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Jorrel Doe : Please reboot epsiode 3. I won't even mind.

Jack Steinmeyer : He protec He attac But most importantly... He bring the clone wars bac

Baboon momma : Friend: HEY episodes 9 is out Me:I don't care Friend: clone wars back Me: WHAT

Vastra : *Suicide Rate Drops To Zero*

Shogun : Disney better not screw this up.

Jaylyn Abrams : This is great, but I hope they don't tone down the violence.

Ben B. : I love the symbolism of the ever-growing line of phase 2 helmets. The war is costing the clones their identities and causing them to become more weapons of a burgeoning empire, rather than men with hearts and minds.

VideoCentral : I see some kids from Rebels disliked the video.

No : Season 1 welcome Season 2 you addicted yet Season 3 ooooo Season 4 MORE MORE!!! SEASON 5 the collection of items and love for it Season 6 ILL BE BACK Season 7 AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS BAC!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Neighbor Prism : Why does Anakin from the Clone Wars act more mature and sound more mature than Anakin in the movies

Schwatvogel : What is this I feel? Satisfaction? Anticipation? I almost forgot how this feels like, at least in relation to SW.

Tyler Durden : (Read with the emperors voice) Goooood

VideoCentral : I grew up with The Clone Wars and i loved it! i was so sad when i watched all seasons and realized that the show had ended BUT NOW ITS BACK! I am really really happy with this! Since disney owns it and disney channel and that exist maybe we will get more than just this season!? I cant even describe how happy i am right now! #CloneWarsSaved

Zesi Productions : In my opinion the clone helmets are, Wolffe, Rex, Waxer, Boil, Cody, Fives, Hevy, echo hawk, fox, Gregor, Jessie, hard case, slick, dogma, kix, appo, Tup, warthog, matchstick, tracer, axe, oddball, sinker, boost, stone, thorn, Thire, jek, rhys, Grey, styles, Driod bait, cut up, In general, Hunter, Tech, Cross hair, Wrecker, Colt, Havoc, Blitz, Crasher, Jax, Hotshot, Whiplash, Lucky, Bly, Pounds, Bacara, Gree, Neyo, Jag, fil, Keelie, Jet, doom, Monnk, Lassar, Tango company, Delta squad, Del and Kicker, 99 Just to note I included all the white helmets, bad batch and 99.

David Nguyen : Hope it will be in netflix

Antilles Gaming : We did it! We finally did it everyone! We got clone wars back!

layerfitz130 : I'm Crying This was my favorite childhood show

M.Grey : Will Lucas return,he was the only one that understood what the fans would want and even made the quality of the look and animations way way better then rebels so us fans can enjoy it even more

Latts Razzi : 4 episodes son of dathomir arc 4 episodes bad batch arc 4 episodes mandalore arc

LACHIE D : star wars season 7. the clone wars awakens

VaultBoy WhoUses4chan : *SUICIDE RATES DROP TO 0*

eric howard : Another thing for Disney to ruin

LionFish Lover : I didn’t even know it was coming back until I checked r/PrequelMemes

George Washington : Hell........ It's about time.....

Apostol Yanev : Is Anakin's hair longer,or more in volume or is it just me?

ΔȚᄂΔଌȚᅢᄐଌϸΔᄃᄐᄃΔȚ : just one thing to say... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WE NEED MORE AHSOKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IgnitedZucc 25 : This is where the fun begins

Matteo France : Are the other season going to be removed from Netflix for the new Disney platform?

adam braun : Oh my god, its back baby

Raven1 : OMG OMG OMG I thought this season was never going to come out !!!! cant wait as soon as it comes out I'm going to binge watch it !

Alpha Killer : I'm willing to watch it if Disney makes sure there's SJW boneheads working on this. Would be really disappointed to see one of my favorite childhood tv shows be dug out of its grave, just to be humiliated. Don't f*ck up Disney. Btw, Anakin's animation looks really bad and like out of sync.

Dutch_Pagan : I feel as if millions of voices just shouted out in joy, and were nevermore silenced...

The Guy : Hype levels confirmed for ABSOLUTELY MAXIMUM

Bootleg Sesh : Hopefully Disney doesn’t make it like rebels

Darth Krul : Star wars: Clone wars: we have the high ground ( to Star wars resistance)


Bobby/Gayla Simmons : #clonewarsaved

Cyberfranc : The hype is coming

pauline lam : So happy I have tears in my eyes.... I just found out about this today. I hope they animate Dark Disciple bcos Ventress deserve to be sent off on screen... Filoni, you restored my trust in you. Thank you.

swan 2 : Yassssssssss

Inferno 79 : How was this not leaked?! Seriously, whoever was in charge of keeping this secret did a good job. Either that or I've been really out of it.

pablojaun desantacarlose : This was my childhood

Sora Owari : That hair...Anakin is becoming darth vader soon.

Death G : make sure to get a 10ft pole to keep Disney away..... make it a 50ft pole.....

Darrick Ting : Star wars resistance is a joke

HALO20601 : I'm not going to lie, I cried tears of joy after seeing this.

David Nguyen : First time i thought this trailer on movie , but this is trailer on season 7!!!!

Charles Abraham Ventura : Rip rex and cody's helmet at the beginning #CLONEWARSSAVED

MaryLynne Wrye : #clonewarssaved yess!!!

khfan4life365 : Omg! I can’t wait! Is this gonna be on TV or Netflix? *screams in excitement*