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aLEX fLETCHER : If this is what happens when I leave the house, then sign me up!

Lisa Fischer : *_T H E W I N D B L O W S_*

P e t t y B i t c h : _And then I got pregnant_ Oh ok *_WITH ALIENS_* HoL uP

Sydney Hames : i REALLY hope this is what future kids think the Internet was all about in the 2000’s

Joel Haggis : Is it just me or does bill sing a lot about not being able to go home?

The Ace Of Spades : This is the stuff kids will have to analyze at school in the future

The Dark Knight : *W E C A N M A K E A R E L I G I O N O U T O F T H I S*

Isabella Scricco : And I'm here like "What's the outside?" -me and all the introverts

Rookie Cookie : "and they touched me in an interesting way." me: Oh. "and now I'm pregnant" me: Oh no. "with aliens." me: OH NO

Random Things : what if someone on hallucinogenics watched this. Would they see something completely normal

hmm yes interesting. : I love when bill wurtz posts. It touches me in an *_i n t e r e s t i n g_* way

Benjamin Henker : How can you go outside if the sun is a deadly laser

Bassoonify : When my cat starts singing this to me that's how I can tell we've both had enough catnip

CoinBoing : this song makes no sense yet completely explains itself

artist cat : when you have art homework on abstract art :

Samovar maker : I watch bill wurtz for the plot

Alexian% : There’s an underlying tone of crippling depression in all these videos, seems a bit like my life *sheds single tear*

Happy Accidents : This song is amazing. To me he talks about going “outside” that represents him trying to break out of something. I see that something as depression because it’s my interpretation and experience. Depression is like a shell. You put a name, face, and mask to the shell of a human and call it whole. Truly, outside represents going outside of this “depression shell” when it feels right. I see the newspaper as simple things that you forget from the overwhelming numbness. The newspaper gives you that news that you disassociate. The hotel represents an inside with other people inside, perhaps a bunch of mentally ill people working together to help each other. The person in this song realizes that these wrongs can’t make a right and goes back to his own lonely inside, but with a worse mindset, hence the “different plane”. So he goes back to the sad inside alone, and has even stricter parameters to go “outside” or open up to people about his depression. And the song concludes. Maybe I’m just reading in too deep again though.

Zoe McLaughlin : this song is a cry for help

Sprout Boy : Has anyone relized this is a trilogy Video 1: how do you find love? Video 2: no seriously, how do find love? Video 3: outside

et 37 : *Whispers* "they never got outside"

Hannah The Idiot : This is an actual bop what the hell

BeanMarioCow : Man, I really wish I knew what happened in the place that he came from.

Riley Deenihan : Did bill forget that the sun is a deadly laser?


hmm yes interesting. : *I'M ABOUT TO GO OUTSIDE TOO* all your videos are so *relatable*

TheDagger456 32 : Everything was pretty normal, then I looked at my phone for 2 seconds and when I looked back up he was pregnant with aliens.

Basic Inclination : A prisoner who is an ex cop, read the news paper, he can't go back cause he's a criminal and his fun is killing? He depends on time, his mind is corrupted and he is in solitary confinement, got kidnapped by Russians, was an expirement, escaped and got a new Identity. Then he gets outside. Opened a hotel in a desserted place, checks in and is rich, he stops killing and flies on a plane outta there because it was gunned down and went outside, boom

Jeremy Gant : why the heck is this so catchy? working on a vpw edit atm

Mars Parker : "and they touched me in an interesting way" "And now I'm pregnant" "with aliens"

Nyko X : Dad is back

YouTub : Genre: People and Blogs

Graceful yet distasteful : Anyone else just go on random sprees of listening to Bill whilst contemplating the meaning of life or is that just me?

SuperDonavanbros Gaming : NO THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER

Var Sinso : *I T S N O T F U N T H E R E*

Benjamin Fox : When it's day, the sun is a deadly laser. When it is night, the moon impregnates you with aliens. So basically don't go outside.

Pug Lif3 : Almost all of his videos are him on acid

Paigey-poo : If this came on the radio I wouldn’t even question it

A guy who exists : Has anyone else noticed that many of Bill Wurtz's songs refrence changing your name?

Menno_3 : The fact that you probably made this while inside made me giggle to no end.

Banana Chips : Outside is dangerous place. _you can't save your game_

kaitelikestodraw's animation and shit : I noticed in alot of bills songs he makes reference to not being able to go home I wonder if this is indicative of his life (possibly referencing a bad situation or relationship with his family or childhood home) or if it's just a coincidence? Perhaps I'm looking to far into this

Abigail Szymanski : bill, man, are you alright?

Mikasa Ackerman : *P R E G N A T W I T H A L I E N S*

Emory Vens : i'm starting to feel like maybe bill wurtz is asking for help v cryptically

Ique : So when does the album drop?

Trolling Dude1235674 : 0:52 i love this part

Jack Speakman : the spaceship is my fav part

Tom von heill : getting a thundercat vibe from this. hope they collab

G M : One in a billion this guy, hope he is ok and doing well