Spider vs Cockroach
Spider vs Cockroach

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Huntsman spiders are cool. For usage and licensing contact licensing@viralhog.com


ItalianoVeroAceHigh : Rest of the world: "oh goddam, a spider, kill it, KILL IT!" Australia: "what a cute huntsman, it must be hungry, lets feed it!"

Colleen Rose : Me after seeing the thumbnail: “I bet this is in Australia” Video dude two seconds into the video: *Australian accent* YouTube pinned location: *Australia*

idonotmakevidsyet : Spider: "I have mastered ultra instinct" Cockroach: "Nani?"

ShadowAkatora : In the red corner.. weighing in at 0.2 pounds - The eight legged wrecking machine.. The dancing destroyer.. The current heavyweight champion of the world.. Spider Alfred! And in the blue corner.. weighing in at 0.1 pounds - The challenger.. Hailing from the southside of my bathroom.. The quckiest thing on legs.. The grease lightning.. Jimmy The Roach! *LADIES AND GENTLEMEN - LETS GET READY TO RRRRRR-RUMBLE!!*

Andreas Hoppe : Watching roaches getting owned is so satisfying! I hate roaches

Elias : 0:54 Spider: You picked the wrong house, fool Roach: ey ey ey its me, carl chill chill

Quiet Storm : Alfred will thank him by having a thousand babies and his house is where they will film Arachnophobia 2 lol #GOODJOBALFRED


Roche V : Cockroach: minding its own business Spider: minding its own business Absolutely no one.. Human: fighhht!!!

Strong Power Thank You : Throw the whole bathroom away

Tzara : Their national anthem: "Ohhh nope, nope nopeee, NOPE, nope nope nopey nope. Nope, nope nope nope."

Hypocrisy4 : So all I've got to do to get rid of cockroaches is get a huntsman's spider and keep feeding it before it eats me.

Ayden McCormick : Nobody: YouTube Recommended : Spider vs Cockroach

Tyrone Taylor : *a wild Huntsman Spider appears* Australian Bloke: "Ah! Pest control! He'll take good care of these cockroaches." Us: *terror jumps into geostationary orbit*

Chris Grant : Why are both of these things just chilling in his house? And why is he so casual about it

Judesmile : Strangely it cures my arachnophobia to see that spiders and I are objective alies

Platonic Purple Panda : Me: BURN IT Australia: Awww, let's feed the spidey.

Rudi #23 : The bigger question is: why do you have cockroaches in your shower?

Cameron S. : Wife: EW! Come kill this cockroach. Him: Na. I have a better idea.

wafflecougar : USA: Oh shit an ant I’m going to step on it! Australia: I’m about to feed this giant roach to this giant spider in my bathroom.

Your Overly Eccentric Uncle : Location: Australia My shock could not be lower

Patrik Helis : Friendly neighborhood spider Alfred... I'm dying :))))))) In europe we have cats as hunters, in australia they have spiders

Jasmine Cornejo : Roses are red 🌹 violets are blue the part you are looking for is 0:52

Aryaman Sharma : oh man i didn't expect this when i subscribed to r/videos

Boost Lawds : Can survive a nuclear blast but can't escape a Huntsman

Oth Optimistic : Why does he have a big spider and a cockroach in the same room like rlly

Dan Banks : That spider has skills like Jerry rice the way he cought that...

TecTonicX : 'Drops roach' Spider: *Gotta Go Fast*

Darren Krehoff : "Cockroaches will crawl all over your face while you're sleeping. They have no manners." I might have to spend a lot of time in Australia.

Goonz : “Clicks on this video out of curiosity” *hears Australian accent* “Fully understands the video now”

Danilo Bottino : OH MY GOD THE HORROR I DON'T WANT TO WATCH THIS -- *keeps watching*

Nam Uchiha : This some alien sci fi shet Edited: He looks so happy at the end

optimisticobserver : Option A: Huntsman spider that kills cockroaches. Option B: ... Get a cat that kills both!

Toni Marie : " This is why you keep spiders around." Me: this is why I keep an exterminator around.

Adi Devera : Today's news:Cockroaches are evolving to a point where they'll be impossible to kill Spider:Hold my beer New edit: Also Spider:Wait I don't drink beer Edit:Omg I never got a thousand likes in 6 days before thanks guys.

Yasin Avci : Me: AAH A SPIDER! Mom: Dont worry it cant do anything to you Me: shows video Mom: Sweetie have you seen my gun?

seqn : *Pfft just an average day in Australia. Feeding our pet spiders. Im sick of looking at the video upside down tho*

J P : Burn down ur whole house please Actually, no just burn down the whole continent

Urban Rush : Me: packing my bags and leave my house FOREVER Australian: awww look beautiful spidey!

Vergil the Nephilim : Cockroach: I am invincible! Spider: *That's cute.*

Dev Yes : I have arachnophobia but this... This was for some reason cool :o

Jakob Miranda : you can hear it in his girl's voice, this not the first time he's done it lol. Sounds like she just woke up and her man playing Mortal Kombat with bugs

GG : *Sees spider* Me:....FUUUCK NO~ *Jumps out the window*

アイズ : 0:55 ここまじテラフォーマーズ 日本人挙手🤚

unsteddie music : the enemy of my enemy is your friendly neighborhood spiderman. pizza time!

John Small : Just confirms why I never ever want to go to Australia.

Momo Waterlily : lunch box... Australia is definitely no place for me.....

Owen Ltd : I put vid on pause to say this is Outstanding and my heart is pounding When I wish it was not doing So Great video

MrWereverforever : Before watching the video: let me guess Australia? Watches video: wow who would've thought?🤷‍♂️