Door to Door SCAM Caught on Camera - Ontario Home Services / UtilEbill / Enbridge Gas

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PhreshGaming : This video was recommended for me on reddit. I know this sounds hard to believe, but I actually used to answer for this company back at my old job. We were a third party answering service and their calls were forwarded to us what seemed like 90% of the day. I was actually shocked to watch your video and see you had so much direct contact with them because ALL of our calls were angry customers failing to reach the company directly. Our personal company goal was to blend in with a company to the point that callers didn't know they were talking to a third party, but this was one of the few accounts we had where I almost always revealed we were a third party answering service within seconds of the call beginning because everyone was pissed, threatening legal action, etc. Telling the customer we were simply acting as an answering service because they forwarded their lines to us was the only way to get them off the phone. We'd have callers that would call ten times a day and felt absolutely terrible because we all knew the chances of them getting a call back was incredibly slim. I'd even personally taken messages from callers claiming technicians refused to leave their home, and informed us they were calling the police, to which we could only respond "Please do whatever you feel is necessary". Another thing they love to do to other customers, is explain how they can remove the existing water heater in the home and replace it with their unit for free. They explain how billing from embridge will stop, and their company will start billing them in the future. So they take out the old equipment, install their equipment, then when it's time for the bill, the customer is hit with BOTH bills, even though they no longer have the equipment from embridge and they failed to give embridge back their equipment, which I guess is something they promise the customer. Oh, and one last thing. I don't know how it works in Canada, but if you call someone licensed to inspect the installation, it will ALWAYS fail to meet code, and that's how some customers get out of their contracts. They are then ordered by law to remove the equipment as their work never meets regulated standards. Really glad that you recorded everything. I wished every day I could tell people to run from these guys but when it's your job to represent that company and provide a service that they are paying you for, your hands are more or less tied. We answered for thousands of different businesses, and it just so happened this was one of the worst.

E Tube : good job man, for keeping us informed on the scammers I got scammed too you should come check my story out it will blow your mind

Onnethox : They fcked with the wrong person haha. Love it when these scums get owned by someone smart as him 👏

Victor Chavez : Selena is part of the scam. That why she doesn't quit

Justin Hackstadt : I would have just called the police explaining the whole thing. I'd also report them to the BBB immediately.

Travis Williamson : Dude, you should be getting a good Samaritan award from Canada. It shouldn't take 5 months to get something that is obviously fraudulent removed from you bill. The law should be set up that if you can show intent to defraud, i.e. you audio and video recordings, the charges should instantly be removed from your bill and the customer should be awarded some extra reparations as well.

Akmak : These scums were really boiling my blood 🖕🏽

greg outcalt : Yur parents are lucky to have a son looking out for their best interest and go to the lengths you did. Great job on this video (and capturing all the secret videos).

Mário Lindberg : The technician, Ali and Selena are in the same scam. They know what they are doing. Do not think for a moment that Selena is innocent, she's not. They all work together.

Isarma Winter : She was for sure married to ali is why she still works for him. NEVER LET ANYONE IN YOUR HOME! So glad you caught, and stopped these shananagins! This vid is super important! Thanks!

Sgt Schultz : Legend says: "If a person from Indian or Pakistani background comes and knocks your door to sell you anything or give you free something, never accept it; even if it is ordered by God"

Dr. Saqib : Shouldn’t they go to jail for forgery?

SaK Thornton : Good job. We need more people like you.

KatysDream : I wish you had called the police or went directly to the Prosecutors Office with your claim and evidence and put them out of business forever and send someone to prison.

US8 Express : Selena doesn't work in the. company, she is part of the company, she is part of the scam

M. Happy : You should NEVER allow anyone to install ANYTHING in your home unless you know exactly what they are doing and you asked for them to do it. When that man installed that filter and DIDN'T remove it before he left, that's exactly what that company wanted him to do. They tried to build thier case on the fact that you had the filter in your home. They tried to bully you and if you weren't so wise, they would've gotten away with it. Thank goodness you documented everything. Good job!

