Door to Door SCAM Caught on Camera - Ontario Home Services / UtilEbill / Enbridge Gas

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PhreshGaming : This video was recommended for me on reddit. I know this sounds hard to believe, but I actually used to answer for this company back at my old job. We were a third party answering service and their calls were forwarded to us what seemed like 90% of the day. I was actually shocked to watch your video and see you had so much direct contact with them because ALL of our calls were angry customers failing to reach the company directly. Our personal company goal was to blend in with a company to the point that callers didn't know they were talking to a third party, but this was one of the few accounts we had where I almost always revealed we were a third party answering service within seconds of the call beginning because everyone was pissed, threatening legal action, etc. Telling the customer we were simply acting as an answering service because they forwarded their lines to us was the only way to get them off the phone. We'd have callers that would call ten times a day and felt absolutely terrible because we all knew the chances of them getting a call back was incredibly slim. I'd even personally taken messages from callers claiming technicians refused to leave their home, and informed us they were calling the police, to which we could only respond "Please do whatever you feel is necessary". Another thing they love to do to other customers, is explain how they can remove the existing water heater in the home and replace it with their unit for free. They explain how billing from embridge will stop, and their company will start billing them in the future. So they take out the old equipment, install their equipment, then when it's time for the bill, the customer is hit with BOTH bills, even though they no longer have the equipment from embridge and they failed to give embridge back their equipment, which I guess is something they promise the customer. Oh, and one last thing. I don't know how it works in Canada, but if you call someone licensed to inspect the installation, it will ALWAYS fail to meet code, and that's how some customers get out of their contracts. They are then ordered by law to remove the equipment as their work never meets regulated standards. Really glad that you recorded everything. I wished every day I could tell people to run from these guys but when it's your job to represent that company and provide a service that they are paying you for, your hands are more or less tied. We answered for thousands of different businesses, and it just so happened this was one of the worst.

Onnethox : They fcked with the wrong person haha. Love it when these scums get owned by someone smart as him 👏

US8 Express : Selena doesn't work in the. company, she is part of the company, she is part of the scam

Casey Pelt : Ironically. They offered him a free water filter and he got a free water filter.

Nola Girl : I think Selena doesn’t give a shit about “quitting the scam company” because she IS the company! Her and that guy are the only people that are involved in that company. They hired a few people to work for them, but they are the business owners, guaranteed!

Dr. Saqib : Shouldn’t they go to jail for forgery?

1fagan : You parents must be so proud of you, I know I am and you're a complete stranger to me. I'm a 74 yr old male living on my own but I never let any door to door salesmen in my house, I just tell them "you're not coming in here" ......they never get across the threshold.

Cockatoo Luck : Yay good job bro. Thanks for stoping these people.👍

Justin Hackstadt : I would have just called the police explaining the whole thing. I'd also report them to the BBB immediately.

Sgt Schultz : Legend says: "If a person from Indian or Pakistani background comes and knocks your door to sell you anything or give you free something, never accept it; even if it is ordered by God"

Mik902 : As soon as you had the evidence you should have called an attorney and the police. They are an obvious scam. You should not have wasted your time talking as much with that woman. You also assume there is a "head office". It's likely just a 3 person fly-by-night operation.

Carlisle Miller : Why hasn't the media been contacted, I would want the company named, contact names be named. Everyone involved in this company exposed. Have RCMP & CSIS do a deep investigation. Jail time and public shaming, make sure these people have to go through hell fire & brimstone.

Michael Kimmings : Get rid of that two dollar filter man... probably asbestos

Stanley Scalf : Why does it seem like so many of these companies employ predominantly Indian or Middle Eastern decent personnel? Weird...

Chuck Baggins : i shared this video to facebook, we all should actually. i dont want the company to be shut down, i want a lawsuit, haha

2815Juan : Before I watched 2 minutes of this. I knew it’s an Indian owned company

Realjatt : This legit happened to me, and they've scammed my family, my family has gone to the mayor to talk about this, they're currently handling it for us, and we are not paying their fees at all

montydesijokes : Pakistani scammers.

Sagar Yadav : Kindly get those people in the prison. This video is not enough.

