Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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NathanWilson : I've always preferred the train to a plane.

Hot Sauce : High IQ, large population, hard working, value education, and willing to sacrifice for future generations. That's why they are still around 5,000 years.

Ray Whittington : Because they build them instead of talking or thinking about building them.

Wobbegong : Meanwhile in Germany the rail is slower than a car and more expensive than air travel. Lesson here: Never privatise infrastructure.

Marko Krco : As an american who lives and works in China, I actually take the high speed train from Beijing to Guizhou quite often (8.5 hours). And in addition to what this video already explains, I'd like to add four more bits.. 1) These are the most comfortable, and smoothest trains I have ever ridden. They're much more spacious than a plane, as well as smoother and quieter. The only downside is that many Chinese in general don't get the seemingly simple concept of using headphones so they won't bother other passengers :( 2) It's true that Chinese flights (especially to Beijing) are frequently late.. It can be really frustrating. But the trains are fantastic. I've never seen one of the trains even a minute late. They're always on time. 3) As an American, every time I get on one of these trains I have to admit to a certain amount of jealousy. Why don't we build these in the US? 4) These trains are having a really transformative effect on how the Chinese view themselves and their country. When you can reach almost any part of China in just a few hours, it really encourages tourism as well as exploration of one's own country. The US highway system did something similar for the US (think roadtrips), but this network really takes it to the next level. The network is having a serious, positive impact on how the Chinese view themselves.

Inspect History : Well.. I'm not surprised. After all China had long tradition on making infrastructure since the era of Warring States Period, such as Qin Dynasty (Imperial / National Highway Road), Han Dynasty (Silk Road), etc For Chinese Government, better infrastructure (including Railways), mean better economy for PRC. Moreover they want to create "Belt and Road Initiative".

vous voulez : don't forget they built great wall 2000 years ago.

Mike Liu : China wants to build trains to bring the poor provinces together with the rest of the country. Western media: dictatorship and communism and violation of human rights...

萧大宝 : They all say Africa is poor and cannot be changed. What they don't know is that forty years ago, China was poorer than Africa and there were bodies of starving people on the road. I believe that as long as the African people and the Chinese people work together, we will create a world free from war and hunger. We hate war! War is evil! We love peace because we want a safe and warm home!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

隔壁吴老二 : I don't agree with you. Lanzhou and urumqi are both provincial capitals. There is a Chinese saying that if you want to get rich, you need to build roads first. Especially in Tibet, due to the plateau and cold, it is impossible to grow enough vegetables, and the cost of transporting vegetables and fruits by road is much higher than that by train. This is the reason, and the roads are greatly affected by the weather. If there is heavy snow or rainstorm, the road traffic will be seriously affected. But railways are rarely affected by the weather. On the other hand, the price of taking the train is almost the same as that of the car, but the passengers can walk freely on the train, which is more comfortable for the long journey.

Bat : What does this have to do with *planes?*

ribenguniang : It's really "interesting" to see the reaction of those China hostile people. Even looking at a very neutral video about the Chinese train infrastructure, their only reaction is to come here and contaminate the world with their hate tirades. I tell it here loud and clear: China has the same right to wealth as we have. They have the right to have a different system and different values. We are not the absolute rulers of this world. I find China's achievements in the last 40 years simply prodigious, and deserves respect. Not to mention their 5000 years old culture. 加油中国

anqi sun : I'd like to add one more point: the high-speed train in China has pretty low ticket fare. For comparison: Beijing-Shanghai is about ~1100 km (~700 mi). High-speed train takes about 4.5 hours and ticket price is around $80. Tokyo-Kyoto is slight less than 400 km (230 mi). High-speed train (Shinkansen) takes about 2 hours and ticket price is $120 And FWIW, the metro (aka subway) ticket price in China is also the lowest I've ever seen. Based on distance, it's normally between $0.5 (less than 3-4 stops) to $1.5 (20+ stops). Travelling in China is convenient yet inexpensive.

liang zhen : I dont care if my goverment building railways only for political reason, I do know is 15 years ago I need to spend 6 hours to get to Beijing from my hometown and now its only 90 mins.

Allen Xiang : China has a higher population density. Public transportation just make sense. Public transportation is also more econ-friendly than cars. Good investment even if it's not making money now.

Abage : Its the glorious *GOMMUNISM* , comrade

J. JOSEPH : US spends 5 times more in defence than China. Where is profitability in that? It's just that China is more focused towards social welfare than warfare.

