12 Things NOT to do in Japan

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zack wyatt : Everyone should know about the shoe one

ocarinaplaya : I hear the Japanese love tourists, but hate immigrants. Very homogenous centric country.

Boneless Ninja : Logan Paul should watch this

DeeperLowe : Do not scream "China namba one!!!" Everywhere.

Calida : The absence of trash cans is true in Seoul too! I was so shocked! I remember carrying my trash with me for hours and then when I found a random one I was so happy lollll

Moving Parts Gaming : After living in NY, I would find it impossible not to cross on red.

CaptainWafflez : Things not to do in Japan: #1 Be Logan Paul

4 YOU : You can eat or drink anywhere...just use common sense. Don't do it on a bus, unless you are really really pinched for time and need it now. But don't go opening up an Obento , that can be sloppy. Rare..but I've seen it done...I wouldn't...Walking and eating?..who does that?..Maybe at a festival, but not really. But yeah, I've seen Japaneses eat on the bus or train. Using a phone on public transportation. Again, that's just ordinary common sense. I've seen it done by Japanese but it's rare. Business cards are not that important unless you are a business person. Putting it in your wallet after gandering at it and smiles and many thanks is enough. But , yeah...don't treat it like it's nothing. And that's BS about the tissues..I've seen many Japanese people use tissues in public all the time. Plus they don't think twice about picking their noses. Japanese are big on picking their noses in public. Even in a Restaurant. look, Bowing like that is only in very specific situations...on the street, no, not really. On the street a lighter version is fine..a nod using a slight bit of shoulder is fine on the street. The full blow bow is only at specific functions. Typically you don't see a lot of bowing on the street..hahaha I've never seen any disapproval when seeing anyone meet and greet with a light hug or pat. No big deal....Kisses in public are rare. Well the opinion thing is true. No one like someone any where in their face , getting all heated. Though the Japanese do have this thing where if they don't know, they will agree out of politeness, or embarrassment,. and move on.Usually. On trash bins...come on..711, Family Marts and so many other are everywhere..Just keep your trash in your bag that you got when buying a food item and get rid of it later. Though in very rural areas it can be a pain. Japan is not as clean as you want to make it out to be. The public toilets are the worst and trains can smell pee because of all the drunks and people after hours getting drunk. And there is trash on the street here and there...Especially Cigarette ....all over. Smokers are very sloppy in Japan. Watch out for those fold down seats near the doors on some trains... they usually smell the worst.

XWurstbrotX : *Don't* eat the remains of your dead friend who just crossed the road on a red light.

Yash27bits : Don't laugh at a hanging body in suicide forest period.

J Z : If you cross on a pedestrian red light here in Australia, you are liable to receive an on the spot fine from the police for 6 trillion dollars. But if you obey one every time, you will waste 22% of your lifetime.

Hei Bk-201 : I like anime

DM Wagar : This dude looks like a English version of Elon musk who is less successful.

RixAuzr : Thank you for making this video. Unfortunately, there's one rule in Japan I wish didn't exist, because it's existence has prevented me from even going to the country. I take medication for extreme chronic pain on a daily basis, but in my research on potentially taking a trip to Japan, I found out they are very, very strict about certain medications, seemingly EVEN if I have a doctor's note explaining that I have been on the medication for more than 5 years. It's very frustrating, because I want to go to Japan more than anything in the world. Any advice on this? Is there some way to visit Japan and still be able to bring my medication over? I would appreciate any insight you can provide. Thank you.

Egbert Aethelbald : Christ, so many people making the same stupid Logan Paul joke. Do you people have *any* shred of originality in your existence whatsoever?

Critical Role Highlights : I know someone who experienced the stare of disapprovement at a red light in Japan. It was a japanese teenager who crossed when the light hadn't turned green and every single person on both sides of the streets just stared this person into submission and he awkwardly stepped back onto the sidewalk.

Calvin Nelson : Logan Paul should’ve watched this before he went to Japan...

OneZombieKiller : Wow you went with Xbox over PlayStation seeing as you're in Japan seems like a bit of a failure or maybe you shouldn't do that and add that to your list 😂😂😂

Cutie Pie : In Germany you can get a fine, if you cross the street as a pedestrian, when there is a red light.

Timon : *Maybe my cat is dead*

Rebelle : Love how dramatic the "Donts" are xD

Peppa pig : I hate it when people say don't do something if it's not illegal.

audiotron1003 : When picking up food from a communal bowl or plate pick up using the thick end of the sticks and then eat with the thin end as usual. I observed this unknown rule and impressed my host to the point he bought me souvenir snack food. This was to thank me for honouring his culture.

Budo Masuta : So basically be quieter, less noticeable, and polite

Rye Hots : 12 reasons not to go to japan

BillyPilgrim : Sherlock Bones is a great name for a male pornstar

thistubeisfucked : Do: Become Patrick Bateman when someone hands you a business card

Toby Quach : 1. Record a dead body in a suicide forest and clickbait it for views

Jimjo Linus-Lowe : You saw The Last Samurai THREE TIMES!? Why? Why have you done this?

Camy Wamy : Logan Paul should have watched this

Ares : *thicc* accent bro

Spread awareness of Why hydro is perfect : DON’T pee DON’T drink DON’T run DON’T touch freddy back here in Japan it’s the physical version of awkwardness!

Korn Akopia : Let's see Paul Allen's Card.

spontanp : No one is crossing the street on red light because they never know if GTR won’t fly by casually at 310km/h...

Xenthorx : "No Physical contact" - Check Japan natality/aging population - Makes sense !

professorAB : At 2:00 no one can sit and walk and drink at same time in the world

Ro : Today, on August 11th, 2018 at 10:23 pm EST, the top three comments of this video (By mar i, LoliOnii-chan Senpai, and Toby Quach) all have something to do with the Jake/Logan Paul Incident.

crazy dude : So many things I hate are considered rude in Japan? Wtf i want to live there

Praise the Moon : Number 1 Going in japan

iNioiiviiaiNie : Why im watching this when people who actually need to watch don't watch it and for me it brings nothing since i won't be traveling there anyway lol

Who Are You? : Scrolled through about 30 of the top comments - 28 of these about Logan Paul 😐😂

Alex_TheForest : logan paul disliked this video

Holden S : The only reason I clicked on this video was to see the Logan Paul comments tbh

Max Stark : Don’t video a dead guy

Bat_ GunGamingHD : i never knew the tip one. If i got a tip i would be happy af.

Gaming Dr : Don't record a DEAD BODY

I'm Bagge : 8. in what country are people liked being overly opinionated??!

Xernavio : This dude reminds me of elon musk

René Price : haha in bremen, germany you NEVER cross the road at a red light. UNLESS the tram's coming, then even the old ladies that judge you will go

Soul Studios : 1. Don't ever say "All hail Lelouch!", and don't refer to any of them as 11s.