Jae Lynn : I think "Selina" is either related to that dude, and probably can't get away from him. Scamming men often use women in their ploys.

josh ferguson : They are under a $50 million lawsuit right now so good work buddy!

Benjamin Arbab : It's always Indians. Either remotely from India pretending an IRS officer or a Computer technician or being somewhere else and doing things like this.

Ban Nsabin : I'm proud of you brother! You not only stood your grounds but having this on record will save so many innocent families from paying thousands of dollars to these scums. Not so funny thing is I was used as a tool back in 2016 having no clue when I worked 2 months as a telemarketer for one of these companies exactly selling furnaces, ACs and boilers as supposedly "Ontario governments free rebates" if they changed their units. Looking back thanks to your video I now recognize it's total BS and sadly enough I looked up the company it's still in operation. I wish many more people watch this to get informed and know their rights.

Graphic Design : Great video man. It's funny when you ask her why she is still working for this "company" when in reality she is one of the "owners" and totally in on the scam.

NEM Blockchain : take them to court for loss of your time $1000 an hour and fruad

Chris Notap : Confusion, lying and diversion is their tactic hoping that the BS will boggle your mind and you'll give up. Kudos to you for staying with it to the end. Excellent camera work and recording . I feel sorry for the people that are forking out that kind of money and stuck in a contract they have no idea how to get out of. I love that you put their business cards and phone numbers in your video. Hopefully people will call to give the scammers a mouthful and hopefully drive them out of business. You should really contact Marketplace. You have all the material they need to do a great segment on you and how they tried to scam you. Marketplace would love to hear from you. Just sayin.

mike g : Ali mohamed ? Like mohamed ali ?

Tristan A : I am on a difficult situation with this company. I was not aware that they were scammers. A guy from this company knocked on our door on Dec 2017 when we are in the middle of moving. I thought he was from the government. He told me that it is a standard procedure for new home owners to have their furnace inspected. After the inspection, he said ours is not updated and for safety purposes, it has to be replaced for no cost since it is under the previous owner’s warranty. He told me I don’t need to pay anything, he even reassured me when I called him that there was no payment needed. The new furnace was installed the next day, and the only paper I remember signing was the installation paper. There were no copy of agreement or documents/contract provided to me at the time. After 3 months, I received a severely past due bill from Utilebill, it was then I found out that we are actually under a 10 year contract. I tried to cancel with OHS, but they refused because they said that I have agreed to everything in a phone conversation (which the guy told me say yes to everything they’ll ask since it is just a formality and nothing to worry for payments since it is under a warranty) and that they have signed contract. It seems like they are in a an advantage position. I only have my words against them, and they have proofs. I haven’t paid them anything yet, as I am still trying to look for options on how to cancel the contract. I was thinking on going to a lawyer but I know it will cost me a fortune. Please I need your help.

Silly Puppy : I'm sorry that you had to experience all that. But you are a cutie pie!😍

redplauger fuckgoogle : i would take them to court if they have ripped off your family you know they have dun to meany other people and they need to pay for what they are doing i could not sleep at night if some did that to family i would wont them to pay for it and stop them from missing with canada it is our right and honer to keep camada free of mother f***er's let show the that canada is only nice if your nice back we cant let this go on if you start a fund to take them to court i will give 100$ and i am on disability because i died at 2 and a have and came back this should not happen to anyone i know its happen to me 2 times now canada can be the best place in the world to if we stand up and say there kind of business and say your not needed or wonted in canada p.s I am sorry for the rant but seeing this piss me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because it has happen to me and on business has the right to do that to anyone

E Tube : good job man, for keeping us informed on the scammers I got scammed too you should come check my story out it will blow your mind

HappyQuails : By the way, descent water filters cost anywhere from about $50-$200 US dollars depending upon volume, method and degree of filtration and by the way, watch out for this word "appeal", that is not a properly used legal term in this situation They are posing as carrying out a "mediation". First of all, don't ever forego your ability to sue someone in a severe situation like this one, especially when their mediation is itself inappropriate, plus no this is not a small claim. There is a dollar limit on monetary limit involved. This would far exceed that, surely, unless the limit is much higher in Canada, than in the US.

IAM Louie Del Rey : Dawg just don't let then in, PERIOD! But I can understand mom's got suckered into it....they took advantage.... I live in L.A. and I guess it's different out here... I would've ended up robbing their ass...runnin down my block naked!