Student Pwaater : First of all I am a Chinese middle-schooler under western education and I am actually slightly liberalist. Here are my views in regards of the High-speed railway system in China. 1. The high-speed railways do make a lot more sense than driving in China. For example, from Shanghai to Suzhou, about 100km, if you drive you might have to go through some serious traffic and the oil rates in China is not cheap. However with high-speed railways you can reach that city in less than 40 mins. Shanghai has a scary price for housing and many choose to settle in smaller cities around Shanghai. The company profits and citizens benefit. Ok. 2. Railway to Tibet. Any of you actually know anything about the history of Tibet? Before the liberation by the PLA there were feudalism and slavery. Forced labor. Sex slaves. Anything that you can think of that violates human rights. HOWEVER now Tibet is liberated. The religious mastermind of the Tibetan independence movement is seeking restoration of such systems. It is illegal. China, unlike many western reports, doesn't have that *severe* of a human rights issue. At least we don't dissect journalists. The Communist Party is doing what most of its citizens support for. 3. Brainwashing. Many in the west say that we are brain washed. I'd agree to this statement, but the brainwashing isn't led by the government: it is led by merchants. Advertising, ridiculous love suggestions, stuff like that. Idiots do believe in and suffer from them. Admittedly we could do more in freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean citizens are being brutally persecuted. That is the West's ideology and if you ever come to China you'll know that every train to Tibet is filled with goods, locals, and tourists. 4. Sure, every nation needs to keep its unity. Remember the National Guards? The railway system, should I make an inappropriate example, is to deploy Federal National Guards from DC to any rebelling states, some of which actually support slavery in the history. :) I think you know what I'm talking about. 5. We are very proud as citizens that China, unlike some other dominant world forces, we don't invade sovereign countries. We don't overlook upon the human rights violations in our allied states. We devote our money to infrastructure that truly benefits the majority of citizens living in our lands. That'll be all. :)

Yanhao Ji : For those who think China's construction lacks quality, have you ever been to there once? AND for those who think China is stealing everyone else's IP, I bet you got this idea from your local media (which is obviously controlled by your government). So, time to think independently, and visit China to see it using your own eyes. (Q&A: Q: Is China safe? A: Google "China Skynet", then you will see how much effort has the Chinese government made to make this country a safe place.) ;D

Perfect Students : The Chinese high speed trains are very well constructed and very safe. Despite transporting billions of people since 2008, it has had only one fatal accident in July 2011, which was due to faulty software, not engineering flaw. On the other hand, Amtrak trains in the U.S. are much slower and transport much fewer people. Yet, the number of Amtrak accidents have increased from 119 in 2008 to 167 in 2017 with 12 fatal accidents in the past 10 years.

Lolencio Faze : Why is china so good building *everything*

Lucas Cavalcanti : There's something westerns (included me) fail me consider: in many aspects, the Chinese Government doesn't see profit/financial viability as a priority. Rather, they focus on shifting the quality of life of their people (the largest population in the world), which happens through the creation of jobs, mainly. These mega projects alone create many direct jobs, but the point here is what these projects will change in their reality: they will connect all parts of the country and other countries to China. This is what it's all about. In the 70's, 90% of the Chinese people lived with less than 2 USD/day. Today, it's the opposite: only 10% of the Chinese population lives below the poverty line. I need to reinforce how great of an achievement it was: lifting hundreds of millions above the poverty line in less than 5 decades. There's no precedent like this in the history of mankind. What's it the point of my comment? - you might wonder. It's to clarify that the Chinese way to see the world and take action in it CANNOT be understood through the traditional western lens. I've pointed out two examples so far: 1) the Chinese are building all this infrastructure despite the so called "lack" of financial viability, and because you try to reason like this, you can't understand the big picture, and 2) the Chinese lifted hundreds of millions from the poverty line in a couple years, which is probably conflicting if you try to look at them with the prior idea that Democracy is the only good political system. I think people should see this channel as a source of entertainment, not reliable information. Definitely do not use their videos as sources to write papers. I've seen so many huge mistakes in other videos that could only occur if the producer failed miserably in doing basic research through reliable materials. This video is not even bad compared to others.

Oxxygen : I use the train every week, it beats the one back in Sweden every day. I travel 2x the length in ½ the time. It´s also a lot more comfortable than the metal pipes they call train back home. And yeah the price is super low. I can only congratulate China on having success here! Good job!

Courtney P : The US will never allow high speed rail to takeover here for several reasons (profit). We need it, and in many states, it makes sense to have high speed rail, even long speed rail. But instead, they want us to pay for expensive flights, pay big 💵 to car manufacturers, run up greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

mug usman : Great china ❤️👌 Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

Rennaaa : The political will for high speed trains? Or rather the lack of opposition to ideas?. Whatever the Chinese government wants, it does, no fussing about arguing among political parties.

