Only in Ireland

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pìrąţė ŕąđįö : I want whatever he's smoking!!! I usually don't reach that level of incoherencey til a few shots

FMS : Why does this man sound like someone out of the Sims 3

Billy mad : Translation: -Good Morning! -What do you mean?" he said. "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?

Rufu5 : All I could make out was "I beat Woolley McAteer down the pond, evil, bad day roosters."

Jennifer Devereaux : Can find someone like this in San Francisco any time of day or night.

Raul Morales : Pip pip da doodly doo

Conrika : This some GTA random encounter shit.

Gawdamit : This is what I heard. Cameraman: How are you doing? Old man: how are ye getting on? Cameraman: That's some day. Old man: Good for nothing! Camera man: Aye? Old man: I beat Willie Mcateer and Niall Quinn.. jesus, bad for the roosters? (??) Old man: He's taking the road towards the royal hotel (?) Cameraman: The royal.. Old man: Madness!; Huh? Cameraman: I say that's some day!, it's a lovely day! Old man: Excuse me? Cameraman: It's a good day.. Old man: an bhaile Gaelic agus a will* (dunno) bainne... this is crap!

Cole Thornton : I'm not sure but I think he said "they're always after me Lucky Charms".

ElE : this is brilliant there is many of these mad men scattered throughout the country 🇮🇪😂

Aron van Milaan : I love Ierland and have been to Dublin and also the Wicklow Mountains. Just for the fact Rory Gallagher was Irish I send my greetings and respect from the Netherlands.

Adri : Looks like typical character in a videogame that gives some advices.

kiki- drawer26 : That laugh at the end tho

Pablo Escobar : Legend lol

Grunkle Stan : Balon Greyjoy is looking rough.

SigmaTV : Even with some people commenting on the comments section what he said, I don't understand a thing he is saying.

Arthur Lam : Sounds like Hot Fuzz.

RANDOM AUSSIE GUY : Hahahaha what a lad old guy just sitting there tripping balls hahahahah

StephenS117 : I'm from Ireland and I couldn't understand what the auld fella was saying. Nordie accents are awful hard to understand

J Gamez : Only an Irish person will know what he's saying

Nuwy : The captions...

Adam Gellar : This will be conor after floyd knocks him out.

Cyborg Supreme : Glitches NPC

xveiar // : he's about to spark up a joint woot woot

Michael Davis : People underestimate Ireland's contribution to music, the majority of the iconic pop / rock stars in the UK are Irish descent.

ILyk2Sip : euuhue ra ur ra hur ra excuse me euuuu good day a takre ow te your ar eyga euuuuuhahahahah

Yorosero : It's a good country that can allow its madmen to live in relative comfort.

ENZOtaki : My average convo at the local pub.

ToonLink : Not sure if he is irish or just.. irish 😑

nat : sounds like when i record a video on snapchat and put it in reverse

Sugar Bear : He's adorable. I wish I could keep him as a pet.

The Earls Renegade : Did he say we used to speak Irish in my days, not this Béarla (English) crap?

ficolas2 : Me: I dont understand shit, let me see if there are subtitles. Youtube: Dutch subtitles (generated automatically) Poor youtube couldn't event figure out what language it is :(

Joe Ratcliffe : Hes speaking sims languages

Corpainen : Why is there only Dutch autogenerated captions? Ok it actually thinks that they are talking Dutch, wot.

Djuff Dwuff : que estai haciendo oe

Jorrellds : This needs Elder Scrolls: Oblivion music.

Saeed Alzahrani : Even google auto translator couldn't help me

Kris W 69 : Only in Ireland people dare to film horizontally..

Finn Byrne : I'm Irish and I cannot understand this at at haha

Stu Preston : McGregor is so going to knock Mayweather out cold!

ProperGanderSaul : Looks like the "Gotta light" guy from Twin Peaks had a shower.

Flamma : i understood nothing about what he is saying, but the laugh at the end was the best 😂😂😂😂 0:32

nick highland : I got maybe three words, but enough to know that this is probably the most irish thing I'll ever see.

Ken W : wish we had nicely dressed bums with charming accents in america

J C : A pint of Guinness oughta sober him up

Hannah Ellen : Jesus I'm Irish and I don't understand a fucking word who is this magical man?!

Captain Howdy : This makes me want to visit Ireland that much more!

NØRSK1 : They talk like sims

Anthony Villenas : Oblivion npc dialogue