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aLEX fLETCHER : If this is what happens when I leave the house, then sign me up!

sarah : i hope in ten years this "genre" of comedy is simply referred to as "wurtz"

sarah : it's like you hit the middle button and it made a song

The Dark Knight : *W E C A N M A K E A R E L I G I O N O U T O F T H I S*

Liam Domegan : these are actually masterpieces

The Ace Of Spades : This is the stuff kids will have to analyze at school in the future

Nico Nico Nii : What's this outside you speak of? Does it taste good?

Noodle : We can make a religion out of this

Masterpie Nachos : 2:08 "The Sun is a deadly laser " reference

TheTurtleMan 47 : "And now I'm pregnant with aliens"

hmm yes interesting. : I love when bill wurtz posts. It touches me in an *_i n t e r e s t i n g_* way

Johnathen Andretti : Not being able to go home seems to be a recurring theme. That's not just me right?

UrsaMajor : 1:45 is that a female reproductive system doing cartwheels?

Mr. Julien : i know this has a deep meaning and its smart as fuck but i dont have time to think about it or figure it out

The Pie Person : This animation show Pixar has competition

Samovar maker : I watch bill wurtz for the plot

madi :-O !! : this is what my mind looks like when i’m dissociating at a party


Random Things : what if someone on hallucinogenics watched this. Would they see something completely normal

derpy gaming bro : outside nutside nutslide nutinside nut inside nut inside u no wonder he wanted to go outside

et 37 : *Whispers* "they never got outside"

Arranoa : Why does this remind me of reading rainbow?

Nick : It's like if 80's pop, if 80's pop randomly broke into jazzy chromatic harmonies.

Cara Charles : Update: if you're watching on mobile and you invert the colors, you can't tell. At all. No idea.

oAnubis - Rainbow Unicorn : (This is bs, btw) This sounds like the story of someone who got kidnapped, raped, escaped, went into Witness Protection, became a billionaire doing real estate and then became President (leaving on a different plane - Air Force 1?). I love it

hmm yes interesting. : *I'M ABOUT TO GO OUTSIDE TOO* all your videos are so *relatable*

Berika • : I listen to this song almost everyday on Spotify and I swear I cry every time. You are truly exceptional, I hope we'll meet someday.

Aidan Jacobs : Wow guys bill did a draw my life

Hannah The Idiot : This is an actual bop what the hell

baconarchitect : What it's like being bipolar

Nyko X : Dad is back

StarSepticeye 21 : Friend : I wanna go outside. Do you? Me : *NO.* Friend : Why? Me : Because... *THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER!!!* LMAO 😂

Benjamin Henker : How can you go outside if the sun is a deadly laser

Josh Dun's Hair : im watching this while studying for my midterm.... why....

The Gays Are taking over : WAKE ME UP OUTSIDE

Im LJL : Billboard hot 100

BeanMarioCow : Man, I really wish I knew what happened in the place that he came from.

Alexian% : There’s an underlying tone of crippling depression in all these videos, seems a bit like my life *sheds single tear*

CoinBoing : this song makes no sense yet completely explains itself

Cheeki Breeki : I think he is going outside

Benjamin Fox : When it's day, the sun is a deadly laser. When it is night, the moon impregnates you with aliens. So basically don't go outside.

Pug Lif3 : Almost all of his videos are him on acid


Dr. Dream : A prisoner who is an ex cop, read the news paper, he can't go back cause he's a criminal and his fun is killing? He depends on time, his mind is corrupted and he is in solitary confinement, got kidnapped by Russians, was an expirement, escaped and got a new Identity. Then he gets outside. Opened a hotel in a desserted place, checks in and is rich, he stops killing and flies on a plane outta there because it was gunned down and went outside, boom

Isabella Scricco : And I'm here like "What's the outside?" -me and all the introverts

Shadow Snow : Someone made a map (multi animator project) with this song XD

Tom von heill : getting a thundercat vibe from this. hope they collab

Rookie Phantom : "and they touched me in an interesting way." me: Oh. "and now I'm pregnant" me: Oh no. "with aliens." me: OH NO

ThePenno : The fact that you probably made this while inside made me giggle to no end.

Banana Chips : Outside is dangerous place. _you can't save your game_