战略忽悠局 : china map is wrong.It's like america has no florida

Cc A : The map you used already revealed your intentions

joe allen : People seem to forget that Chinamen built much of the U.S. rail system too.

Ree W : As a Chinese citizen, I agree with most of your ideas. But when it comes to the high-speed railways between small cities, I disagree with your reason for political purpose. Though Lanzhou and Urumqi are not economically big, they both have over three million population. Imagine the the amount of people in need of migration, Chinese government builds the railway system to meet the need of people to migrate. Almost over 50% of rural residents work outside, the only affordable way for them to go home is by train. I am from Lanzhou and now they even built high-speed railway connect the surrounding small counties together. It's absurd to say there are political reasons behind these. The government built them simply to meet people's need for commuting.

G Dunken : Good video. BTW, if anyone wondering about where was airplane mentioned in the video, he said the word "plane" first at 2:16

Nan Xing : The minority oppression and re-education camp part is bullshit. How on earth can upgrading transportation be linked to minority oppression?

harry Smith : I just check and found that high speed network length at China is 29,000 kms at end of 2018. In 2019, China will add another 6800 kms of railway line for which 3200 kms will be high speed line. China have a plan and stick to the plan in terms of infrastructure. That is the reason China is good at building railways. To succeed, You need have a plan and stick to the plan. Then persist to finish the plan even you encounter setback such as the 2011 accident which killed 40 people.

JRO : If you can't be bothered watching skip to 11:16

Bee Keong Tan : the video is about "why china is so good at building railways'. i stopped watching the video when you started commenting on china's politics.

Kaustubh Verma : Indian railways on the other hand.... Labels 60kmph trains as 'superfast'

BSA 650 : Fairly good video, however I would have included the reasons the US has always been lacking a good rail system for the past 70 years. The Chinese airlines are state owned. The same applies to 95% of European airlines. As such, the US airlines do not want any competition from any rail service nor any infrastructure that might lead to such service. In addition to the US airlines you also have the Automobile Manufacturers that do not want any rail system to replace the use of cars not to mention the Oil Company criminals ! In short, you cannot have any progress or services for the people in a Fascist Capitalist country. The US is of course # 1, which is sad since it is longer #1 in anything else other than weapons of war and Prison Population. Perhaps I should mention Fast Food garbage that contributes to highest levels Obesity and grotesque human beings that surpass any other industrialized nation in the world.

Kerry Sammy : The sleeping giant awakens to write computer programs. The West should embrace, rather than attempt to alien them. Tariffs would be counterproductive and produce an unnecessary trade war

阿姆归来 : 啥你妈都能扯在政治上,如果不给新疆西藏修铁路你们这群狗又会说不尊重人权,恶心!!!

caijiali111 : I have to say you make good video but you don’t know China. Let’s say why China build railway to the very west part of China because of you want develop the west, you need to make it connected efficiently. Compare to airway, railway is much cheaper and more capacity. Just like doing a business, if you only see today and not investing tomorrow, you will always stay where you are! You saying build a large railway system is in government will and it unusual in poor country, but the truth is people love high speed railway more than plane. The truth is high speed is an important factor that boost China economy keep going while the west keep bankrupting. I grown in Shanghai and live in Sydney, the biggest problem of western people is they don’t look into future. They spend a lot time arguing too many people move in, they never say more people boost the city economy and push the infrastructure growing. They complain NBN is totally failure, they never know what internet speed means in future data world. Some government job worker keep asking for more money and they don’t care how the tax payer feel. A train driver can drive while watching moves and get paid $100,000+ per year and they still strike for more money! If everyone like this, where is the future of western world?

kokofisher : China's political of will for high-speed trains does not match Wendover's political will for commercial airliners

OGDonNinja : they had experience in the wild west back then.

Squirtle : G2, China Our original master From South Korea

Mikhail CS : wow amazing China's progress in the last 40 years.. Chinese people are really innovative and productive. Hope bilateral ties between our country Philippines and China will prosper.

Sweetie Cream : My background is Chinese and I go back every Xmas holidays, of course I take the plane to go there but if I’m travelling to different provinces we always take the train, way better than the plane option.

Michael Sigler : Why is China so good at building railways? Squarespace

Mountain climber : Great China, Keep Rising..best yet to come

win-window : It is not China that is good at building trains, it is the Chinese who are good at this. Do not forget that historically, the American railway system and the Canadian system were all built by the Chinese. They are just good at building railways.

Dominic Britt : ...because China invests in their infrastructure knowing it will return on investment - western countries are stupid and trapped in free market dogma hell - thinking any kind of state expenditure is unforgivable.

2007NICK2007nick : Thanks for the video but please please please, mark taiwan as part of China (regardless of its name is PRC or ROC). Taiwan is not an independent country.