Door to Door SCAM Caught on Camera - Ontario Home Services / UtilEbill / Enbridge Gas

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PhreshGaming : This video was recommended for me on reddit. I know this sounds hard to believe, but I actually used to answer for this company back at my old job. We were a third party answering service and their calls were forwarded to us what seemed like 90% of the day. I was actually shocked to watch your video and see you had so much direct contact with them because ALL of our calls were angry customers failing to reach the company directly. Our personal company goal was to blend in with a company to the point that callers didn't know they were talking to a third party, but this was one of the few accounts we had where I almost always revealed we were a third party answering service within seconds of the call beginning because everyone was pissed, threatening legal action, etc. Telling the customer we were simply acting as an answering service because they forwarded their lines to us was the only way to get them off the phone. We'd have callers that would call ten times a day and felt absolutely terrible because we all knew the chances of them getting a call back was incredibly slim. I'd even personally taken messages from callers claiming technicians refused to leave their home, and informed us they were calling the police, to which we could only respond "Please do whatever you feel is necessary". Another thing they love to do to other customers, is explain how they can remove the existing water heater in the home and replace it with their unit for free. They explain how billing from embridge will stop, and their company will start billing them in the future. So they take out the old equipment, install their equipment, then when it's time for the bill, the customer is hit with BOTH bills, even though they no longer have the equipment from embridge and they failed to give embridge back their equipment, which I guess is something they promise the customer. Oh, and one last thing. I don't know how it works in Canada, but if you call someone licensed to inspect the installation, it will ALWAYS fail to meet code, and that's how some customers get out of their contracts. They are then ordered by law to remove the equipment as their work never meets regulated standards. Really glad that you recorded everything. I wished every day I could tell people to run from these guys but when it's your job to represent that company and provide a service that they are paying you for, your hands are more or less tied. We answered for thousands of different businesses, and it just so happened this was one of the worst.

Onnethox : They fcked with the wrong person haha. Love it when these scums get owned by someone smart as him 👏

Max Pol : those freaking Indians are professional scammers wherever they are

Orest Pellumb : Lol 823 dislikes gotta be other scammers

arrtoan : File a class action lawsuit and have their company records audited. I guarantee you're not the only one this happened to. You don't have to find a lawyer willing to take this case pro bono. there are plenty of lawyers who will take your case in return for a portion of the settlement. You gathered enough evidence that any court of law will side with you. The forged completion statement is the smoking gun and is more than enough evidence to get their company audited. Correct me if I'm wrong but it is mandatory for corporations to keep their records for 5+ years meaning an audit will either 1) Find a shit load of forged documents, or 2) They commit fraud by destroying their records. Shop around for lawyers, you have this case in the bag.

ittotaq : You are so Canadian... Almost got scammed and trying to help out the girl lmao

Jo Lea : I don't know you personally but I am SO proud of you for doing this, lol. Sending you a massive highfive!!

Marcos Hernandez : You handled this very well. And now more than 700,000 people know about this company scam.

cringy child : When indians scam in person and not over the phone too😂

caffeinette : Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you for standing up to these disgusting parasites.

Planes & Planes : Shouldn’t they go to jail for forgery?

Antoine : Impressive how you manage to keep your cool and stand your ground to them like that, hat off to you!

Giovanni Tellez : Fuck scammers

Debrian * : Ali Mahummad..... sure mate. I would have asked for his licence

Miles Cumminski : I have had to save my elderly mom from a few scam here in the States. The scammers here love to pick on the elderly. It makes me sick!

TheRustyCracker : Indian scammers everywhere!!!!!

Talis : So this is what Mia Khalifa has moved on to huh.

Snoopy Mccloud : I can't believe you didn't sue them and force them out of business based on all that information, especially the forged signature.

Vince Almaraz : Why the heck did your mother let this clown into her house? That's why scam artists pick on the elderly. You also made a huge mistake by not making the technician remove the filter. I saw that coming a mile away.

some girl : Sounds about Indian to me! Ik, not all Indians are scammers

Mik902 : As soon as you had the evidence you should have called an attorney and the police. They are an obvious scam. You should not have wasted your time talking as much with that woman. You also assume there is a "head office". It's likely just a 3 person fly-by-night operation.

