Only in Ireland

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Rab of Belfast : lol He started speaking Gaelic and then when the guy says its a beautiful day the wee old man had to think as he was answered in English then the wee old man replied - it was all Gaelic back in my day ..load of crap lol..not sure if he was saying the Gaelic was crap or the English language lol ? Anyhow this is my Northern Irish interpretation translation :)

Cole Thornton : I'm not sure but I think he said "they're always after me Lucky Charms".

Mr Fishfinger : He should go into politics , he talks more sense than most politicians . Feck

naztubez : Just a drunk like any other

gjh gyjdg : I want whatever he's smoking!!! I usually don't reach that level of incoherencey til a few shots

Rufu5 : All I could make out was "I beat Woolley McAteer down the pond, evil, bad day roosters."

Belfast Soul : There's fuck all wrong with him, he just puts that act on when he dosn't want to speak to knobheads who talk about the weather lol

FMS : Why does this man sound like someone out of the Sims 3

Billy mad : Translation: -Good Morning! -What do you mean?" he said. "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?

Ash : *Sims 5 coming soon*

Kris W 69 : Only in Ireland people dare to film horizontally..

T R U T H : It's like he's speaking backwards

PK PK : This is what you find when you reach the end of the rainbow.

Arthur Lam : Sounds like Hot Fuzz.

Jim Bertido : Did u get ur pot of gold?

xveiar // : he's about to spark up a joint woot woot

Adri : Looks like typical character in a videogame that gives some advices.

Adam Burdett : Leprechauns do exist! They're all just high as fuck...

Gawdamit : This is what I heard. Cameraman: How are you doing? Old man: how are ye getting on? Cameraman: That's some day. Old man: Good for nothing! Camera man: Aye? Old man: I beat Willie Mcateer and Niall Quinn.. jesus, bad for the roosters? (??) Old man: He's taking the road towards the royal hotel (?) Cameraman: The royal.. Old man: Madness!; Huh? Cameraman: I say that's some day!, it's a lovely day! Old man: Excuse me? Cameraman: It's a good day.. Old man: an bhaile Gaelic agus a will* (dunno) bainne... this is crap!

Aaron Hodzic : You can probably see a guy like this in New York or Seattle

Polarizer Conlangs : Do you think mentally ill people only exist in Ireland?

Adrian Mc Collum : Poor slim .RIP.he was the heart of rathmullan

Joey 001 TFT : God bless the old boy

Tomas Perez : the hell is he on is it that ciggerette hes smoking or is he just drunk

Haha Pack : I never liked the irish.I never liked these UK paddy gypsies.There are the closiest white men to niggers.Fucking Irish scums.

Mc brain freeze N.s number 1 mc : What a nut case

Conor McCann : Thats in Rathmullan isn't it? I think ive seen that man before about the town haha

A Rem : He took the words right out of my mouth.

Pound Sterling : Film in Landscape mode you twat.

Wile E. Coyote : The translator can't make any sense out of it. :D

TheNormal Gamer10 : Is this gta?

Nick Nichols : In Ireland he is the English professor at the university of Dublin.

mike richey : ummmm I need subtitles lol

David Howard : Subtitles Please!

A Bellpepper : 420k views

cris Maria : Oh shit its conor mcgregor!!

Jim : As a brit, I hope the water rises high enough to cover the irish cunts.

Fartimus Bumworthy : He's off his bin

It's Gone Viral : Hey there! We wondered if we could have permission to post this onto our page please? All credit and links would be given :)

Google Mailbox : I think you're less likely to find this a regular thing in Ireland...I just cane back from New York and there was 10x this on each street

Alan E. : fuck ireland

L Coters : Was that the mayor or sheriff?Hard to tell the village drunks this is Ireland they all look like this...

Roach Burns : i fluently understood every word he said. living in newfoundland for 15 years helps i spose. lol

Lego Jango : Sounds like a advisor from Civilizations

Erol Bafto : You have to freeze the yellow chicken first then beat the desperate, one legged flea tamer and bring along the golden brew you'll get to unlock his story mode.

Fogle Buncher : Only in Ireland? Having twats like you filming other people minding their own business, is a worldwide problem. In portrait mode too!

Lunk : 0:06 Walla makateer no cont jesus thats a roosterr

carter evans : I beat Willie MCateer down in goan

Chris : What I heard: Young man: How you doing. Old man: Howya doin! Young man: Thats some day! Old man: Good for nothing! Young man: eh? Old man: I bet Willie McAteer would go on: " Jaysus! back to their roosters" HAH! Then the young guys don't laugh he seems a bit confused as to why they don't get the joke and I dont know what he says Something along the lines of "you seem queer boy we're all ourselves" Then yells "bandits!" After that the old mans mind is blown when camera man is still going on about the weather so he starts talking as gaeilge (in Irish) and I cant figure out what he says. Something about Irish (the language) and calls something a waste? Followed by "is/its crap" and mad cackle.

Seether99 : Couldnt understand a word