Door to Door SCAM Caught on Camera - Ontario Home Services / UtilEbill / Enbridge Gas

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**Please feel free to share this video with family and friends to spread awareness of these scams** This company tried scamming my parents out of $16,000+. I’m sure scams like these are very common, and a lot of people are stuck paying money to these scumbags. Please share this video so word gets out and so people are aware that fraudulent companies like this exist. I personally think the government should step in and void any previous contracts made by this company, “Ontario Home Services”. If it happened to us, it’s definitely happened to others. If I didn't record and document and document the interactions that took place, they almost certainly might've got away with it and we'd be stuck paying $135/month for 10 years. I’m also surprised Enbridge allows themselves to be associated with fraudulent companies like this. Hopefully they'll come across this video and do their due diligence before they allow companies like this to process their billing through them. NOTE: After releasing this video, it has come to my attention that these scams are very common. If you have fallen victim to a similar scam in Canada and are looking for resolution, please fill out the form at the following link: Update 04/28/2018: This is actually an old update, but this video wasn't getting much traction at the time, so I didn't feel the need to provide one. The Enbridge Obundsman reached out to me to get more details of the case. After I discussed everything with them, they said they would perform and investigation and get back to me. After about a week, they called me back and said the investigation would be performed internally from here on out. They gave me no details of of what happened or if any changes are being made. I am under the impression that they changed absolutely nothing. I informed them that there are many other cases of the same type of fraud as many other victims have reached out to me in a similar situation. They said due to privacy reasons, they cannot discuss the cases with those customers and everything is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. It makes no sense to me why they would deal with something as serious as fraud on a case-by-case basis. It should be taken a whole and if there are multiple cases of fraud, then the company should be banned billing through Enbridge. Due to Enbridge not taking any action, they are essentially helping this company commit fraud. I hope this video can shine some light on the many victims falling prey to this scam and changes will be made in the future. Update 05/27/2018: I was contacted by Police and threatened with a lawsuit. You can view the update here: NOTE: If you know any lawyers willing to take this case pro bono and prosecute these criminals, please message me or comment down below with your contact information. Fraudster Organization: Ontario Home Services UtilEBill: Enbridge Gas: Associates: Ali Mohammad Selina Balli Shafaat Shah Jerry Usman Reddit: Facebook:

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josh ferguson : They are under a $50 million lawsuit right now so good work buddy!

JAMES D : Thank GOD you were THERE for your family. An absolutely amazing son. GOD bless you.

Rex Project : Very well played. Smart man and you definitely did your community a favor. Submit that videotape to the news so everyone knows. They both clearly know what they are doing.

David Gaynor : Good Backstory! Good Reporting! Good Ending, To A Bad Company Story!

jillibeens57 : I have a sign on my front door which says IF YOU WEREN'T INVITED TURN AROUND AND LEAVE.

Onnethox : They fcked with the wrong person haha. Love it when these scums get owned by someone smart as him 👏

Miles Cumminski : I have had to save my elderly mom from a few scam here in the States. The scammers here love to pick on the elderly. It makes me sick!

Nokes10 : It's funny Selena wanted to meet in person because she thought her good looks would flatter you into the scheme. LUL

Cherrelle Anderson : ABSOLUTE SCUM . Notice they Make everything SO DIFFICULT for you to cancel. This is how they scam people. You rock man. Good on you. Your video I know will help many people. I live in Australia & it applies to ALL companies in any country that cold call.👏👏

NSSN NSSN : In Australia when these kind of companies get exposed all they do is change their business name and do it all again. Its makes my blood boil

Casey Pelt : Ironically. They offered him a free water filter and he got a free water filter.

Claudio Fagundes : It is difficult for me to stay with a video that's longer than 5 minutes unless it is continuously intrigues me and I managed to not only watch this whole video but replayed a big chunk of it for my wife to catch up to what I was watching. it is inspirational and makes me feel good that everyone who watches it is gaining a bit of knowledge that they should be aware of clever scammers. it's a sad world we live in it's people like you that make it have some level of Hope to hang on to thank you for the video we all appreciate it.

Khyrid : Obvious scam companies like this need to be shut down by force. If not government forces, then militia.

Talis : So this is what Mia Khalifa has moved on to huh.

Richard Giannamore : Thank god, your parents have you. Without you they would be paying every month. God Bless!

Planes & Planes : Shouldn’t they go to jail for forgery?