Mik902 : As soon as you had the evidence you should have called an attorney and the police. They are an obvious scam. You should not have wasted your time talking as much with that woman. You also assume there is a "head office". It's likely just a 3 person fly-by-night operation.

D Hova : Call me racist, but look who you are dealing with. People are the same, but cultures are not equal.

Jables : Dude you decimated them...

David Kwon : Kudos for recording the entire incident and sharing it with the world to see!

Alpha : This company also only recruits students and immigrants because they won't question the practices and aren't knowledgeable in the law. A recruiter would legit come to our playground afterschool.

babygirl dustin : Wow!!!! thank you for this, I am so sorry this happened to you and your family, and I think that it was very wise of you to do everything you did to stop this from happening to you but also helping it to not happen to the rest of us , on behalf of all of us who won't get scammed, thanks you and your persistence I thank you very much .💛

Davys De La Rosa : You really did a good job investigating it and your right on point

Freshtex Blackman : Dude you Canadians are too soft, A baseball bat or a gun would've solved this issue from day one!

Sara S : You're really cute...are you single?

EdOfTheNorth : The purpose of they're sending you a non-disclosure agreement was to prevent you from taking them to court and suing them for business fraud and forgery. Typical results in such a case would mean a review of all previous business transactions if they were found guilty which would explode in the entire company's face, putting them out of business and resulting in probable jail time for multiple participants. They would also end up having to pay all court costs (your's included) as well as a minimum 5000 dollar award issued to you for all the time, effort and mental stress placed on you by their fraudulent behavior. This is how the law works to protect people from such scams but it demands those who are scammed file a complaint with the police and then sue them for the charges I've mentioned. And anyone who disagrees with me, does not know the law nor how the police and the courts deal with this kind of bullshit. You stated that you did not sign the non-disclosure agreement. You are therefore still able to sue them. Their giving you the water filter for free and leaving it installed at your residence is part of the scam which they will legally use in court as part of their defense should you decide to sue. If you proceed, first notify them in writing advising them to come and remove the water filter before you do anything. There are lawyers who will take your case pro-bono because considering this company has involved Enbridge in their scam, the pay out could be over seven figures of which the lawyers will take a huge chunk. Now the ball is in your court. I do advise you speak with an experienced professional lawyer about this. Beware for there are more idiot lawyers out there than there are real pros. Only a real pro would consider taking the case pro-bono because they are the only ones who really understand the law and know exactly what they can get and what they can't get after reviewing all of your evidence. Of which you have plenty to prove both intentional fraud and forgery. Get ready for a real cat fight because Enbridge will sue them as well for submitting false documents to them for collection. You still have one other option. Contact Enbridge legal department, make an appointment to visit and present them with your evidence. They may be willing to pay you off to drop the case but then they will put the company out of business by cancelling all further participation with them.

Ban Nsabin : I'm proud of you brother! You not only stood your grounds but having this on record will save so many innocent families from paying thousands of dollars to these scums. Not so funny thing is I was used as a tool back in 2016 having no clue when I worked 2 months as a telemarketer for one of these companies exactly selling furnaces, ACs and boilers as supposedly "Ontario governments free rebates" if they changed their units. Looking back thanks to your video I now recognize it's total BS and sadly enough I looked up the company it's still in operation. I wish many more people watch this to get informed and know their rights.

Nola Girl : I think Selena doesn’t give a shit about “quitting the scam company” because she IS the company! Her and that guy are the only people that are involved in that company. They hired a few people to work for them, but they are the business owners, guaranteed!

WLM2 AboutChange : Thank goodness for smart, aware people like you!

Ayla Natalie : Great job!! Those door to door sales are ALL scams!!!!

