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Jorrel Doe : Please reboot epsiode 3. I won't even mind.

Bryce Thornton : *Star Wars Rebels has left the chat*

Uncle Sinbad momma : Friend: HEY episodes 9 is out Me:I don't care Friend: clone wars back Me: WHAT

Jack Steinmeyer : He protec He attac But most importantly... He bring the clone wars bac

PentagonThief1 : I really hope it doesn’t become super kid friendly.


First : That hair...Anakin is becoming darth vader soon.

Neighbor Prism : Why does Anakin from the Clone Wars act more mature and sound more mature than Anakin in the movies

Tyler Durden : (Read with the emperors voice) Goooood

James Jesus : "Hello master. It's been awhile." *faints*

No : Season 1 welcome Season 2 you addicted yet Season 3 ooooo Season 4 MORE MORE!!! SEASON 5 the collection of items and love for it Season 6 ILL BE BACK Season 7 AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS BAC!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

David Nguyen : Hope it will be in netflix

Ꮢąყŋɛ : just one thing to say... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WE NEED MORE AHSOKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaylyn Abrams : This is great, but I hope they don't tone down the violence.

Mike Jones : I hope they work season 7 into episode 3, events leading up to the battle of Coruscant, and then the final episodes maybe show Ashoka and Rex having to deal with order 66 and go into hiding as the Empire begins.

Zesi Productions : In my opinion the clone helmets are, Wolffe, Rex, Waxer, Boil, Cody, Fives, Hevy, echo hawk, fox, Gregor, Jessie, hard case, slick, dogma, kix, appo, Tup, warthog, matchstick, tracer, axe, oddball, sinker, boost, stone, thorn, Thire, jek, rhys, Grey, styles, Driod bait, cut up, In general, Hunter, Tech, Cross hair, Wrecker, Colt, Havoc, Blitz, Crasher, Jax, Hotshot, Whiplash, Lucky, Bly, Pounds, Bacara, Gree, Neyo, Jag, fil, Keelie, Jet, doom, Monnk, Lassar, Tango company, Delta squad, Del and Kicker, 99 Just to note I included all the white helmets, bad batch and 99.

George Washington : Hell........ It's about time.....

dari_ m : "Clone wars saved" For one season


Kevin : Bad batch gonna go retrieve echo in good resolution now.

Apostol Yanev : Is Anakin's hair longer,or more in volume or is it just me?

Joshua Nelson : #clonewarssaved? More like #starwarssaved

LACHIE D : star wars season 7. the clone wars awakens

Victoria : gus you don't know how excited I am for this

Darth Krul : Star wars: Clone wars: we have the high ground ( to Star wars resistance)

Schatach : Please let ahsoka back and create a part with her rex and how they Booth survive the order 66 and how it was after that. Also it would be great if you will give maul a comeback cause in episode 5 sidous let him alive for something but what was that?? Even so a Story where boba, ventress and bane works together would be perfect. I'll hope you make this grate 👏👍 Ohh a Story with eco would be amazing😉


Just SimpleContent : If ahsoka wouldn’t return I am not sure if I would watch it. Cause it would be to painful for it to end without her

LionFish Lover : I didn’t even know it was coming back until I checked r/PrequelMemes

The Guy : Hype levels confirmed for ABSOLUTELY MAXIMUM

Darrick Ting : Star wars resistance is a joke

DZX Ace : When is this going to come out? I’ve been waiting 5 months

Thicnos Booty : Hopefully Disney doesn’t make it like rebels

Raven1 : OMG OMG OMG I thought this season was never going to come out !!!! cant wait as soon as it comes out I'm going to binge watch it !

Hunter Farrar : This saved me from suicide

Matteo France : Are the other season going to be removed from Netflix for the new Disney platform?

khfan4life365 : I have a feeling Order 66 will be shown in this season.

Noah Sharplin : Prequels are better than Sequels

Obi wan kenobi : Order 66 in clone wars

Paradox Messenger : *Suicide Rate Drops To Zero*

Superior Icebear : War, War never changes

Alexandra SHAW : Don’t you just love the quotation before every episode, they were actually the best.

Steven Bragga : I can’t breathe right now bro I’m so damn excited 😆

Froggyman145 : The crazy bastards actually did it....all is now forgiven.

khfan4life365 : Omg! I can’t wait! Is this gonna be on TV or Netflix? *screams in excitement*

Darth Vader : Ideal ending: Rex and ahsoka have just escaped the clones during order 66. They both embrace eachother for the last time and part ways. 30 years later Ahsoka is medatating on malachor, deep in the chambers when she senses something. A change in the force as she feels light instead of the everpresent darkness. She knows its time for her to return. She boards an old tie fighter that belonged to an inquisitor in the empires era. Due to her extensive knowledge and training she can sense where she must go. Her ship arrives at the forest moon of endor. She leaves her ship and can hear the sounds of music and celebrations. In a corner she sees a man, probably in his 60s, however this wasnt any man, it was her friend rex. The two embrace. "Ive missed you, i thought you were gone" he cried "Ive missed you to, What has happened here? "We have finally brought peace to the republic, our war is finally over, were free" "I can feel it, all the pain, all the grief, it wasnt for nothing" "Come with me Ahsoka, theres somebody i would like you to meet, his name... his name is skywalker" She followed rex while still shocked about the boys named, she remembered a time, long ago where she fought alongside a jedi with the same name. They both aproach a cloaked man, next to a large fire. He turned and greeted both rex and ahsoka. When he turns she can see what the fire was burning. Her master, her betrayer, her tormenter, her friend, her brother, Anakin. "He was my master, he cared deeply about his friends, he was powerful and kind." "I know, he was my father. There was still good in him. He sacrificed himself to save me. His son. He brought balence to the force" "He was a good man, he never gave up on me" The two sit in silence and remember the chosen one. She remembers her life and all that had happened. She feels something and turns her head. In the distance she sees a man, robed and smiling. It was her master. She understood everything now. The light the darkness and the balence. Just thought id write that, its bad and needs wprk but i think that that would be a great and to a great story

Inspiringer : my fifth grade dream is back to life.

Total War Destroyer : They better not screw this up....

MARCEL SOARES : We want the order 66

IgnitedZucc 25 : This is where the fun begins