Why China Is so Good at Building Railways
Wendover Productions Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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Jonte Ded : 50 years ago, 90% of the population were illiterate. What an amazing progress, hats off to China!

Gino Romano : I fly to China for work often. Last time I went I landed in HK, took MTR to West Kowloon station straight from the airport. Then took the high speed train to Humen and subway to Dongguan. What a great and convenient experience, better than anything we have in the US. Trains are all very clean, stations are super safe (like pretty much everywhere in China and HK) and quite fast, I think we were cruising at about 270km/h. Fares are decently cheap and easy to book online. Trains are always on time in my experience. First time is a little daunting but the workers are very helpful. Quite a few of them know enough English and will point you on the right direction.

黄前麗奈 : As a Chinese, I have to say that I'm truly impressed with the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your research. That's not normal on YouTube.

Wil Yuen : I go in to any train station in China, there is a mall with banks, convenient stores, gift shops, etc. I go in any train station in Chicago I smell piss, bums sleeping on the floor, and if I go get off the wrong stop, I can get shot anytime.

Ray Whittington : Because they build them instead of talking or thinking about building them.

The TexPat in Saigon : In the USA, for every length of track that you try to lay, you'll get a lawsuit attached. China doesn't have that problem. When California announced their "bullet train" project, I told all of my friends, that it would never be completed. No major project can be done in USA because of special interest groups, lawsuits and the way the government is structured (50 independent countries in a shell called USA). If you wonder why totalitarian countries can do more, its because they can ... the people can't stop them.

Mei xueyuan : I came from Jingmen, a small city in middle China. I've lived in the United States for almost 10 years. Traveling back to my hometown was a nightmare before my hometown was connected to the high-speed train system. I took a 17-hour flight from Chicago to Beijing, then a 1.5-hour transfer from Beijing International Airport to the train station, then a 5-hour bullet train to the provincial capital Wuhan, then a 3-hour SLOW train or BUS through high-way to my hometown. I lose 5 pounds for each travel. After my hometown connected to the system, I can take a 5.5 -hours bullet train from Beijing to my hometown directly after arriving at Beijing train station. This saves me lots of efforts. I heard that the new Beijing airport under construction is supposed to directly connect to the bullet train station. That means I can take the bullet train right after my flight. Also, I heard they are going to release a special bullet train with beds so people like me can rest after the long flight. I can't wait for that day to come!

Sherrie Tsao : My mom's family is actually from Hengyang. That station 45 mins away from the city center is not only serving that city but also many towns around it. In many cases, a couple of cities share one station (but it might be named after the biggest one).

WildFire Studios : China is the best neighbor and ally you can have with hardworking and cooperative peoples :) Love from Pakistan :)

Jetlite : Indian railways on the other hand.... Labels 60kmph trains as 'superfast'

Jeff Gao : 1. China has a population size that needs huge transportation supply, all methods 2. CRH is so damn comfortable! If the timing is close, I prefer the train over fly.

Yevgueniy-Eugene Nikolayev : As a Russian, I can tell that my Chinese neighbours are so good at building high speed railways is because they were smart in taking the best from both economic systems - socialism/communism (such as collective help for the greater good even when it’s not profitable) and capitalism (such as free trade)... ...unlike our foolish and traitorous Soviet leaders, who were so eager to please the West, that they destroyed everything good our socialist/communist system had to offer... Very happy for my Chinese brothers! From Russia with LOVE & RESPECT!! 👍🇷🇺☭🇨🇳👍

Jan Honza : 1303 km long Beijing – Shanghai railway line was built in 3 years. Can you imagine this high-speed railway construction in your country? I have travelled by G1 Beijing - Shanghai train: 1303 km in 4 hour and 26 minutes. Average speed 294 km/h. Incl. 2 stops! There is no faster train in the world! Unbelievable!

Aliex Simth : Simple: Made of the people, by the people, for the people. NOT off the people, buy the people and fool the people.

Michael Sigler : Why is China so good at building railways? Squarespace

Don yang : that is the benefit of authoritarian government, once they made up their mind, they get THINGS DONE...

Marcus Brutus : If I can work in New York and live 250 miles far away to save my rent..

Azam Khalid : china we want A high speed TRAIN from Urumqi to Gilgit to Gawadar love from pakistan

Jinbin Lv : because China doesn't want to send own people to fight a war for oil?

JKihnTXJO 7878 : It's funny how China small cities: ~1,000,000 USA small cities : ~100,000

Marcus Loke : Good video, but a little oversight on the GDP (PPP) part. This calculates the individual persons wealth (or ability to purchase) and not a measure of how rich the country's coffers actually is. Yes the average Chinese is not as wealthy as many countries, but the China as a country is actually extremely wealthy.

