Men's brains vs Women's brains

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wrksnfx : If you want to see this clip in its entirety follow the link below.

rom4486 : Only woman will finds this sexist.. Proofing man's point that woman brian runs on emotions and they find connection to verything...

Theresa margareth Mil : I'm really dying laughing here! I loved watching him😂😂😂

Mathias Mieres : We had to watch this in my Psychology of Adjustment class, and after that our teacher asked us to point out "sexist stereotypes" in the video. Then she went on a lecture about how men and women's brains are practically the same and the only differences between men and women are just cultural...I hated that class. Too many sensitive little snowflakes (including the teacher) and too gynocentric, and if you dare disagree you'd be verbally shat on by nearly every girl in that class. (The class was probably 2/3rds women). The man in the video exaggerates but it's be funny, and there is research out there that shows men and women's brains are biologically different. It's disingenuous to show this to a class and then use the comedy to dismiss any scientific research regarding the biological/physiological differences between men and women. Liberal arts has become more indoctrination and confirmation bias than actual learning, its also one of the most useless degrees out there if you're just going for an associates or bachelor's. Point is I'm a lot happier now that I'm learning a trade instead of learning how to be another liberal college kid that gets their feelings hurt over anyone who disagrees with them.

Dave White : When a man is in his nothing box he's happy and there's nothing a woman hate more then see a man being happy!

mika kurooka : Haha. what a great guy. He really makes me laugh

Jimmy Conway : it's so true if a woman is sitting around doing absolutely nothing and you just finished completing something you sit down to do nothing enter the state of nothingness the woman will be like I need this I need that can you go to the store why does the man have to be the one to quit doing nothing when she has been doing nothing

Priyamjeet Mohanty : well explained

Michael Aiwohi : hahaha this guy is spot on

John Pershing : That "nothing" men think about is usually sex

vince pie : I'll bet feminists are ruining his life as we speak, just for talking about things backed by neuroscience and not feelings.

bogusswe : Both men and women agree to this. However, the men accept the difference, because it can not be changed. The women question the male brain because women think they are always right and the man HAS to be changed, into a female.

delirousplumberious : Good stuff !

Ana Drumond : So good and so true

Elias Göransson : omg im dying of laugh

Dave L. : LOL, perfect description! I like this guy.😁👍

alphega1983 : This is why men are better suited for the military than women. They can focus completely on the mission objective with soldiers dying around them while keeping there mind in the empty box


Darren Honey : That was awesome!


Dora Tiscareno : DIFFERENCE: Woman are Logical Men are ?

Boyka Unlimitted : This guy still alive or killed by feminists and SJW’s?

Conner Stern : Credentials in the description fool

Conner Stern : 25 seconds in the facial response of that couple says a thousand words

Conner Stern : Who dis

up yours : george carlin did this one

up yours : there is one major flaw in this video ...women dont have brains , they only have weird , selfish feelings !

umbraheart1 : Men are simplistic in their complexity, women are complex in their simplicity.

gulshan narula : welcome ____________ [sweet *** and cute] 💯😊💯 Happy Day congratulations

Dancho Stanchev Yordanov : Women stereotypes seem so shallow.

Nick Vlogs : simply awesome!