Dove : Am i the only one who is reminded of Indian/Middle Eastern scam phone services? The only one who wasn't middle eastern was the Asian technician who spoke with a pretty thick accent. Its like they somehow wiggled their way into Canada to try to establish a scam service.

pyrobryan : You were smart to record everything, but there was one thing you said that made me roll my eyes. "The court will always favor the consumer." Unless they do things differently in Canada, that is ridiculous. A court should be an impartial mediator and find in favor of whomever's side the facts are on. I've had customers use this same line when trying to get free stuff that our warranty doesn't cover, usually talking about the BBB. I can tell you for a fact that the BBB will find in favor of the company if the facts are on their side. The rest of the video, well done.

Victor Chavez : Selena is part of the scam. That why she doesn't quit

HappyQuails : Thank you for being so diligent. I am not even involved but I appreciate your following through all the way to the point of lodging a formal complaint because a lot of people would end it there and this is how you help people, as well as by creating this video.

thechudoviste : Dude!You are forgetting most important thing of all!First of all,they said IT WAS FREE the first time they came,even before the technician came.And you can bet they go around with that story to every customer,and then charge them...

IxAMxABU : Also to alert you on this fraud, once you know a signature is fraud, never give them your actual signature ever. If you signed the release form, I guarantee your legit signature would be copied replaced to that original contract. Just a heads up, & great video.

Sarah s : You're really cute...are you single?

Wise Ole Geezer Circa 1941 : Problem easily solved. Just do what you can do with phone marketers, say NO, and hang up, or at your house say NO and shut the door.

craig davidson : Not surprised that there are names from the Muslim world least they have a "job"

Matt Nes'heim : Man they really ran a train on you guys. Just do what most smart people do. If you didn't contact them and say you wanted whatever it is they are selling tell them to funk off. Dont answer the phone or hangup on them immediately, If they come to the door either dont answer it or at the very least, DONT LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE. Problem solved. Once they got that filter even partially installed in your house they had you by the ballz. You are lucky you hidden camera'd them. Or they would still be charging you. And companies like this run until they get enough bad strikes with whatever agency and then they change names. They dont change their business model. Also, that chick is probably married to Mohammed. And its their little scam business that they run together... Guaranteed

Luke Sanci : Dude get a plumber and have them rip out the water filter. Since you didn’t want the filter you didn’t do any product research and comparisons to other products. So there could be anything in there, because it was a scam with bs loop dee loops for customer service whose to say the water is even safe.

Mário Lindberg : The technician, Ali and Selena are in the same scam. They know what they are doing. Do not think for a moment that Selena is innocent, she's not. They all work together.

Robert Toe : Those dirty rats snakes in the grass maggots spawns of Satan and so on and so on 😆

Karen Redding : I had a sells person ringing my door bell over and over again, I saw no car. He had a clip broad. Then he went across the street to my neighbors, and they answered the door. I called my neighbor and asked, "what does that man want" he was selling the same thing, I'm so glad I don't answer my door unless i see its my mailman, Fedx, UPS, etc...They target my area all the time because we are mostly seniors on my street. I've since made me a sign that says no solicitations, and so far they read it and leave.

Taralee Weckert : There is a 10 day cooling off period with any company in Canada. Please understand that if the company has not given you a written copy of your signed contract, from the information provided below, the cooling off period does not start until the consumer has a written contract in hand. So in the case above I would say if he never received a written copy and has proof that he never received it. Then he was in his full rights to cancel as per ontario law. Straight from the website: you can cancel the contract for any reason within 10 days of receiving a written copy of the agreement. Water heater contracts have a 20-day cooling-off period that begins on the date that you sign the contract in your home. Send your cancellation letter by email or by registered mail so that you have a record of when you sent it. Be sure to keep a copy of your letter. For most contracts, the company has 15 days to return your money. For payday loans, the company has to give you a refund within 2 days. If the contract was for a product, they are responsible for picking up the product or paying for it to be picked up if they want it back.

Caryn Schwengel : Forgery deserves Federal prison time.

greg outcalt : Yur parents are lucky to have a son looking out for their best interest and go to the lengths you did. Great job on this video (and capturing all the secret videos).