Door to Door SCAM Caught on Camera - Ontario Home Services / UtilEbill / Enbridge Gas

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PhreshGaming : This video was recommended for me on reddit. I know this sounds hard to believe, but I actually used to answer for this company back at my old job. We were a third party answering service and their calls were forwarded to us what seemed like 90% of the day. I was actually shocked to watch your video and see you had so much direct contact with them because ALL of our calls were angry customers failing to reach the company directly. Our personal company goal was to blend in with a company to the point that callers didn't know they were talking to a third party, but this was one of the few accounts we had where I almost always revealed we were a third party answering service within seconds of the call beginning because everyone was pissed, threatening legal action, etc. Telling the customer we were simply acting as an answering service because they forwarded their lines to us was the only way to get them off the phone. We'd have callers that would call ten times a day and felt absolutely terrible because we all knew the chances of them getting a call back was incredibly slim. I'd even personally taken messages from callers claiming technicians refused to leave their home, and informed us they were calling the police, to which we could only respond "Please do whatever you feel is necessary". Another thing they love to do to other customers, is explain how they can remove the existing water heater in the home and replace it with their unit for free. They explain how billing from embridge will stop, and their company will start billing them in the future. So they take out the old equipment, install their equipment, then when it's time for the bill, the customer is hit with BOTH bills, even though they no longer have the equipment from embridge and they failed to give embridge back their equipment, which I guess is something they promise the customer. Oh, and one last thing. I don't know how it works in Canada, but if you call someone licensed to inspect the installation, it will ALWAYS fail to meet code, and that's how some customers get out of their contracts. They are then ordered by law to remove the equipment as their work never meets regulated standards. Really glad that you recorded everything. I wished every day I could tell people to run from these guys but when it's your job to represent that company and provide a service that they are paying you for, your hands are more or less tied. We answered for thousands of different businesses, and it just so happened this was one of the worst.

Onnethox : They fcked with the wrong person haha. Love it when these scums get owned by someone smart as him 👏

TheRustyCracker : Indian scammers everywhere!!!!!

Orest Pellumb : Lol 823 dislikes gotta be other scammers

Marcos Hernandez : You handled this very well. And now more than 700,000 people know about this company scam.

Colin g : Its actually funny how Enbridge allows ANY COMPANY to bill on THEIR billing system WITHOUT your permission. They should be sued. Cooling off is 20 days now in Ontario also BTW. This company prays on the elderly mostly. Ive walked into a customers house to maintain a 7 year old furnace we installed and found a BRAND new RENTAL furnace in its place from this company and the customer cant get out of the contract. READ Bill 55

dominique roberge : I was recruited to work for this company out of Montreal and was brought to Toronto for a 3 month training. The goal was to teach us and then send us to Quebec to do the same thing. This is a huge company which takes advantage of struggling home owner. They are very slick and since I had no background in construction and stuff of the like it took me 3 weeks to figure out that scam. They inflated numbers, lied about their affiliation and did all they could to keep me in the dark. When I left and explained their scam from A to Z they still denied it and told me I was mislead. Here is how it works ; A ''technician'' shows up at your door, he claims he is an inspector wearing a construction outfit, he tells you he was sent out to the neighborhood to check on everyone furnace or water main. He says this in the most casual manner possible. If you get suspicious he wip out a plasticized piece of paper that vaguely states he is legitimate in wanting to inspect your home. Mind you this is pure bullshit. He goes down stairs and look at your furnace/water main, in all event he tells you that what you have is outdated and that it waste a lot of energy. He then ask you to see your bill. He then claims that there is a new program launched by Trudeau's gov. to help family owner to upgrade to a green, efficient furnace if you qualify. He then proceeds to tell you that the new machine will help you save 30% on your electric bill and 40% on your gas bill. He will then claim that the saving will greatly surpass the price of the unit. If you accept all that he ask for a signature, then you have to confirm you understood the contract on the telephone. A water filter pitch is a little bit different, they use a little machine with 2 metal tubes that they put in a glass filled with your tap water. It then turns black which they claim is sign of contamination. They also say that the water filter will help you save on gas and electric bill. One customer deconstructed my pitch and explained to me how it was impossible to get such saving from installing a new furnace and water filter. Now that I think about it I feel like a total idiot for not figuring it out in time. Afterward I contacted various legitimate companies with good reviews to inquire about the machine we were installing. Turns out the water filter they sell you for 8k over 10 years goes for around 1500$ and the furnace that they sell for 12k over ten years is worth 2.5k with the installation included. I spent the rest of the day knocking on doors, but instead of trying to sell anything I was explaining the scam to those people so they could also tell their friends. It may surprise you that this company as customers in the hundred of thousands. It is a huge organisation that is controlled by a Russian guy ; his name is Vitaly. They have dozens of smaller office that answer to the big one. Absolute garbage.


