The History of North America: Every Year
The History of North America Visualized

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See how civilizations rose and fell in North America along with the colonization of the continent by Europe which would lead to the rise of the United States.


Parthian Capitalist : That's a nice continent you got there Be a shame if someone *discovered it*

Fatiga Maxima Total : Aztec empire: Our colonization is slow but it's effective. Spain: Hello.

Norway Tracking : Norway discovered America before it was cool.

Jonathan Gonzalez : And that's why English and Spanish are the 2nd and 3rd most spoken languages in the world.

Dougy : Spain and Russia met and no one is saying anything.

Exalted Naava : US: Wouldn't it be cool if... we were, like, really big? Mexico: pls no

Alpha Beta : I like how the Netherlands are coloured orange

george bicho : Es el primer video de historia anglosajón que realmente sabe de historia del Imperio Español. Enhorabuena

Miguel Benitez : 0:48 Norway: Uh... Hello?

Kim Jong un : Spain grew a lot during the 15th century

Soar-ed Recreation : Was Spain trying to push Russia out of Alaska?

Madball NY : 2:53 WOWWW SPAIN!!!! INSANE

xSayresthx : I'm gonna need to ask about that random Knight's of Hospitaller settlement...

GottaPaytheTrollToll : Why does literally every comment section turn into a festering tumor filled with culture/race wars and name calling? Seriously, this is an informative history video, not a high school cafeteria. Have some class.

Harrison Shone : Few people realize what a fascinating and rich history our beautiful continent has!

Ollie Bye : Nearly all the regions have been done now :)

cubankid1959 : Spain= the fire nation

Nonconvex Great Rhombicosidodecahedron : Lol Japan took an island

Harrison Shone : It's sad knowing that my country has thousands of years of history that we'll never know about because the Natives never developed writing.

Dutchy : when New York was still New Amsterdam feelsbadman *Goes back to smoking weed, riding bycicles and arresting Kebab Ministers kek*

Fractal : 2:56 Spain: I heard there's oil in the Louisiana region America: O_O Edit: I know I know oil wasn't discovered during that period.

Buran Shuttle : Mexico have states

Jack Sample : First map to have data on Greenland

n64wilbert : You left out Mexican states and various rebellions like Yucatan and Rio Grande

Smeetheens : What was going on with the Kalmar Union in the Hudson Bay in the 1400s?

Lupus : Just a little mistake: The Panama Canal zone was officialy abandoned by American soldiers in december 31st, 1999. Although it's a wonderful video and it's really accurate. Thanks for this excellent content

William short Film : France really had the most at one point.

Francisco Lucas : ¡Arriba España!

Nationalist From Canada : Why did Spain not take last of Maya til the late 1600s?

Jake Mapping : History of 'Murica

John Mejía : You just see the Confederate states appear for a second.

Jeff Liggett : History of Antarctica soon?

DŽEMFIXX axn : 2:47 Spain gett super strong #vamos_Eśpana

Juan Iglesias : 2:53 Epic

ItsSullyyz : Next war: Second American Civil War

And So It Goes On : Thank you for adding the "Ongoing Wars" section. It makes it much easier to understand why the area is developing the way it is

Debiele Aap : Next year you'll have to update it to include the "Glorious Trump War of Mexican Punishment"

Prussian mapper : man the Mayans lasted longer than expected

Sckralchet : Aztecs: You're welcome to stay Spain: xd

Liz Morrissey : Fantastic map. Is there a reason you didn't colour Teotihuacan?

GalacticPenguinTV : Excellent work as always!

Delta Empire : ohh yeah I hope so much , thanks!!

Jesus Heberto Castro Maldonado : ¡Viva el imperio español!

NT : A single European: *- S n e e z e s -* All of the Native American Tribes: Oh Crap.

FNXVassili : Glory Spain!!

Historicus : Very nice! Vermont declared independence from Britain and New York in 1777, and was an independent republic until joining the union 14 years later in 1791.

Griggs Gibs : 1:23 natives: come fite me 1v1 spain spain: uwotm8 USA: hold my beer

Juan Pablo Garita : North AMERICA + South AMERICA = Same Continent From Canada to Chile and Argentina = Same Continent

Nathaniel Dance : Small mistake, EmperorTigerstar: England was changed to Great Britain in the early 1700s with the official merge of Scotland into the kingdom, and was changed to United Kingdom in the early 1800s to UK, 1806 I think. You have it listed as the UK in the 1700s. You likely confused GB for UK as you changed the tag from "England" to "UK" in 1707.