12 Things NOT to do in Japan

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BTS is Cancer : Logan Paul should've watched this

Mike M : Tipping is stupid anyway. The idea was supposed to be to give a bonus to a server who did a particularly good job, then businesses realized they could use it as an excuse to pay their workers below minimum wage, and now you HAVE to do it. It's stupid.

Zanele Von Wendimoor : "Maybe my cat is dead." Erwin Schrödinger

townie daisy : I am Japanese but I ignore traffic light when there is no traffic around(what's the point of waiting for green light?) But my late husband, who was a high school teacher, never, ever went through a red light because he wanted to be a good example to his students even if it's dark at night, nobody's on the street. I remember almost yelling from the other side of street "Come on, who on the earth is watching us? You think god will punish us for this ?" Nothing changed his mind. I just had to wait until the red light turned green.

13Kr4zYAzN13 : 1) Don't do what Logan Paul did. In fact, don't act like Logan Paul. You know what, just don't be Logan Paul. Just don't.

Dominic H. : This is how I behave in Europe as a European by default and have been since I was a teenager. It's called having common sense and being considerate.

Rina : I'm Japanese currently studying in Ireland and realised that how convenient it is to have so many bins on the street after I came here

Jungkooks banana milk Boiii _ Jin is cute : When he stuck the chopsticks in the rice I almost died

Ruda : In Poland we also take off shoes when we enter in the house, it's just polite, especially in winter when your shoes are dirty.

Barnacules Nerdgasm : Don't be named "Logan Paul"

TRENDING VIDEOS PROD. : Rule 1: Don't be an American.

Thanos Cowboy From Ram Ranch : 1. Don’t call thanos at 3 am in the public

Blender Boy : 90% comments are about Logan Paul

Onix Junes : Don’t go into a convenience store in Japan and ask if they have poke balls to throw at people

Lee Lanzini : I think Paul Logan broke each one of these rules when he went to Japan.

h8GWBî : When jumping off a building, make sure you do it on abandoned property. You don't want others to see the mess you left behind, not to mention having to bother the emergency cleanup services.

exador1337 : so in the end, use common sense and basic manner, if you visit a foreign country...

Michael Löffelmann : Use your phone on public transport *DON'T!* should be the rule everywhere, not just in Japan

hub lech : Jesus how I miss the silence in Tokyos metro... In Rome people yell, play music o speak about stupid shit on the phone... Sometimes I wish I had a katana with me...

thepersonwhohasnovideos : don't record dead bodies, but also don't disrespect their culture and be an ass in general

KobraKai79 : If you are a male, DO NOT ride in an all girls train car. I did this on accident once and got the stink eye by many. I didn’t realize my mistake until I got to the office and asked the girls about it.

Mo Starda : It's like a country of Hufflepuffs

Brewed Awakening : I had a Japanese gf in Okinawa once and every time her dad and I play golf he keeps yelling "Machigatta Ana" after I hit the ball. Didn't understand and didn't care. One night, her daughter and I we're making out and doing "it" in her bedroom and suddenly she yelled "Edward san, Machigatta Ana!, Machigatta Ana!" Now curious and pissed, I demanded to know what Machigatta Ana means, She replied "Wrong Hole!"

Ender 8CZ : So being introvert in Japan is advantage.

Beans : one thing that the Japanese take very seriously is DO NOT kill anyone in public. The Japanese frown upon corpses and blood on the streets, if you're going to kill someone, do it somewhere private or in the comfort of your own home, and do it politely. Despite the initial adrenaline rush, it is very tempting to yell but yelling is considered rude. EDIT: forgot to mention this courtesy goes both ways. Victims of murder do not yell for help. If you are about to be the victim of a murder in japan, it is common to knock on a piece of wood 2 times (3 if it's rape, 1 is just a test knock). If there's no wood around to knock on, tough titties.

Radar_High : 1. Dont Be Logan Paul 2. Dont Be Logan Paul 3. Dont Be Logan Paul 4. Dont Be Logan Paul 5. Dont Be Logan Paul 6. Dont Be Logan Paul 7. Dont Be Logan Paul 8. Dont Be Logan Paul 9. Dont Be Logan Paul 10. Dont Be Logan Paul 11. Dont Be Logan Paul 12. Dont Be Logan Paul Just Dont....

spian : Also always take someones business card with 2 hands. Never 1 it is seen as a great disrespect. Forgot to mention that.

Josie Clarke : I went on a train in the UK once. A 40 year old woman was belting an Ariana Grande song really badly while a 60 year old guy was talking to himself about pickles. It was a 3 hour train ride.

pipebomb404 : Please just please don't pull a Logan Paul

Impossabear : 4:30 you look like elon musk

Galaxy Peacock : the legend says he's still terrified of that elderly lady to this day

nice-new : Advice: 1/Bring a fork.

Schoko4craft : 3:49 Wait isn't that girl on the right talking to someone on the phone? :D

Dogen : You forgot murder

Tragic Transformer Electra : Good things to know since I'm gonna visit Japan someday.

jerk fudgewater : Britain Elon Musk

KatarnCrusader : 1) If you even think that you`ve seen something thats slightly resembles a tentacle - RUN!

Banquo 333 : Would have been good if you hadn't poked fun at Sherlock Bones. :(

LoliOnii-chan Senpai : Don't go to suicide forest

Jay Jays : 1) Don't be an idiot

nicole playzMSP : when at a public place while eating noodles its allowed to slurp although in america its disrespectful but in japan its a sign of u enjoying your meal.

AesculapiusPiranha : "...and you don't want to stuff somebody's physical extension down your back pocket." Or do you? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

LoneDragon : People in the UK must be rude. I don't live in a big city but here it's considered rude to talk on the phone on public transit.

Patrick Star : That little old woman became so animated she turned into an anime

Radioactive Cat : Guys I'm so sad right now..... Maybe my cat is dead 😖

ay Nyal : Lol I have some of these habits.

Kang Kong : Would be Great if Japan Conquered the World.

Casey Plooy : You should make videos like this for foreigners going to the United States.🇺🇸

FlowUrbanFlow : Sounds like everything I want in a country.