Huma Q : Just met OHS in court today. There argument was how can you expect anything for free. By the way these scum bags lost a case two weeks ago. We should put the name of every lawyer who has gone up against them and won.

Jo Lea : I don't know you personally but I am SO proud of you for doing this, lol. Sending you a massive highfive!!

Dr. Saqib : Shouldn’t they go to jail for forgery?

Benjamin Arbab : It's always Indians. Either remotely from India pretending an IRS officer or a Computer technician or being somewhere else and doing things like this.

Alex Cerda : That is illegal asf, Please tell me you sued them

Alexcia Wood : I feel like you shouldn't have had to sign a release considering you never actually signed a contract.

ittotaq : You are so Canadian... Almost got scammed and trying to help out the girl lmao

2815Juan : Before I watched 2 minutes of this. I knew it’s an Indian owned company

some girl : Sounds about Indian to me! Ik, not all Indians are scammers

Squid Six-Nine : Why did you not proceed criminally with the forgery?

arrtoan : File a class action lawsuit and have their company records audited. I guarantee you're not the only one this happened to. You don't have to find a lawyer willing to take this case pro bono. there are plenty of lawyers who will take your case in return for a portion of the settlement. You gathered enough evidence that any court of law will side with you. The forged completion statement is the smoking gun and is more than enough evidence to get their company audited. Correct me if I'm wrong but it is mandatory for corporations to keep their records for 5+ years meaning an audit will either 1) Find a shit load of forged documents, or 2) They commit fraud by destroying their records. Shop around for lawyers, you have this case in the bag.

StockyPhilB : A wise man said "Never argue with a stupid person..they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." If you didn't want their filter on your pipes, you should have called a plumber IMMEDIATELY to have it removed and added the cost of the plumber to the $16k amount the scammers tried to steal from you when you presented your numbers and information to a lawyer for a class action law suit. It makes me happy to see you stand up to them, document everything so they get caught in their own lies, and try to care about them as people, but that "humanity" is not being returned and you shouldn't expect it to be. Get their property out of your home, contact a lawyer who can build a case with your evidence, and move on with your life.

Mik902 : As soon as you had the evidence you should have called an attorney and the police. They are an obvious scam. You should not have wasted your time talking as much with that woman. You also assume there is a "head office". It's likely just a 3 person fly-by-night operation.

UV : I would get that filter replaced and dissect the unwanted one. I'm afraid it may have junk In it or it may be embedded with something.

Matt Nes'heim : Man they really ran a train on you guys. Just do what most smart people do. If you didn't contact them and say you wanted whatever it is they are selling tell them to funk off. Dont answer the phone or hangup on them immediately, If they come to the door either dont answer it or at the very least, DONT LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE. Problem solved. Once they got that filter even partially installed in your house they had you by the ballz. You are lucky you hidden camera'd them. Or they would still be charging you. And companies like this run until they get enough bad strikes with whatever agency and then they change names. They dont change their business model. Also, that chick is probably married to Mohammed. And its their little scam business that they run together... Guaranteed

SnessFresh : The hardest way to get a free water filter XD

is1available : Great job. As a HVAC contractor for the last 30+ years I have seen these guys rip off thousands of people and the contracts are iron clad you cant get out of them. Only way out is to pay off full amount of contact. DO NOT let these scammers into your house.

