Bordier Butter with Chef Ludo Lefebvre
How real butter is made

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Any French chef can tell you that the foundation of their cuisine is butter. So when we visited the Jean-Yves Bordier Butter factory in the Brittany region of France and had chef Ludo Lefebvre help in the process, it was nothing but pure amazement in his eyes. Le Beurre Bordier customizes it's butter to the specifications of the chefs they send it to. Chef Ludo Lefebvre learns first hand how it's done. Watch a full 5 minutes worth of butter heaven, you won't believe it... Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel: Download and stream the episodes: PBS series The Mind of a Chef combines travel, cooking, history, science, and humor into an unforgettable journey. In season five, join executive producer and narrator Anthony Bourdain as he takes viewers inside the mind of chef Ludo Lefebvre, airing on select PBS stations, and subsequently premiering in nearly every PBS market this fall (check local listings below). Check your local listings for air times here: Follow us on Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Tumblr: Google+:


abe frohman : The French take food to levels most cannot imagine.

ettan2007 : Warning: food porn!

Pistachio : If salt is so essential in creating the texture and taste, I wonder what kind of process goes into making an unsalted butter.

Foodaholic : "a machine can not do that " . machine does 90% of the job

Minzi Anu : 04:09 - Is he doing Julia Child's impression?

Sebastian Martinez : Best Ludo video so far!

live oak : oh god, so fluffy, creamy.

Brown Moscato : The care...the ❤️...for butter 😍

dylan foley : no one is talking about his julia child impression and it makes me mad haha

SchoolhouseTechno : Didn't even realize this was mind of a chef, loved the first season with David Chang, haven't gotten to the rest yet though. Judging by this I am sure I will love it.

Hendrik Do : The Face that Lefebvre is making 3:05 just shows how much the French are attached to their butter.

nicki eleu : I thought the guy i the red cap look familiar, and i realized he was the funny chef from feast mansion 😂😂

Jeff Wang : Makes me feel bad for buying Land O Lakes butter now...

Adam Digilarmo : Thanks for the video. Just wondering how I can get my restaurant s name on their butter ans promote it

Jon Irenicus : I was expecting a dickbutt on the butter at the end.

ALI Zaidi : Super customized butter. Might be expensive way to do simple stuff.

Chris Rice : This is true European crafting..ground zero for everything 😻

Beejay Swifter : Loved that. Gave me a whole new way to look at butter! Thanks.

Natasha B : Beautiful. Art. Truly.

EoThorne : My bf got stopped by a store owner when he went for the winter butter. He got told he has to buy the spring butter. He learned!

addictoholic1 : Wow, that is amazing.  Such dedication, skill, hard work.  Who knew?

apachedisco : if you ever see Ludo having fun like this; beware! something is up

mightisright : Incredible! Some nations are good at making large quantities of food with factories. Others have thousands of years of practice perfecting culinary knowledge.

Zeoinx : Can we sue them for contaiminating butter as they are touching a mass produced food product without gloves. : Sadly, the most important part in not in the video. The nutritional value of the butter can increase a lot, when the bacteria ferment the milk and fat, before the skimming. The probiotic bacteria can add vitamins as the byproduct of the short fermentation. There is a lot more to the artisan butter, than it is visible in the video.

Jordy Angkawidjaja : That beard is a crime no?

Carl Stawicki : I'll bet the brittle version they started with tastes the same as the finished product, except fort the salt obviously. Aeration only effects the texture. Plus, their hands are warming up the butter, giving it a softer texture as well.

Cesar Battistini Maziero : That is just amazing

Thomas Capital : That is a stunning amount of work........

SuiChoy : WOW

Suzita Groom : Marribel who is the biological mother that unfortunately bashed me when I was a baby and sold me to my adoptive parents. My Mum Isabell who had raised me from the age of two deserves the Title of a Saint. I am speaking the Truth.

Znapaznarf : This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while.

John Smith : I love that a place where people are so dedicated to a fine product still exists. Bravo.

Midas Report : New found respect for hair nets

Tom Porter : BUTTER!

an dimitris : Wouldst thou like the taste of butter?

konahead : i'll admit it....i'm turned on, right now.  dayum.

kjhnk,mn : what is my purpose?

Frederick Pasco : Southern French will tell you the foundation of their cuisine is olive oil.

Wassup GangGang : c'est tellement satisfaisant comme vidéo

Niki C : I didn't expect to like this video. However, the way they tied the wood of the table, and the salt water of the butter's tears made me appreciate the labor and dedication they have in their profession.

TheIsland991 : Anyone know where I could buy a set of the non-wood butter paddles they use to work the butter?


trapical : "It's done ENTIRELY by hand", said by man as he's using a machine that helps him fold and move the butter. Yep, he's definetly French, by the way he needs to be superior by exaggerating everything.

Hanyun Song : things that they used to call industrialise are now called custom hand made. wonder if back then there is something like " these butter are pure hand made, not something that can be done with the help of machine".

PhlyDaily : if hans zimmer made a commercial for butter

Sofia Vitug : 03:17 will continue to cry on the table

KEVIN LIN : Where is the gloves?Did you see a ring in his finger XD

Jason Stewart : So awesome.