George Janeiro : Sending two managers to a customer’s house to discuss an entry level installation?? Major 🚩.

Rexie Brauchle : I would never allow someone who comes to my door to install anything in my home. I know what I need and I know where to get it.

ronnie collum : your sorry politicians should never allow a scam business to get a licence .

Lance Goodthrust : Those dirtbags are lower than low. They're the scum at the very bottom of the barrel. People like this should be publicly humiliated in the town square at the very least. They are actually lucky to be alive. Just think about how many unsuspecting people they were able to rip off. You did the right thing by exposing these maggots. It is sad to hear that no one (other than you) is really doing anything to stop these scammers. That business should be shut down, pay refunds to those who were scammed and guilty employees thrown in prison for at least 5 years. You did a good job of explaining the options that people have and I wonder why there are 1,000 dislikes on this video at the time I am writing this. Don't people want to be informed about this kind of scam?

Piper 1027 : You are a Great Son!! And a Good Man for exposing these people to protect the Canadian Citizens.. Your Awesome!! 👍👍👍

Ryan Lam : You really should file for a class action lawsuit and sue the company on behalf of all of their customers. If you want me to answer any questions that you can't find online, feel free to pm me.

Tegan WR : The world is so full of scammers it sucks!! As a business owner I am always fighting scams.

grace renee : This was on my recommended this morning, and just from the thumbnail I thought that couple were the ones getting scammed 😂

Mário Lindberg : The technician, Ali and Selena are in the same scam. They know what they are doing. Do not think for a moment that Selena is innocent, she's not. They all work together.

Zombie Puppies : Dude your a freaking hero! To fight back in a smart and legal way for your family against this company but also for the community! That you cared enough about others so no one else would fall prey to this scam the company is running. Hats off to you sir!!!

Piper 1027 : I woulda said call your boss AFTER you remove what you installed and get the hell out before I call the cops!

karen bevis : Those people are the scum of the earth and its a bit dangerous giving them your signature! They should be in jail for fraud; particularly when elderly people are involved!

Paul Brooks : Only clicked because I thought the girl was Mia Khalifa

US8 Express : Selena doesn't work in the. company, she is part of the company, she is part of the scam

Solo .01% : Ali Muhammad?? Scum

user user : Sounds like Enbridge is in on the scam to for allowing it to be tacked on to the bill. I am sure Enbridge have gotten overwhelming complaint to. The fish rots from the head down.

user user : You can thank Trudeau for your problem.

Jason Alexander : Good battle. solid fight and you did it. well done.

Nola Girl : I think Selena doesn’t give a shit about “quitting the scam company” because she IS the company! Her and that guy are the only people that are involved in that company. They hired a few people to work for them, but they are the business owners, guaranteed!

SDX2000 : What surprised me more is the a fact that gas utility company would charge you for the water filter installed by a third party. What right do they have to do this? Did you authorize them over the phone or something?

Chris Jones : Should have had it uninstalled and handed it back to them on arrival

Shanye : "You forged a signature, etc. etc...." "Right, but..." HA

godxxofxxwar22 : Selena is part of the scam bruh, that’s like trying to tell a dolphin to stop eating fish.

Orest Pellumb : Lol 823 dislikes gotta be other scammers

Ian Smith : Wow these guys are almost as crooked as Trudeau’s Liberal Party 😱

Carlos Ortiz : I hope the world hears u. AND TO VICTIMIZE THE ELDERS

Foxdi : You could get them for foraging your signature. If I am correct that fall under fraud.

markleyg : So did you sue them? Are they in jail for fraud?

greg outcalt : Yur parents are lucky to have a son looking out for their best interest and go to the lengths you did. Great job on this video (and capturing all the secret videos).

GTAHomeGuy : I LOVE your vid, thank you for the info. I wish people like us were able to fight for consumer rights without being related! Unfortunately, most people have to fight this battle anew every single time. Love to connect sometime if in the GTA.

WellAware¹ Members Only : Man good thing you recorded the installer.

Max Pol : those freaking Indians are professional scammers wherever they are

Law Zaba : Holy cow! I just have to comment that I am in awe of your level of patience my man! I could not have done that, I would've surely given up and been stuck. I'm positive this video is going to help a lot of people avoid this scam. Great work! I still can't even imagine how you went through this like a boss over such a long period of time. Honestly, that is amazing. Good for you dude, you're an awesome son lol