黄前麗奈 : I had nothing to do with technology; it has everything to do with the demand of the market.

Susmit Kumar : Your research and hard work are highly commendable... I also appreciate the unbiased and objective nature of your narration .

Richard Robinson : I've visited Urumqi several times; it's a lovely city and well worth the effort to get there.

Busta : Transportation: (exists) Wendover Productions: *N U T*

B Dub : I'm guess because all the property is owned by the Gov.

morrischiutw : When ? Trump,et you American bullet train 🚄 completed? We 1,400,000,000 Chinese have enjoyed it more than 30,000 km bullet train 🚄 350 KMH cheap and easy safe more than 15 years....and we no steal from American you...

ye wu : The social benefit is greater than the economic benefit.Long-term benefits outweigh short-term benefits.

hereistand2008 : Democracy doesn't always give the best way to run the country. China proved it.

FRANTIC ™ : Wendover like planes and trains. I like them too.

DonHrvato : China is booming, well done China

Delaney Waltman : The United States spends more money just to acquire the land and fight legal battles to build it.

Mimi S. : Wow! Interesting. Can you do a video on China and the "One Belt, One Road" or on China's "String of Pearls"? Many of the countries in the One Belt are getting China's high speed rail system too. Thank you!

EDGAR CHAVEZ : California governor cancell high speed rail system. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Nilguiri : Rumour has it that by the 23rd century, the US will have trains that will reach speeds of up to 160 kph.

Rookie Bird : Lanzhou Urumqi HSR also serves as a cargo route.

Nerinav Nerinavian : C:creative H:hardworking I:industrious N: nationalistic A: Attitude

Felix Klenk : Meanwhile, Stuttgart are digging a hole in the middle of the city to bury their station in.

Tech Geek : Simple, China is not ruled by car and oil corporations..

Feda B. Önar : This comment was made possible by Squarespace

Lukman Leong : Thanks the 2008 global financial crisis, Siemens, Alstom, Kawasaki and Bombardier were all financially stricken and gave huge discount for trains and technology transfer.

Justus Shwafati : Great China, maybe move there and become communist! Nothing works on Western Worlds!

John Hoy : China is also good at building airports and ports. For example, the huge new Beijing Airport with eight runways will be completed at the end of 2019

John Good : 中国大型基建能力是祖传的,大运河、长城、……,又一次“自古以来”…

Marko Krco : As an american who lives and works in China, I actually take the high speed train from Beijing to Guizhou quite often (8.5 hours). And in addition to what this video already explains, I'd like to add four more bits.. 1) These are the most comfortable, and smoothest trains I have ever ridden. They're much more spacious than a plane, as well as smoother and quieter. The only downside is that many Chinese in general don't get the seemingly simple concept of using headphones so they won't bother other passengers :( 2) It's true that Chinese flights (especially to Beijing) are frequently late.. It can be really frustrating. But the trains are fantastic. I've never seen one of the trains even a minute late. They're always on time. 3) As an American, every time I get on one of these trains I have to admit to a certain amount of jealousy. Why don't we build these in the US? 4) These trains are having a really transformative effect on how the Chinese view themselves and their country. When you can reach almost any part of China in just a few hours, it really encourages tourism as well as exploration of one's own country. The US highway system did something similar for the US (think roadtrips), but this network really takes it to the next level. The network is having a serious, positive impact on how the Chinese view themselves.

Bi Mer : the day African economies quits democratic system of government...our development story will be like none other. democracy is anti infrastructure. Too many bureaucracies

Peng Jiang : Hi, firstly, the statistics are true, and I certainly give you credit for that. However, the comments are more from western point of view and the political position, which are considered less objective. If you know some history of development of China, you should heard an important principle “ you don’t have chance to get rich if nobody reaches you, therefore, build road in order to make money and get rich”, this is why our government invests a lot in transportation infrastructure. As you already noticed, the high speed train and highways are connecting some small cities and town where were difficult to reach, and most of Chinese consider it as an investment of the future of these small cities. When westerns build a road purely for satisfy the current needs, for example, mitigating terrible transport between big cities, our government considers the benefit of the future, when two big cities become large enough, these small cities within the area of 1-hour or 1.30 hour transportation time will play an important role in reducing the pressure of the overloaded cities. This requires strong ability and steady will to plan, coordinate, organise and implement. Perhaps you don’t get it as westerners, but it really doesn’t matter as most of the Chinese citizens acknowledge this project.

andy yuan : 最可笑的是,把兰州到乌鲁木齐的高铁,看成是为政治而建,目光短浅。 The most ridiculous thing is that the lanzhou to urumqi high-speed railway is built for politics , short sight.

joey Chan : 这个中文翻译,是谷歌直译么?