E Tube : good job man, for keeping us informed on the scammers I got scammed too you should come check my story out it will blow your mind

Lex Coupe : You are a hero.. #OntariansUnite

Innerbeautyky : Technically she agreed to bring whatever she has, she never specifically said paper work. It's a tactic.

Elf Kind : Why are all scammers from India? Computers, IRS, Water, CRA. I work in construction and most of us will not work on their houses. They cheat you on the bill or just don't pay at all. I have done work for important cardiologists and it turns out the same. How did they even get into an agreement with the utilities in Canada?? WHAT IN THE CULTURE CAUSES THIS??? Without those recordings, you would have been F'ed because they NEVER give in. It's usually best to just take the lesson and walk away... 728,810 VIEWS!! You single-handedly made them famous. WELL DONE!

cringy child : When indians scam in person and not over the phone too😂

josh ferguson : They are under a $50 million lawsuit right now so good work buddy!

Alex Cerda : get emotional distress toart law suit

Antoine : Impressive how you manage to keep your cool and stand your ground to them like that, hat off to you!

Debrian * : Ali Mahummad..... sure mate. I would have asked for his licence

Paul Wood : They should also compensate you for the inconvenience they put you thru.

Chris Notap : Confusion, lying and diversion is their tactic hoping that the BS will boggle your mind and you'll give up. Kudos to you for staying with it to the end. Excellent camera work and recording . I feel sorry for the people that are forking out that kind of money and stuck in a contract they have no idea how to get out of. I love that you put their business cards and phone numbers in your video. Hopefully people will call to give the scammers a mouthful and hopefully drive them out of business. You should really contact Marketplace. You have all the material they need to do a great segment on you and how they tried to scam you. Marketplace would love to hear from you. Just sayin.

Gamer2000 : India is country made of trash and the people living or born there are no different from trash. The same with africa and china. The people there are stupid but at the same time smart enough to trick more stupid or gullible people.

MyWorldOfWarCraftLife : I bought this really expensive shotgun choke about 15 years ago. It was absolutely the biggest piece of shit I have ever bought in my life. Didn't do anything like it was supposed to do and actually ruined my shotgun barrel. I called the company they tell me to send it back and that they would refund my money. 30 days go by I get no money so I made a phone call. The guy acted like he had made a mistake and so he said okay I'm going to send it out now. 30 more days goes by and I got nothing. I finally called the credit card company and had them forcibly take my money back. What this asshole was trying to do was ride out the 90 days that I have to file with my credit card company so that I couldn't get a refund at all.

Jonathan James : It’s pretty simple. No contract, no sale.

OIFEagle : Congratulations! Man, thank you for standing up for the people. These disgusting companies need to be exposed.  You are a hero!

Victor Chavez : Selena is part of the scam. That why she doesn't quit

Wise Ole Geezer Circa 1941 : Problem easily solved. Just do what you can do with phone marketers, say NO, and hang up, or at your house say NO and shut the door.

Jason Harris : Looks like an immigration problem to me.

MrVoidtouch : why would anyone down vote this?

caffeinette : Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you for standing up to these disgusting parasites.

Stanley Scalf : Why does it seem like so many of these companies employ predominantly Indian or Middle Eastern decent personnel? Weird...

marlene souliere : thank you so much for your relentless pursuit of this company. my hat is off to you young man. bravo

Luke Sanci : Dude get a plumber and have them rip out the water filter. Since you didn’t want the filter you didn’t do any product research and comparisons to other products. So there could be anything in there, because it was a scam with bs loop dee loops for customer service whose to say the water is even safe.

Giovanni Tellez : Fuck scammers

TheActright : Why are you saying cancel, saying cancel implies that you first order or approve for it to happen. You're to nice, they want to draw it out and talk to wear you down. Simple is to tell them you're trespassing and contact police.