SnessFresh : The hardest way to get a free water filter XD

ronnie collum : your sorry politicians should never allow a scam business to get a licence .

Innerbeautyky : Technically she agreed to bring whatever she has, she never specifically said paper work. It's a tactic.

Macs M. : You should have asked the dirt bag if he was "into" spending time in the hoosegow. I'd have immediately reported him to Consumer Affairs or whatever equivalent they have for that in Canada. These people are clearly scam artists. I wouldn't sign ANYTHING for these people because you're giving them an authentic signature to forge. The woman isn't working for somebody else, she and her husband ARE "the company". You need to sit down and have a long talk with your mother.

2815Juan : Before I watched 2 minutes of this. I knew it’s an Indian owned company

QueenCrystal04 : I don't even live in Canada or know anything about this but I find this video very relaxing (ASMR related?) and informative, even as an american. Thank you for uploading!

TheActright : Why are you saying cancel, saying cancel implies that you first order or approve for it to happen. You're to nice, they want to draw it out and talk to wear you down. Simple is to tell them you're trespassing and contact police.

Claudio Fagundes : It is difficult for me to stay with a video that's longer than 5 minutes unless it is continuously intrigues me and I managed to not only watch this whole video but replayed a big chunk of it for my wife to catch up to what I was watching. it is inspirational and makes me feel good that everyone who watches it is gaining a bit of knowledge that they should be aware of clever scammers. it's a sad world we live in it's people like you that make it have some level of Hope to hang on to thank you for the video we all appreciate it.

Rexie Brauchle : I would never allow someone who comes to my door to install anything in my home. I know what I need and I know where to get it.

E Tube : good job man, for keeping us informed on the scammers I got scammed too you should come check my story out it will blow your mind

Janine Beb : I learned a lot because of your video.. thanks for uploading this, I now could see how important documentation is (at any form)

Arran Williamson : Good work. You're better at dodging bullets than Neo

thurguud : Something simmilar happenend to my mother with the electric installation. They cut a huge parte of the electric supply with no reason to the point that my mother could not use heathers or cook food with the electric kitchen. When she called they sent a guy that told her that the whole electric installation of the house had to be removed and redone by them. At that point my mother called me asking if i could go ASAP because she was having a big problem. When i arrived i told the dude to explain to me why the whole electric installation had to be removed. He told me that because the new electric installation does not release CO2 if it burns. I told the guy that at maximum the house had 500 kg of electric cable, that at maximum 50% of that was plastic and that at maximum 50% of that plastic was turned into CO2 if the whole installation burned at the same time. The maximum amount of CO2 produced would be 125 kg. That a cow can easily produce 130kg of CO2 every month. So i was not changing my whole electric installation for someone to grow one more cow for a month. Then he told me that the law was forcing me to do it, i studied law at the university so i told him to send me the law he was talking about. That i was sure that even if the law ordered it they would give time before cutting the electric supply and that it was likely unprobably that the law ordered to change the whole electric installation of so many homes of the country at the same time when winter is arriving. He just said that is was the law so i told him again to send me the law to what he replied that it was a very complicated law with a fancy name. I told him i did not care if it was complicated, that i had enough time to read (i did not told him that i studied law so he was trying to scare me with fancy legal names). He kept saying that he was going to send us the aproximated prize of the installation and i had to tell him more than 3 times that i did not wanted any stimated prize from them, that i wanted the law he was talking about. At that point i got angry and told the dude that it was sketchy that a company evaluated if my installation had to be changed and the same company was the one willing to change it for a lot of money. That it was sketchy that the law was ordering what he was saying because when you study the law enough you can predict fairly accurate what the law is going to say and that i was 90% sure that the law was not saying what he was saying. Then he told us that maybe there was another solution, that he had to check if there was a paper done when the installation was done that allowed us to not change the installation. At that point i just wanted the dude to leave my mother´s house so i did not asked why the fuck he was telling us that we legally needed to change the whole installation before looking for that paper. Sure enough the dude called us a few days later telling us that we had the paper that allowed us to not have to change the installation. If i could not had been there on time, they would had made mymother sing a paper that would have binded her to change the installation and wasted an insane amount of money that would had gone to the pockets of that company. They restored the power supply two months later (they were able to cut it in a single day) after a lot of calls and fucked off. We talked to the neighbours and they were doing the same to them, they were using blankets to heat themselves because the power supply was not enough to run heathers. We talked to my mother sister and they were doing the same to her. The bad thing is that it is a huge electric company the one doing the scam and the government did nothing to stop it, did not punished anyone for it. They were clearly scamming old people with old houses countrywide, making them pay a lot of money for nothing or freeze and the government did fucking nothing

