Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

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khfan4life365 : Omg! I can’t wait! Is this gonna be on TV or Netflix? *screams in excitement*

Emperor Palpatine : I will return

IgnitedZucc 25 : This is where the fun begins

Shiva L : Who else is hyped!!

ItamarO93 : Disney is on full on damage control after "Solo: Oh so low at the box office". Finaly, they start listening to what the fans want. That means we're gonna get the Bad Batch and Echo.

Haiko Brechters : I have never been so happy...

Hunter Farrar : This saved me from suicide

Sammy Last Name : A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

GropizyGaming : #CLONE WARS SAVED

Haiko Brechters : I have tears in my eyes

Inferno 79 : How was this not leaked?! Seriously, whoever was in charge of keeping this secret did a good job. Either that or I've been really out of it.

Treacer Chicata : WHAT?! I have seen unfinished episodes of seazon 7, that will be great season!

Rakatan Empire : Honestly it broke my heart when they cancelled the show, i remember sitting doesn and watching as it went live on CN and seeing the characters grow and become fleshed out. I remember always thinking about it. And now that its back, we finally get closure we wanted and craved for

The Forbidden Fruit : Hello there

Elijah Bays : Next we need Star Wars the force unleashed 3

DänTheUltimate : This is a happy moment!

Mr. Vader : Best day in the world for all swcw fans 😍

GANJI : Yea rebels was a mistake. Also i like how this still feels like the clone wars after all these years lol

Earth Raccoon287 : This is my opinion this show makes the prequels really good

julius wiley : Ashoka tank yes 🧡

The Joker : The hype is real

Maciek Sygut : I can't sit when watching this!!!!!!

Alfie Clinton : This is dope , just hope that the old creators of the series come back to finish it because honestly I hated Rebels ( not judging if anyone else likes it though )

VideoCentral : I see some kids from Rebels disliked the video.


Ball Blart : Who dare dislike this video?

Jorrel Doe : Please reboot epsiode 3. I won't even mind.

Palpatine : Yes

Abraham Mireles : *Looks at noose in closet* Not today old friend

Koen Buurman : I feel as if millions of voices just shouted out in joy, and were nevermore silenced...

Lord Twaddle : #PleaseDontFuckItUpThisTimeDisney

Valiii : I AM DYING

GLOBΛL : Omfg #CloneWarsSaves I still can't believe it

Jorrel Doe : YES!

The Lego Detective : Is this for real??? YASS

Tostahmeister : YESSSSSS

thomas marliot : MERCI MON DIEU!!!!

Kerberos : I feel sorry for everyone died after the abrupt end of clone wars and wont be seeing this masterpiece of an idea

Nicholas Eickman : Nerd-Gasm in 3... 2... 1...

Michael Hak : i hope they actually can do more with grievous this season and not make him sucky like how he lost to those gungans

The Guy : Hype levels confirmed for ABSOLUTELY MAXIMUM

MrMonkeyMan1312 : I should've worn my white underwear before watching this

Nelson Guerrero : It has the same Thunderbirds style big budget animation that i always loved. Cannot wait for Kevin Kiners score for it and the tone of the show when it ran on CN.

Riot Breaker : These tears are real.

Ladondorf : Didn't see this coming.

JK193765 : It kind of looks like a Telltale game.

GogoLemons : My childhood

Ninja NikNik : A series left unfinished...until now.

Darkavenger_13 : I always knew it would return. Too damn successfull to remain cancelled. If Disney needed to give us something to save Star Wars this was the right call to make

外国人说中文 : Disney is FINALLY listening to the fans. NOW... NEXT: REMAKE The Last Jedi, bring Luke Skywalker back to life, and fire Kathleen Kennedy, fire Rian Johnson!!!!!!!!