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Jorrel Doe : Please reboot epsiode 3. I won't even mind.

Jaylyn Abrams : This is great, but I hope they don't tone down the violence.

Jack Steinmeyer : He protec He attac But most importantly... He bring the clone wars bac

khfan4life365 : Omg! I can’t wait! Is this gonna be on TV or Netflix? *screams in excitement*

IgnitedZucc 25 : This is where the fun begins

Hunter Farrar : This saved me from suicide

ItamarO93 : Disney is on full on damage control after "Solo: Oh so low at the box office". Finaly, they start listening to what the fans want. That means we're gonna get the Bad Batch and Echo.

Inferno 79 : How was this not leaked?! Seriously, whoever was in charge of keeping this secret did a good job. Either that or I've been really out of it.

Emperor Palpatine : I will return

Sammy Last Name : A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

Haiko : I have tears in my eyes

VideoCentral : I see some kids from Rebels disliked the video.

Dutch_Pagan : I feel as if millions of voices just shouted out in joy, and were nevermore silenced...

Haiko : I have never been so happy...

Rakatan Empire : Honestly it broke my heart when they cancelled the show, i remember sitting doesn and watching as it went live on CN and seeing the characters grow and become fleshed out. I remember always thinking about it. And now that its back, we finally get closure we wanted and craved for

Earth Raccoon287 : This is my opinion this show makes the prequels really good

Ben B. : I love the symbolism of the ever-growing line of phase 2 helmets. The war is costing the clones their identities and causing them to become more weapons of a burgeoning empire, rather than men with hearts and minds.

Abraham Mireles : *Looks at noose in closet* Not today old friend

Bird O : Season 1 welcome Season 2 you addicted yet Season 3 ooooo Season 4 MORE MORE!!! SEASON 5 the collection of items and love for it Season 6 ILL BE BACK Season 7 AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS BAC!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

GropizyGaming : #CLONE WARS SAVED

GANJI : Yea rebels was a mistake. Also i like how this still feels like the clone wars after all these years lol

Treacer Chicata : WHAT?! I have seen unfinished episodes of seazon 7, that will be great season!

Alfie Clinton : This is dope , just hope that the old creators of the series come back to finish it because honestly I hated Rebels ( not judging if anyone else likes it though )

Kerberos : I feel sorry for everyone died after the abrupt end of clone wars and wont be seeing this masterpiece of an idea

Elijah Bays : Next we need Star Wars the force unleashed 3

Ball Blart : Who dare dislike this video?

Mr. Vader : Best day in the world for all swcw fans 😍

Juju 123 : Ashoka tank yes 🧡

The Joker : The hype is real

VideoCentral : I grew up with The Clone Wars and i loved it! i was so sad when i watched all seasons and realized that the show had ended BUT NOW ITS BACK! I am really really happy with this! Since disney owns it and disney channel and that exist maybe we will get more than just this season!? I cant even describe how happy i am right now! #CloneWarsSaved

Michael Hak : i hope they actually can do more with grievous this season and not make him sucky like how he lost to those gungans

Schwatvogel : What is this I feel? Satisfaction? Anticipation? I almost forgot how this feels like, at least in relation to SW.

Maciek Sygut : I can't sit when watching this!!!!!!

Palpatine : Yes

The Forbidden Fruit : Hello there

DänTheUltimate : This is a happy moment!

MrMonkeyMan1312 : I should've worn my white underwear before watching this



Nelson Guerrero : It has the same Thunderbirds style big budget animation that i always loved. Cannot wait for Kevin Kiners score for it and the tone of the show when it ran on CN.

shazam collins : OMG I'm hyped and excited we needed this we deserve this I'm so excited I miss and love star wars the clone wars and I love and miss Ashoka. Ashoka look awesome and cute as always I'm hyped I've so excited I'm crying we all love clone wars thanks god for saving it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

GogoLemons : My childhood

BassDrop25 ToTheSky : And that boys and girls is how Disney played the best Trump card they have to get the fandom to calm the 5555 down lmao take that as you will but for real glad to see it's coming back No H8 thankz. <3

thomas la Goule : MERCI MON DIEU!!!!

Diet Coke _ : this trailer made me nut

LionFish Lover : I didn’t even know it was coming back until I checked r/PrequelMemes

Baboon momma : Friend: HEY episodes 9 is out Me:I don't care Friend: clone wars back Me: WHAT

Nicholas Eickman : Nerd-Gasm in 3... 2... 1...

Raven1 : OMG OMG OMG I thought this season was never going to come out !!!! cant wait as soon as it comes out I'm going to binge watch it !

Ninja NikNik : A series left unfinished...until now.