Will Lynott : Good for you! Seriously, nice job standing your ground! One concern about the filter. Eventually, that filter will collect minerals, even if it is a really bad filter. My point is, you should have it removed, otherwise you will have to -buy a filter. Either it will restrict the water flow, or if it is a cheap filter, it will start falling apart. Nothing worse than seeing pieces of filter in glasses of water, or a cooking pot. It could even flow to a shower head, clogging it up. They knew what they were doing by : "leaving it(the filter) where it is". Even if you didn't sign the contract, you would still have to pay for new filters, sooner or later, unless you had it removed. Thanks and good luck in the future.

Chris Notap : Confusion, lying and diversion is their tactic hoping that the BS will boggle your mind and you'll give up. Kudos to you for staying with it to the end. Excellent camera work and recording . I feel sorry for the people that are forking out that kind of money and stuck in a contract they have no idea how to get out of. I love that you put their business cards and phone numbers in your video. Hopefully people will call to give the scammers a mouthful and hopefully drive them out of business. You should really contact Marketplace. You have all the material they need to do a great segment on you and how they tried to scam you. Marketplace would love to hear from you. Just sayin.

Tegan WR : The world is so full of scammers it sucks!! As a business owner I am always fighting scams.

James Anderson : Ok, so my quick rant. It's a lovely summer evening, I'm enjoying a bbq with the family when someone from OHS shows up at my house and basically just introduced themselves and says "So i just need to see your furnace". A perfect stranger wants me to let him see my furnace for no apparent reason. After a short discussion, he notices my brand new AC unit beside my home. He rants on about all the faults with this unit and that if I'm not compliant with provincial legislation, I'd be subjected to fines. He wanted me to sign a, ready for this, $23,000.00 contract!!!!! to bring my home into compliance for an AC unit that was installed by a licensed and bonded HVAC technician less than 2 months prior. Oh, and he notices my deficiencies just by looking at my AC from 20 feet away. What a damn scam.

Christopher Gray : Canadian imports

Aamir Jazzy : Dude they are clearly Pakistanis

Cockatoo Luck : Yay good job bro. Thanks for stoping these people.👍

A Plicqu : The fact that the device was left attached to your water inlet means this scam company had a claim to get money from you. Why didn't you get the device uninstalled? I'd have a plumber uninstall it. You have no idea if it does anything, or causes any problem. Why you let the technician leave without uninstalling it baffles me. You're lucky verbal agreements cannot be held up in court.

Raivis Indr : I hope those 2 scumbags are happy 2 see themselves on yt! shame on them!

Richard Tomkins : Why does Enbridge have a working relationship with this company and continue to facilitate this scam.

Rory Maynor : good work bro. the same thing happened to me with a home alarm company, I ended up with free alarm equipment with no bills and a sale person without a job.

josh ferguson : They are under a $50 million lawsuit right now so good work buddy!

Tru83ful nuffsaid : Good job no bull!!! He'll yeah stomp them into the ground!!!

DeathWish808 : They have been scamming people for a LONG time. Oh wait, this isn't the Comcast video. Well, same difference.

streetmuggedbypolice : Are there any European people still in Canada?

Mr. Thundermaker : bless you brother, i would definitely buy a beer! and as for Ali Mahummad... Hacksaw Jim Duggan should knock on his door an beat his brains out with the ole 2x4! Hoo Hoo Hoo!