Is It Okay To Be WHITE?

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The phrase "Its okay to be white" has been all over the media this week, but isn't it? Instagram - Become a part of my Patreon - Australian Tour - Twitch Live Stream - Merch - PO Box - 343 Charlestown 2290, NSW, Australia Follow me Facebook - Insta - Snapchat - Thebuttsmarn Email -


Caractacus Potts : I'm white, 32 years old. From a notorious England city for crime and poverty. My grandad spent a long time in jail, my family always lived in council houses, my dad when I was 12 years old snapped my arm literally my hand was hanging off when he was drunk. I moved away from the UK. Now I live abroad. I have absolutely zero family and an average job. I'm super privileged though because I'm white.


Koks Me : I'm black, but I agree kinda 100%. Thank you for bringing this up and speaking on this. Kudos!

Adolf Holoclause : I refuse to apologize for something that I did not do personally

Second Chance : "I'm proud to be black" said the black person "I'm proud to be Asian" said the Asian person "I'm proud to be Aboriginal" said the Aboriginal person "I'm proud to be white" said the racist Edit: Just to set the record straight, I'm proud of some of the things my people have done and I'm embarrassed by some of the things they have done. It's one thing being proud of your colour/culture/people for whatever reasons but when you become fanatical about it then there are going to be problems. The point of the post was to highlight the fact that for some reason the only people on earth at the moment who have to hate themselves due to the colour of their skin (not the content of their character) are 'white' people but some don't seem to see that reading some of the comments. Personally I think the whole "my colour" shit is just that... shit.

gamerboy 5468 : I love everyone except cyclist🚴‍♂️

IceFire1800 : An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, so the best course of action is to both get over the past and learn from it to not let it happen again. it's really not hard. Too many people just want revenge for the sake of revenge, but don't want to be seen as seeking revenge.

Revrend o0 : 488 people don't realize we're actually pink

Kitten Dragos : Soon it's going to be like: Wow, I hate straight, white, atheist people. They are so terrible. I swear that's where the world is going. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to prepare myself for the war I may have just started

Liv_Thomson : The day Isaac shaves off his beard will be the same day the world ends

shanebisme : Isaac, I'm half anglo, and half aboriginal. For me, I say just get over it! There is no one alive left today who committed any office, and no alive who was offended. Only ancestors of both are alive today. That kid in the clip, he is just like me, mixed race! So him talking about what white means to him is crazy! HE IS WHITE!!! At Least part white. And more than 50% white. He is obviously, like me about 70%+ white. And there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with being white. In fact, I'm proud of my white heritage. And that mostly white kid in the clip, with a small amount of aboriginal heritage should also be proud of being white!!!!

TheMadGentleman : I honestly can't think after those buzzfeed videos

Jeffrey KRUPA : IT'S OK TO BE WHITE (Just remember to use sunscreen)

Bob Sinclear : To be successful does not necessarily mean you have been "privileged" it normally means you have been very busy

Shay Doyle : ‘I’m nice to everyone’ except cyclists and vegans 😂

Mario’s World : Its OK to be WHITE !!! ISAAC you’re a LEGEND!

BigSexe : "Hey man can I bum a smoke?" "Sure." "Thanks, that's mighty white of you. " "We'll it's my privilege" 🤣

Paradraw Zombie : I had a white teacher and he was the best teacher I ever had even my classmates loved him and most of my classmates are black

JustAShorty : 1first thing when i here white... Paper

Emily T : This world is trying to fix racism with racism. Its messed up.

Craig Taylor : When I hear the word white... First thing I think of is the cueball on a Pool or Snooker table. Second thing... the background on my pc... Third... My coffee cup is white... Absolutely no racial consideration whatsoever associated with the word ( noun ) white.

Dan Kos : What happens if men stop being men. A ,72 hour strike would be a global collapse,

Christian Wilson : 500 snowflakes disliked this

Paul Francis : Just go to South Africa for a while, then come back and continue, if you live.

Oroku Saki : Anybody who says I'm racist clearly hasn't seen my porn collection.

Jared Sullivan : Did they actually say blue lives don't matter? I am signing off the internet bye friends

SpyroTom : Isaac ur a prodigy

sparklecurly abcd123 : Isaac-I don't care what hobbys you enjoy Me-what about the cyclists!!!

arcader dude : Before I watched your videos I was mostly accepting but not totally After I am FULLY accepting


MINORDEATH PLAYZ : We all bleed the same colour, and that’s all that matters

Issy Gizzy : Im aboriginal and im proud

Cole Evans : You are inspirational, and honest, and you are a wonderful speaker

Shirls : Well I'm so privileged to be white that I still drive my mum's toyota echo...

Kevyn Stone : Well ya know whiteys gotta pay He said very sarcastically.

Gourami ryan : Issac for prime minister. Mate do a TED talk

nz Videography : Influential to some degree BUTTSMARN 💯

HellNight The Night Pirate Dragon : So people should apologise for what their ancestors did? So I should say sorry that my great x20 grandfather, Cletus National Deevil (yes my last name is Deevil, if you’ve never heard of any famous pirates named Deevil, it’s because my ancestors were really good at keeping their identities a secret) was a crazy thieving murdering pirate? Yea nah, not my fault my ancestors were evil murdering crooks!

Chi Truter : Probably the best YouTube video I have ever seen. You put out the facts so well and stay calm while doing so. Thanks for all your hard work. Keep it up 👍🏻

Ryan Gemellaro : I Guess That Straightness,Whiteness, and Being A Man Are Choices!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Connor Bennett : You just gained a subscriber

Bri-BriSuperFly : This is a great video and all, but am I the only one who noticed the paper on the shelf on the right side just moved at 14:10?.... Isaac, do you have a ghost in your home ?🤣

Benji James : How's this; My little sister was told that her natural hairstyle was culturally appropriating black people because it's dark brown and wavy like someone who has a black background or someone who is straight up just black... little did this adult black woman know that my little sister, who was only 13 years old at the time aswel, is half Maori (New Zealander) and half Greek **ultimate facepalm** First off, she's a kid ffs. Secondly, you don't just walk up to a stranger in the street and give them hell simply for the look of their hair. Are we seriously gonna start victimizing people because of their hair. Man i wish caught that situation on tape.

Cheryl Clarke : Hubby because she gave “great service” said Thx Darlin.. she went nuts bc he had the unmitigated gaul to say Darlin!!!🙄😳☹️

JackSpeed 439 : Hobbies, not including cyclists though.

youeat mydookies : DARN MONGOLIAN'S!!!!

Physique of Fatness : Let me answer this question simply, yes it is okay to be white. It is okay to be any race. We are all human. Let’s all respect each other.

LA Meth Witch : THE PROJECT IS WORSE THAN diarrhoea

Rachelle Kebaili : Omg spit on. I agree with all of this. I love the way you just speak your mind. It’s the best way to be.