12 Things NOT to do in Japan

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Jon Bear : Crossing the street in the absence of traffic! Absolutely true. I was out at 3 am and spotted a party of drunken businessmen walking together. It was a small street, probably no traffic here even in daylight. Yet they all halted their march on the red stoplight. 3am at night. Not a living soul in sight. Madness

Get Germanized : Not crossing the street when the red light is on definitely is a thing in Germany as well :'D Everyone kinda seems to give in to group pressure and in the rare occasion when someone does go for it you feel incredibly awkward as a result! xD

FirstTenor76 : Such a considerate, thoughtful, and very respectful country. I love Japan and the Japanese people and it's culture.

MNS Echelon : "Don't walk across the street when there are no cars coming." Damn, people in the west cross the street WITH cars coming. We were raised by Frogger for this. And remember, if you can dodge a car, you can dodge a ball.

Around The Good World : Great tips bro! You're such a great inspiration for my channel. Keep it up :)

BillyPilgrim : Sherlock Bones is a great name for a male pornstar

Moving Parts Gaming : After living in NY, I would find it impossible not to cross on red.

z Kev : Just go to China! You can litter all you want

Aslı Karenina : Your lovely accent❤

Gaming Dr : Don't record a DEAD BODY

mugensamurai : Another thing to not do around Japan. Randomly yell DuRIFFITOOoo!

chuckles thecheat : 13. Be Jake Paul

Esme Deer : I’m not going to Japan anytime in the foreseeable future, but I still find this interesting and funny

Lee Lanzini : I think Paul Logan broke each one of these rules when he went to Japan.

Realafah : I feel so betrayed right now. Some of the things I've seen from anime are wrong! Especially the first thing, I mean there's always that one character who's late for anime school who munches on a piece of toast while dashing at the speed of light!

Zonies Coasters : 5:32 but what if they're into that kind of thing? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sky Lolis : Logan Paul used this as his travel guide.

1SK Sopozo : rule 1. don't be like logan paul


Oh Yeahhh : Japan looks like a ripe place to ruin by injecting a foreign culture that will deliberately not blend in and will eat and walk down the street lol

MGP PANDA : Sherlock bones - 10/10 ign I got liked by abroad in Japan im-*paws*-ible

Sellsynt : This is why I'm scared to go to Japan. I really don't wanna be rude

Ronan Farmer : Japan is all about the *respect*

Cito : Another thing not to do in Japan is: Don't hand cash/money to the cashiers. Usually, there is a little saucer/small "plate" that is used for placing cash/money. The cashiers will take that money you pulled up and placed it in that saucer/"plate". One of the unique ways to pay something with cash.

FAST AND B U L B O U S : Who else is living in Japan? xD

Abroad in Japan : NOTIFICATION SQUAD! What did I miss?! Any other things you shouldn't do in Japan! Let us know below! I've held off this obligatory Jvlogger video for 5 years but ended up making it by popular demand. Watch for the 12 things not to do and stay for Natsuki's wonderful singing! Wishing you all a happy holidays; I'm currently putting the finals touches to Natsuki: The Movie (still haven't thought up a better title - I'm open to ideas!). More importantly though, we should have the release date by the middle of next week!

33melonpaws77 : Who's bright idea was it to use chopsticks for handling people's bones? Some of these rules are polite, but others are too restrictive.

Gonfu : they dont care about not to do in other countrys, so.... i dont care about those 12

moodini99 : I wish I lived in Japan. My fellow Brits are generally inconsiderate scum. No phones on public transport? Sounds like heaven. Britain is largely made up of savages.

WiNDiGo Black : Wow! For one to adjust to such benign and unnessesary rules which the majority of the world do not follow seems in itself ludicrous. Maybe if thier government didn't control thier people with an iron fist, there would be less suicides! And yes I took it there!

Ericsurf6 : I've been in Japan for ages and you're spot on with all of these Chris. I enjoyed the ending best! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

dengamleidiot : Im getting tired of “don’t do this in Japan”... I get that there are cultural diffrences, and some things may rude in their eyes, BUT with that said: As long as you are a nice person, smiles and greet people, throw out you gabage etc., you’re good in my eyes. You can handly visit someone, without “breaking the rules”, and Im fed up it! The japanese people needs to loosen up a little.

Just anthor Human : AHEM, Logan paul..

woogie 04 : FILM A DEAD BODY

KuraIthys : Considering you're British (if the accent is anything to go by), the tipping advice was amusing. Nobody tips in the UK. At least, not these days. It's not the done thing. Nor is it in Australia. Can't really recall seeing it in the Netherlands either. But I guess it's important advice for Americans, or people from other countries where tipping culture Is rampant. The rest of us usually have the opposite problem, so I guess it's still good to know that attempting to tip in Japan could cause embarrassment for everyone involved. (it's embarrasing to do in general when it's not something you're used to dealing with.)

Rebelle : Love how dramatic the "Donts" are xD

: Don't breathe, don't blink, don't move..

Pieder Dankme : 3:53 Said dont use your mobile phones on public transports. But take a look at 5:55.

Bloamy : @jakepaul

Pigeon : Yeah, let's use the utensil we use to eat to honor our loved one's corpses, then get triggered at others for doing something completely normal. I'm American so I'll want my bones passed with tongs and I want a ritual wendys frosty with a spoon shoved in it. Oh, btw, you're being very disgraceful by using tongs for your bbqs and eating frosties with a spoon instead of struggling to suck them through a straw the respectable way.

calleigh berman : What not to do in Japan: ANYTHING that Logan Paul did

Jessica Hillas : Don’t do a Logan paul


Jakub Smejkal : wow, didn't know Japan was behaviorlly strict. I agree with taking your shoes off and keeping litter to yourself if you don't find a bin, but everyone seems to think it's all about politeness. Can't cross the red when no cars are coming? Can't blow your nose when you have a cold? Holding physical contact to yourself? It seems the Japenese are very obedient, submissive and sheep-like.

Who Are you : Scrolled through about 30 of the top comments - 28 of these about Logan Paul 😐😂

Axton Uchiha : I got a good tip And it DONT DO WHAT LOGAN PAUL DID IN HIS VLOGS!!!!

ogre589 : uh is it just me or did that vending machine at 1:38 have a picture of Tommy Lee Jones on it?

Holly Rittler : Basically just be considerate of the people around you is the message behind all of these lol ohhh america

Josh Yu : If a rule isn't the most efficient option, I won't obey. As simple as that. Not crossing the street despite zero traffic is borderline idiotic.

zack wyatt : Everyone should know about the shoe one