Spider vs Cockroach
Spider vs Cockroach

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ItalianoVeroAceHigh : Rest of the world: "oh goddam, a spider, kill it, KILL IT!" Australia: "what a cute huntsman, it must be hungry, lets feed it!"

Judesmile : Strangely it cures my arachnophobia to see that spiders and I are objective alies

ShadowAkatora : In the red corner.. weighing in at 0.2 pounds - The eight legged wrecking machine.. The dancing destroyer.. The current heavyweight champion of the world.. Spider Alfred! And in the blue corner.. weighing in at 0.1 pounds - The challenger.. Hailing from the southside of my bathroom.. The quckiest thing on legs.. The grease lightning.. Jimmy The Roach! *LADIES AND GENTLEMEN - LETS GET READY TO RRRRRR-RUMBLE!!*

Elias : 0:54 Spider: You picked the wrong house, fool Roach: ey ey ey its me, carl chill chill

Andreas Hoppe : Watching roaches getting owned is so satisfying! I hate roaches

Colleen Rose : Me after seeing the thumbnail: “I bet this is in Australia” Video dude two seconds into the video: *Australian accent* YouTube pinned location: *Australia*

idonotmakevidsyet : Spider: "I have mastered ultra instinct" Cockroach: "Nani?"

Quiet Storm : Alfred will thank him by having a thousand babies and his house is where they will film Arachnophobia 2 lol #GOODJOBALFRED

Roche V : Cockroach: minding its own business Spider: minding its own business Absolutely no one.. Human: fighhht!!!

wafflecougar : USA: Oh shit an ant I’m going to step on it! Australia: I’m about to feed this giant roach to this giant spider in my bathroom.

Michael Ward : It took only a secc For the spider to bite him in his necc. A place the roach couldn't protecc. The venom the Huntsman did injecc. And afterwards, the roach felt like hecc. That spider has my respecc!

Tyrone Taylor : *a wild Huntsman Spider appears* Australian Bloke: "Ah! Pest control! He'll take good care of these cockroaches." Us: *terror jumps into geostationary orbit*

Austen : Roach: *squirming* Spider: "Shhhh... just let it happen"

Ayden McCormick : Nobody: YouTube Recommended : Spider vs Cockroach

Chris Grant : Why are both of these things just chilling in his house? And why is he so casual about it

Melo Death : This is not "versus" ,the spider hunted down the cockroach... its like Man vs hamburger

Patrik Helis : Friendly neighborhood spider Alfred... I'm dying :))))))) In europe we have cats as hunters, in australia they have spiders

Cameron S. : Wife: EW! Come kill this cockroach. Him: Na. I have a better idea.

Yashveer Emelio Escobar : Rest of the world: Im scared of Spiders Austrailans: Hold my cockroach i can't find my huntsman

Memz : I bet this was filmed in Australia

Oth Optimistic : Why does he have a big spider and a cockroach in the same room like rlly

War Against Myself : Thank you for not hurting that beautiful spider.

Darren Krehoff : "Cockroaches will crawl all over your face while you're sleeping. They have no manners." I might have to spend a lot of time in Australia.

Platonic Purple Panda : Me: BURN IT Australia: Awww, let's feed the spidey.

Goonz : “Clicks on this video out of curiosity” *hears Australian accent* “Fully understands the video now”

Memeify : I agree with you, while that spider is huge I'm sure in astrualia they aren't that bad, cockroaches on the other hand, are the stuff of nightmares.

TecTonicX : 'Drops roach' Spider: *Gotta Go Fast*

【 Lisa 】 : Others when they see a spider: *kills it and acts like nothing happened* Me when I see a spider: *packs things and gets to airport*

Nam Uchiha : This some alien sci fi shet Edited: He looks so happy at the end

Adi Devera : Today's news:Cockroaches are evolving to a point where they'll be impossible to kill Spider:Hold my beer New edit: Also Spider:Wait I don't drink beer Edit:Omg I never got a thousand likes in 6 days before thanks guys.

Katie Spowehn : “Hope you’re feeling hungry, Alfred.” 😂😂

Urban Rush : Me: packing my bags and leave my house FOREVER Australian: awww look beautiful spidey!

Yasin Avci : Me: AAH A SPIDER! Mom: Dont worry it cant do anything to you Me: shows video Mom: Sweetie have you seen my gun?

seqn : *Pfft just an average day in Australia. Feeding our pet spiders. Im sick of looking at the video upside down tho*

Vergil the Nephilim : Cockroach: I am invincible! Spider: *That's cute.*

Kiwi Jones : So....what was the point of the dislikes?!? Like ugh u petty asses! Nice vid dude!

Deno Crockett : 0:55 When I see food on my plate

Abu Berry : Walked into my room one morning in Orlando, FLA, to see one of these HUGE Huntsman on the wall. At first I thought it was a joke (Perhaps someone put a giant toy rubber-looking spider on the wall, to see my reaction). Then I realized no. This thing was alive. It is real. It was very still. I managed to trap it using a container such as the one in the video. Fed it crickets for a few days then let it go. Beautiful creature.

الوحش الشرس : This is the real monsters battle both and spicealiy cackroch are give me nightmare

Yungboigotenks : *sees thumbnail* that's a big ass spider wtf *hears the accent* ooooh makes sense

Aryaman Sharma : oh man i didn't expect this when i subscribed to r/videos

Selesnya Conclave : I think I've just realised what breed of spider they used for 'Arachnophobia'. Baby Huntsmen?

Fira/Watera. Da TattleTail : It's not your house anymore buddy. It belongs to Alfred now, he just lets you live there.


BlackBee : Only in Australia would some say the words "This is why it's good to have a huntsman spider in your house"

NoLBJ : *_Good thing after you dropped It didn't fly._*

Simple models : This dude is extra chill, lol :D Free spider pet btw :d

Your Overly Eccentric Uncle : Location: Australia My shock could not be lower

Teäß : This is really sad that this spider is more welcomed in this mans home than I am at my own home.