Acoustic Levitation in ULTRA SLOW MOTION - Smarter Every Day 134

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NightHawkInLight : I think I could make an acoustic levitation machine, I really want to try that now! Do you happen to know the stats on the speakers used? Last time I did some acoustic experiments I blew an amp and lit a speaker on fire...

binky2819 : I wonder if you could suspend drops of mercury in an acoustic levitation machine.

Preet Singh : put a drop of kerosene and carefully light it

Cheeky Bum : I bet in the future there'll be a board game where you and the other players have to take turns putting in the biggest and most water droplets in a machine like this, and whoever pops it loses, like futuristic Jenga I guess.

Alkosept : You should have blown some smoke into the device. I think it would have made the actual sound waves visible.

SmarterEveryDay : I've had a vision of making this video for almost a year.  Thank you very much to Ford for making it happen!  I feel that there are several PhD's worth of data in this footage.  Seriously.  If anyone wants to publish I would love to work with you on this.

Chris Newman : Should have tried it with a non newtonian fluid.

XxLoneWolf21 : So I watched this video right after watching your video about printable magnets, and it made me wonder. Surely acoustic levitation could be used to suspend a magnet. Of course you would need a very high amplitude to cause a solid to rupture the way water does. But what happens if you have some magnetic dust, say from crushing a magnet, clumped together, suspend it within the sound waves, and then turn the amps up? How much amperage is required to break the particles apart? How will they behave when broken apart? Will they seek each other out and form smaller clumps that can withstand the amperage or will they just fly apart like the water mostly did?

ChronicPain : That music sounds very similar to RATATAT loud Pipes. 4:19 to 5:28

Maxime FROSSARD : 4:34 the mist is orbiting the sound waves, why?


rookie1024 : Could anybody else hear it (aside from the intermittent glitchy noises)?

mizuhonova : It would be interesting to programmatically nudge the pressure just to the point of popping and immediately reverse it after it tips. Would it split it two? Would a small amount explode but it immediately gets restored to a slightly smaller droplet than before? Would it split the water gently enough to bump the drop onto a different node? So many possibilities!

Kitty : Had to turn the sound off, my teeth were starting to hurt.

Benoit-Pierre DEMAINE : 4'01" et 4'18" ... 4'36" , you see stability zones that are circles, about 5 or 10 cm away around the axis, at various height. even if they start the vid by saying they work in 1D, stability circles in 3D have to exist. it's mandatory. Inherent side effect.

mattg00004 : now make one on a large scale, put a person in there, and up the amplitude ;)

PieNinjaProductions : R.I.P Headphone Users.

bullfrogeth : You should also record this with one of those cameras which capture air currents, that would be awesome.

Love aesthetic : Hey its acoustic children

Z C : The high speed video on the black background would make a nice screen saver.

Colin 'Jolly Chap' Taylor : That will be invaluable next time I want to suspend U2 between some of their PA speakers on stage.

Aryamaan Singh : Who else wants Acoustic Levitation Jenga :D

Nicholas Brule : So if you used thicker liquid; oil or that Oobleck stuff, maybe you could suspend larger drops?

Sebastian Ahrens : Those faces at 2:14 are pure gold.

Bleach Ma : I cheched out the Psalm 111:2 . Great one! I do appreciate these kind of slight links to amazing texts . Am I the only one who did this?

Tiago Passarela : that map at 2:13 made me laugh for awhile

Jap Dcp : i know he isnt real but, is this how banshee from xmen "flies" he uses this concept

Experimentboy : After seeing +Physics Girl 's video outro about Chladni Patterns, I wanted to learn about acoustic levitation so badly... So Thanks for making this AMAZING video, and congratulations for working with awesome people again and... Phantoms !! *jealous* We'll always support you Destin! Now YOU have a good one! ;)

Oscar Whitlock : What I want to know is what would happen if you placed a small piece of paper cut into the shape of a circle (like the little piece of paper that pops out when you use a hole punch) and put it horizontally and vertically? Or does this only work for spherical objects?

Grip Limit : I'm not obligated to mention that ford supported me... but, you should check out the new ford focus 😉. lol

Andrei Brănescu : You should have blown some smoke into the waves, it would probably have made them visible.

BC ElginTex : I'd love to see small particles (such as dust, baby powder, flour, saw dust, etc.) dropped into the column of sound to be able to see (maybe?) the waves.

Alexandre : So that's how the guy in X-Men flies

Cheesy Izaak : I'm getting SmarterEveryDay. -see what I did there-

Diego Fortgens : coulndt you give a warning that headphones might get destroyed? mine did. I was on 34 volume

JamesFenczik : making mini galaxies

Yukio Gold : So when do we get those gravity beams from portal 2?

neutralskies : The noise of the machine hurts my ears so much, even through the video.

bedhogmeg : aw JEES hes a total NERD

Israel Leite : Am i the first one to think of using this technology in front of an airplane wing?

Mau ro : it's like Ratatat music ! :) like it

Nobody : They never said science could be so beautiful in schools.

prashant daby : yo channel soo cool i subscribed

steve sharifi : How about if try it in horizontal line!!

Pranav Eswaran : I wonder: If you put your hand on that, would it feel like you are resting your hand on a table or would gravity be too much (along with the force of your hand/arm)?

Brian Hegger : At 6:26 He places his hand under the balls and they fall into his hand, what if the hand was placed upside down above the balls, would they fly up into his hand?

Regina Gilby : What about a bigger sound wave that be even more cool

tumeropadre : could you put these instruments in rows and lines of some the ancient sacred geometry, like the life flower and maybe recreate a mini big bang? would love to see a start at the middle let explosions outwards.

Sten Van Gelderen : Would this also work from one side with two speakers playing in oposite intervals and turned at the right angle? Would you be able to create a forcefield with this?

Ouroboros : 111:2 The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. Yeah, too bad the works of the LORD are nowhere to be seen in this video. I saw SCIENCE doing some work, though.