Chris Notap : Confusion, lying and diversion is their tactic hoping that the BS will boggle your mind and you'll give up. Kudos to you for staying with it to the end. Excellent camera work and recording . I feel sorry for the people that are forking out that kind of money and stuck in a contract they have no idea how to get out of. I love that you put their business cards and phone numbers in your video. Hopefully people will call to give the scammers a mouthful and hopefully drive them out of business. You should really contact Marketplace. You have all the material they need to do a great segment on you and how they tried to scam you. Marketplace would love to hear from you. Just sayin.

Michael Kimmings : Get rid of that two dollar filter man... probably asbestos

craig davidson : Not surprised that there are names from the Muslim world least they have a "job"

Silly Puppy : I'm sorry that you had to experience all that. But you are a cutie pie!😍

Sagar Yadav : Kindly get those people in the prison. This video is not enough.

Music Is A Rainbow : Oh, this crap makes me mad!

Carlisle Miller : Why hasn't the media been contacted, I would want the company named, contact names be named. Everyone involved in this company exposed. Have RCMP & CSIS do a deep investigation. Jail time and public shaming, make sure these people have to go through hell fire & brimstone.

Kimberly Watkins : Great JOB!!! You acted quickly and smartly!!

Benjamin Sheridan : Ru Scorpio bro? I feel like I've met the Asian Ontarian version of me. I am from Texas though so we can legally shoot a person in our house here no question so. But I def feel you about protecting your parents, it really sucks when they hit that threshold where they need protection from the gd scammers trying to take advantage of scitizens

Graphic Design : Great video man. It's funny when you ask her why she is still working for this "company" when in reality she is one of the "owners" and totally in on the scam.

Music Is A Rainbow : Cracking up that they thought you would sign that release!

Brayden kaedyn We littt : Dang man I can’t even watch fortnite this long and I just watched the whole video thanks for informing everyone good video man!😁

Alpha Omega : GREAT JOB!! GOT ALL "3" OF THEM!!

Only The Loot Can Make Me Happy : Dawg just don't let then in, PERIOD! But I can understand mom's got suckered into it....they took advantage.... I live in L.A. and I guess it's different out here... I would've ended up robbing their ass...runnin down my block naked!

Robert Toe : Those dirty rats snakes in the grass maggots spawns of Satan and so on and so on 😆

thatgirllNancyy : Wow. This is insane. I haven't heard of this one so I'm glad to hear it. I'm definitely going to let my parents know about it BECAUSE someone called and actually stole ALL of my dad's identity. I came over the night it happened because my parents were leaving to go on a mini vacation in the States! So my mom's telling me about this and we were able to report it to the police, banks and credit card companies quick enough that they didn't take too much BUT they were able to take almost $13,000 and that too was given back to my parents BUT it took a little over half of a year because they had to investigate. Anyhow, the first 2 days they were gone, I got not 1 or 2 but 12 phone calls from the same scam that calls about your computer trouble. I said no thanks and take me off the list. 20 minutes later the same shit happened. I got that sorted out before they came back but ya know, it's so incredibly sad how they prey on the older generation. That's so pathetic. I'm just about half way through watching and I wanted to share this with you before I forgot to mention it after I was done. Thanks for speaking up and out against these cons. I'm actually in Hamilton Ontario myself and these scams are a real big problem here. Do you have any other scam videos?! Sorry for the long reply but this IS an occasion that I think warrants me sharing my info. New subscriber and fan here. Hope you and your family have a great weekend ahead, Nancy. 😊

666hobart : Cut the filter open on video to see if there's anything in there. Probably worth quite a few views!

Hugh Mad Bro : You’re cute af 😳😧

Chris Mee : Well done that man. Hopefully you go through outing these scammers.

EmsLdn : I'm not even in Canada - I don't buy stuff on my doorstep - heck, I live in a rented home in the UK and I found this video engrossing AF! Gripping stuff and excellent editing. You should consider a career in consumer journalism! Really very well done!