside Gonna go out and away from the lines And I'm outside I just opened up a new hotel On the tundra Just checked in and I feel so swell Cuz I'm wealthy And I'm a billionaire I'm gonna change my ways Oh, and I'm leaving, on a different plane I wanna go outside I wanna go outside I wanna go outside I wanna go outside Gonna go out and adjust my mind Gonna go downtown and arrest some crime And I can't remember the reason why But I'm outside ANd I can't go if it don't feel right No, i won't go if its not my time And I still don't know how to say goodbye It's alright Cuz I'm outside

Mikasa Ackerman : *P R E G N A T W I T H A L I E N S*

Avirat Thakor : Bill Wurtz is a very underrated artist.

G M : One in a billion this guy, hope he is ok and doing well

Pirate Cat : I think he wants to go outside

HardCandi : Pubescent boys: *I wanna get inside*

Emory Vens : i'm starting to feel like maybe bill wurtz is asking for help v cryptically

Blue Bird : I noticed in alot of bills songs he makes reference to not being able to go home I wonder if this is indicative of his life (possibly referencing a bad situation or relationship with his family or childhood home) or if it's just a coincidence? Perhaps I'm looking to far into this

Simon Mitchell : *T o u c h e d M e I n A n I n t e r e s t i n g W a y*

DommyBomb : And now I'm pregnant...yup, how it works,

femke donkers : I hope the kids from this generation also will think I wanna go outside, Bc if they don’t Im first gonna show this video and then kick their ass


James Grainger's ASMR Videos : Agoraphobia national anthem

Ique : So when does the album drop?

Daddy Roach : What is this music style called???? Because I love it so much!!!!

Benpai Botkin : 1:07 spaceship gettin a bit spicy there

Mari : "I wanna go outside" Something I will never say It's usually like a "eh, fine" or a mumbled "sure" because I don't wanna go outside but if I don't I'm literally nevER GOING TO GO OUTSIDE AND MY LIFE WILL JUST BE *COMPUTER SCREENS*

The-Gray-Boi : "can't go back to where i come from, cause I'm not welcome" this is a wonderful line

DammitSinged : *Pregnant with Aliens*

Milo : Tbh the amount of work put into these and the quality of the editing is really impressive

halfeatenchip Yee : 1:09-1:17 you see Bill this is what happens when you go outside

Jack Speakman : the spaceship is my fav part

rogie fandino : I can’t go outside because *THE SUN IS A DEADLY LASER*

OHFive Dude : The lyrics of the song remind me of When i Try to rhyme a song that ends up making no sense....

LethalPancakes : he was high whilst making this

Spicy Cape Cuisine : This is amazing , I love it so much well done !

djstevenoise : You are a beautiful human. Maybe too much for these dimensions

GenVK : This is probably my favorite of your songs so far. Second place is "When I Get Older," and that's because this has such an interesting chord structure, and the melody is so damn catchy. Harmonies are really great to listen to. I just want to say thanks for making music that seems to make up for lack of lyrical narrative sense with a whole heaping of melodic, harmonic, and chordal lushness and beauty.

Mlg pro player 291 : "Tell me where the alien touched you, Bill..."

Mikaela Saskia : This is such a bop