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tommy m : cool shit. Warthogs have very distinctive sound. Almost like alien ship

Sensei Raven : I was privileged to work on the A-10 avionics repair program as a DOD QA Inspector back in the '90's, at Fairchild Defense here in MD (long since gone). They used to build them about 40mi away from where I live now, The A10 is arguably the best ground support aircraft this country has ever produced, and the damned Chair Force brass has been trying their hardest to get rid of it for decades, simply because of the way it looks - that's it. in their eyes, it doesn't embody that "fast and sleek" look they want for all their aircraft and the look of the Air Force. My Personal Opinion? Jettison the Chair Force Generals, and fold the Air Force back into the Army. At least ground soldiers appreciate the sound of an A-10 coming to save their asses when they're under fire and need CAS, and they don't give a rat's ass what it looks like either. Just pray that Congress won't let them get rid of it, like they've done for so many years - one of the few things they've ever done that's right.

Paula Renee : Whoa, sounds creepy...

50shadesofcerakote : literally just had 2 of them fly over my house at tree top level fro north east to south west! didnt realize they was there till they was right on top of me. i bought shit myself and orgasmed at the same time! haha

WhatBitchBoom : Low. slow. kill everything bellow. 321st for life lol

David G : One of my favorite aircraft. I wish it could be modernized to survive in a war against a real adversary.

BeckyLMC : How I love these planes...the person that takes these wonderful planes out of activity is un-American in my eyes.  I don't care if they have been working since the seventies...they are still the best support for the ground troops...period.  Ask them and they will tell the snot wods who know nothing about what is needed and what they wish covering their butts.  The people in Washington know nothing about what is  the best choice to clear the way and to protect the ground troops.  I think it's a nice looking plane, too.  Don't know where ugly got into the terminology.  Who cares what it looks like, anyway?  It's not a stupid beauty contest...it's what gets the job done.

TFOKillSwitch : to bad they will soon be all gon. get your hands all you millonener who can by them form surpluses  when they go. and it will be soon

MF11283 : it really is an ugly plane. BUT GOD YOUVE GOT TO LOVE THAT THING

DynamicSeq : Ok I'll give you that..that was kinda low..>looking for hat<

danco35 : If you can hear it screaming, it means he let you live.

Arlios : Normally, you'd see them pull up higher. However this pilot leveled his flight as soon as he got a few meters off the ground.

revaholic : Oh my fucking god.

GadgetsNGear : haha well said. BTW some guy is General Electric, the same guys that make your light bulbs and washing machine! Gau-8 baby!

CruiseNYR : at 16 seconds it looks like the pilot drops the nose a little bit to freak u out

fpstina : sweet

CommanderLink : I guess so. but i was thinking about the current war. and i was also thinking Jeez that guy plays too much CoD4 lol.

CommanderLink : they dont have tanks <_< the rebels in iraq are a bunch of civilians with cheap guns and some mercenaries fighting trained soldiers.

mitch019850 : Anyone else wondering if the last couple seconds (when the camera pans fast) is edited?

Get wrecked kid : That was fucking low that couldve hit the top of the camera and the camera man 2

Get wrecked kid : You shoud of jumped on to a missle and let him fire it and fly with a parachute and jump off and parachute 2 ground

ptschafer : Anyway, that's a nice quality vid, good stuff.

TOPGUNCANADA00 : holy smokes whats that guy tied to the ground? how did he not get tossed around after that thing went by?

PT3005 : man i woulda pissed my pants if that a10 was coming at me that low

pokedude104 : O_O that must of scared the shit outta u holy crap i wouldove shit myself

misteraxl1 : omg he spelled it ''LOWASS'' hahaha(low ass).

Leo Krupp : Flyby teabag.

Wdowa94 : Cool!

legomaniacman : If i had a life to spare i would of jumped up and try to hold on to the wings :P, but physics my arms would of been ripped off

Larommi : Just the sound of the engines...OMG, it is almost as good as when my g/f says yes to sex. Now if I could get her to say yes to me.

Caio César : Fake! Computer created

Christian Lang : that pilot sure have some cojones!!

katamishi : It is called take off.

insanity54 : To each his own I guess, I find the A-10 to be one beautiful machine!

KuostA : erm..not really. They have more than sufficient power to climb at a constant rate, what he did in this video was purely showboating in good ol' fun.

richardcloudbase : O I say that was rather low. Bet it made ones botty nip up some what. Taly ho old been.

Ali Salloum : @13fenderbender The moral of the story: get back in the kitchen.

82ndairborne100 : ok i saw a video that said PLANE GOES 10 FEET OVER MY HEAD, but it was like 20 yards not 10 feet, but that was 10 feet!!!!!!!

Wedge Antilles : Dude, the Irish don't even have combat aircraft what are you talking about?

Nichen : I HOPE you used earprotection!!!!!

Nichen : Are you still able to hear anything?

biggn235 : Since when does the Army use the A-10?

heyfindmenoob : i woulda tryed to jump and touch it XD

DG121480 : You KNOW he felt that in his chest!

wildfire19861987 : FUCK YEAH! long live the hogs!

Steve Son : @1rich12396able That's what's so beautiful about its electric engines; they still work perfectly even after debris fly into them.

bassplaya1549 : i dont think you wanna play chicken with a A-10

ChevyGuy95 : lol think of this news headline.."multi-millon dollar jet downed by thrown rock" XD

Žilvinas Deveika : nice i like the sound of A-10 engines

Soul Survivor : I comb the hair !